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Sambo. Kytmanov. Theory and practice of ground fighting.

Kytmanov Alexander is a silver and bronze medalist of the World Sambo, silver and bronze medalist of the European Sambo. Silver medalist at the European Judo. This is very interesting and inventive sportsman. The entire seminar, technique is nonstandard and for many athletes and coaches will be unexpected. The film consists of two parts and focuses only on ground fighting, defense and attacks actions. The film also has chapters on methodological exercises and tasks, where he tells and shows special exercises. Total he touches 16 different themes on ground fighting.

Product Features

  • Standard PAL DVD.
  • Autor A.Kytmanov. D.Pavlov.
  • Production Kallista Film. Russia.
  • Release year 2013
  • Duration 65min.
  • Filming location Russia. Moscow.
  • Language Russian.