Vintage Kaiju Collectors

We have here ; 1978 Popy Attacking Godzilla. This is the "ORIGINAL JAPANESE" POPY Version and not the 1978 "Godzilla's Gang" Mattel Toys Version.

Modified popy mold and made in Taiwan. I included a size comparison with the Mattel (see pic) . Also, the "JAPAN" on the bottom of tail (Taiwan on Mattel)


The Little Popy was played with by a kid in his life. There is markings under the left foot (see pic). No repairs. No loose or broken joints. Silver sprays are still

visible on the dorsal fins, hands and feet. You see alot more of the grey vinyl. Not as Black when it was sprayed Black new. Gold eyes and Gold Teeth are nice.

Some red paint is still inside the mouth/lip.


                                                                               Not bad for a 40 year old toy!!!=^)

                                         This is a  'VINTAGE TOY".. If you have any questions please let me know....Thanks

                                                          ITEM RIGHT HERE IN THE USA and SHIPPING IS FREE!!!

                                                                                        Stay Strong Out There



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