This is a multiple-size listing.

Select Paper or  Canvas and the SIZE that you want BY PULLING DOWN THE MENU UNDER THE TITLE.

If you don't see the size you are looking for, let me know and I will open a listing just for you.

If you already have a frame, buy the most approximate size and I will print and cut it exactly to your frame’s measurements. For example, If your frame measures 19x28” buy the 20”x30” size and I will print it 19x28” to fit your frame.

Paper or Canvas in simple words.

Paper is more economic and ready to be framed behind glass just like a photograph.

Canvas can be stretched and framed as a fine painting and will last for generations.

I use Epson Premium Luster Photo paper. 

PAPER posters have an elegant Luster finish between glossy and matte. 

-I leave about 1/4"(0.6 cm) of white border around the image to facilitate handling and framing. 

-If you prefer not to have a small white border around let me know and I will print it borderless. 

I use Epson Exhibition Canvas. 

CANVAS posters are printed on stretchable polyester/cotton blend Glossy fabric designed for high quality solvent inkjet printers. It  provides a consistent and smooth glossy printing surface that allows for incredibly wide color gamut and deep rich blacks, while still offering the traditional look and feel of artist canvas. This canvas is UV protected and its anti-fading qualities make it suitable to be shown like an art painting.

-By default I leave about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of white border around the image -additional to the poster size you buy- to facilitate stretching and framing. If you prefer not to have a strip of white canvas around the image, let me know in a note. 

ALSO, in case you don’t want to send it to be stretched and framed, the canvas is thick and sturdy enough to be hold against any frame and stay rigid. If this is your case please let me know so I can ship it borderless and you won’t have to trim it.

The image was carefully restored from its original version. I took away unwanted tape and pen marks, holes, stains and tears when they were present and were not intended as part of the design. I print all the posters in my store and I use only Epson products including Epson top of the line digital wide format printers. The quality is photographic and the final product is a top quality, long lasting poster that you will be proud to hang in your room or to give as gift to your friends and family. This poster is for keepers and it should last more than a lifetime.

I combine shipping of additional posters in the same order. 

All posters are mailed rolled inside a strong shipping tube.