Judo - Ippon Super A.
Throws with the assessment «Ippon» (165 throws), and the best practices of the Moscow international judo tournament"Super A"(Moscow-2004). Throws are structured in sections:

 1.«IPPON» of Champions. (Best throws of the Tournament Champions). 2.Uchi-mata. 3.Seo-nage. Morote-seoi-nage. Seoi-otoshi. 4.Tomoe-nage. 5.Kata-guruma. 6.O-goshi. Koshi-guruma.Tsuri-goshi. 7.De-ashi-barai. Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi. 8.O-soto-gari. 9.Te-guruma. 10.Ura-nage. 11.Kuchki-daoshi.

 The film collected really the best technique in 2004. It was one of the last tournament before the Athens Olympics. There fought the best wrestlers in 2004.The film was created for a wide range of fans of judo. It looks great at home or in the gym. For training exercises you can make a wonderful video show. If you want to pick up throwing techniques for your student or inspire your child the judo, it is easy to make watching this film.
Product Features

    Standard          PAL DVD.
    Region Code    DVD: 0/All
    Production       Kallista Film. Russia.
    Release year    2004
    Direction         Judo technique.IPPON.
    Delivery          Russian mail anywhere in the world.
    Duration          60min.
    Filming location    Russia.