There is 2 websites with a 3rd coming with more money too be made. This won't make you rich overnight but you will be able to earn money from a website and the best thing about it is you can earn with the 99 cent you just paid. 

 If you know people who want a home business or who love to travel and want discounts or if they all you do is refer them to the websites or we send them a message by text or email letting them know you are in a great business and thought they may want to look at it.  

Here is the numbers. Paid to you by paypal. Risking my feedback on this.  Memberships start as low as $25 a month but it is possible to waive that and never pay again with 4 active referrals

For the .99 cents you paid. A person who you refer who signs up as member gets you $10.  Up to $100 in the first month and $200 in the 2nd and $300 in the third but at some point we upgrade you from customer referral to member and then to Rep without charge.    

You sign up as member with $25, and every person you sign up gets you $20 up to $200 first month up to $300 the next and $500 the 3rd month but if you do this we pay for you to become a rep and you have potential to go big time.  

Rep cost $50. You can go all in but we don't want reps only. 
We want people who love the concept first. So this is up to you but the money potential is greatest as a rep. As long as your a member to you qualify for the money mentioned above. 

We have several ways of helping you earn this money. There is a zoom system in place and people that aren't afraid to talk to people for you.  I know you have 90 days to leave feedback so test me. The least you will get back from this $1 investment is your money back or you can go into our monthly drawing to win $100, books on home businesses, gift cards, and more. You will get all the info. These are professional sites. This not for everyone so please give me a chance to refund money if you decide this isn't for you before leaving feedback.   

So that we are scammed out of money by sign up and referral drop outs there is a requirement that they stay a member 15 days before cancellation and then your money will be sent.  

People who you want to talk to like to travel.

Example A.  Earl paid 99 cent and 5 people sign up at the $25 membership. Earl gets $10 to paypal each time the membership stays active past 15 days 

Example B. Bob buys a membership after purchase.  He gets 5 people who all stay past 15 days. $140  

14 days is money back cancellation so they will not get a refund so please make sure they know this.