• Fostoria with Cut Bird and Floral Decor, possibly Standard Engraving and Cut Glass Co
• 833 8oz Flat Tumblers
• Gray Cut Crystal, Clear
• Quantity: 2
• Antique Elegant Glass 1898-1915
• Measurements: 3 1/8" rim diameter, 4 1/8" to 4 1/4" high and holds roughly 8 fl oz
• Weight, prepackaged: 7.7 oz as a set

• Condition: The glasses are free of chips, cracks and fleabites. One glass is slightly shorter and has a nice glow under UV light. The other doesn't glow under UV light, indicating they likely date circa 1914 as Fostoria transitioned glass formulas. There are no notable marks from use or storage. The glass is very clear and reflective with no cloudiness or build-up. The cuts are hand done with minor variations between the 2 glasses.

• Detailed Description:
This listing is for two (2) Antique, Fostoria 833 8oz Flat Tumblers with Bird and Floral Cut. These came from a collection with same cut design but from a variety of manufacturer, mostly Fostoria, Ohio Flint Glass Co and Riverside Glass. The variety of manufacturers and identical cuts is a firm indication of a secondary cutting house, possibly Standard Engraving which used a very similar but deeper cut on Libbey blanks. These glasses are blown and non-optic. The glass quality is very good, with nice resonance and clarity. It's a great set of antique goblets for display or use.

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