A Spell to Get a Career Moving


Do you feel you have stalled in your job or business?

Do you seek better opportunities in your life and job?

Crave the respect that comes on a better career path?

Want to get in a position where your job pays more money?



Blessings weary traveller and welcome to druidshaven! I understand exactly why you have been drawn to

 reading these words at this moment and you can now relax knowing You are now at the right place at the

 right time!


This powerful spell will not only draw your ultimate desires to you by opening the doors of success and

promotion for you, but will shield your successful ascent from ANY negative energy of influence that you fear has

held you back in the past.



The spell I triple cast on three separate nights using different phases of the powerful lunar cycle.  


I cast using ancient incantations that have been used over many centuries.  I call not only

 using this old magick from my Covens Grimoir but call to the God Plutus to wrap his energy around you.


 Plutus is the god of wealth and prosperity his energy has helped many clients.






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