Voodoo Decay Ritual
Send decay and destructionto your targets life
The ritual will send feelers out to reach all areas of your targets life
And begin eating at these areas, these results will be
that each area will rot away like decay has taken over. Like a
disease this will not stop, it will be unstoppable and ruthless. 
Taking with it anything in its path 
Please be sure your target deserves such a curse before asking us to do it
Its best to have their photo for ritual 
This is a 4 day conjure friends 
It will be done by my Elders in Haiti for you.


My name is  Estherlin  Voodoo High Priest Medicine Man 

 I am from Haiti where I live all of my life until last year of my life. 

I now live in Australia with my Son and am here to server the world, bring to you BLACK Magick

Spirit & I will work to bring you your darkest & deepest desires. 

Haitian voodoo has an amazing power when it comes to cast effective spells. 

Ask to a professional to cast your spells and there will be neither negative

energies nor bad karma involved for you. 

I have over 40 years experience in voodoo and my clients always come

back to me when they have a problem. 

My spells are performed through ancestral methods giving safe, fast and powerful results!

The Spirit World & Estherlin are waiting to serve YOU!





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By law I must state that listing is for entertainment purpose & 18+