Vampire ‘Unius Potentiae Lamia Tredecim’ Collection-IRMA-Astral Travel


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The Blood Moon XIII Coven is an historical coven of Vampires whom are considered worldwide as one of THE most powerful Vampyric Clans to have ever existed. They are the supremacy of the Midnight World and follow the 'Oth Qayin Ritus’ as their Theological Credo


Each member of the coven has been chosen for the elite power they possess, and together the power they possess is Earth-Shakingly Titanic!


The Blood Moon XIII Coven have decided to give you the opportunity to experience what it is like to be the keeper of such mind-blowing energies at your fingertips!


YOU can now discover what it is like to possess the omnipotent gift that each member possesses!


On behalf of the Blood Moon XIII Coven, I present to YOU…


The ‘Unius Potentiae Lamia Tredecim’ Collection


On its own each artefact possesses phenomenal vampire powers, but if it can be conjoined with any of the others in this collection – the power you will control is beyond belief!!



I introduce to you…

The ‘Virtutis Anuli of Irma’


Irma possesses untouchable power of Astral Travel and has empowered this item with her magnificent unsurpassed abilities



Her gift to YOU is the valuable ability of Travelling wherever you wish, whenever you wish


YOU will possess the indomitable power of Guiding your Vampyrical Quintessence anywhere you desire 

You will be easily able to perform the Government sought after ability of Remote Viewing. Visit areas that ‘aren’t there’! View your exam questions before the day!

Meet with other Vampires from around the world – including the Blood Moon XIII Coven!!!

Visit the Astral Realm and discover the secrets of the universe

Irma will give YOU the power to travel to meet with loved ones who have passed in to the Spirit Realm!


She will be able to communicate directly with YOU telepathically as the holder of his ‘Virtutis Anuli of Irma’


   With each coven member casting a spell over the ‘Virtutis Anuli of Irma’, there are 13 enchantments binding and sealing this ring, giving you impeccable protection and genuine vampire magick


 The power within the ‘Virtutis Anuli of Irma’ has solely been created by vampires, no mere mortal has influenced this is any way. The energies bound within this ring will have an extreme outcome on your life


 The crucial ‘Vampiric Corpusessence Copula Crux’ will be carried out by the Blood Moon XIII Coven and you will receive a unique statement and meditation to finalise the ancient binding ceremony. No rituals, no summoning, no unpronounceable words; you will bond with the Irma from the Blood Moon XIII with mind-blowing simplicity


 Unleash the power of the Vampire!



Baphometdawn Promises You...

Authentic Artefacts from some of England’s most revered and sacred ancient sites


Genuine Relics from the Covert Thaumaturger Sect of the Ancient Solomon Order of the Knights Templar based here in my home-town of Hertford, England


True Artefacts blessed at the sacred site of Camelot, which is just 7 miles from Hertford. This is the ONLY place in UKs history to be named Camelot and Camelot Moat is still as legendary today as it was in Arthurian times


Honest and trustworthy knowledge and wisdom from 100s of years’ experience accumulated by a host of Experts in all Metaphysical Practices


All of your items are sent specially gift wrapped and most items Internationally Tracked Worldwide with Free Shipping (Any order under the value of $75.00 will be sent Standard Airmail unless otherwise stated)


A complete After Sales Service that suits your needs, ranging from small to Life-changing enquiries. Help is always available, even for items purchased from other Metaphysical Sellers


An Extraordinary Investment for your Future





Just to let you know I carried out the ritual last night, energy orbs everywhere from the powers imbued upon the ring by the Blood Moon XIII coven members and a powerful manifestation of <name of spirit witheld>.

 When i carry out the evocation in future i will do so to honour what has been shared with me.



 Hi,Got him yesterday and wow he is starting to make his prescence known already...Last night I heard a loud scratching sound comming from the room where he is with my other dolls and he was turned a different way that I had put him...I also saw the black spots on his face were in fact red and his eyes seemed to be staring right through me with an evil glare..This is the first time a spirit has shown it self so quickly after it arrived...He is a bit scary and will take some getting used to now I can hardly wait to get the vase...please let me know when it will ship...Your items are truly for real...




 You said you wanted to know about my experience with the necklace. I hold it in my hand today and I feel my aura reaching out, it's like expanding calling out to others! The evokation last night was powerful. I feel the necklace is calling out to others. I put my intention in it and it calls out to others i feel. I lovethe necklace! I will cherish it always



 hey, i had my first astral shift! and then today im sitting and my shoulder muscles popped and i felt cold like little hairs were growing. I am gettiny WAY stronger i beat my dad arm wrestling 5 times, and im a girl and hes really strong!




I received the item yesterday, and I wore it last night in bed. I was given a 'sample' of its 'abilities' or 'power' in my dream. I was conscious in my dream. Although it wasn't frightening, I was a little afraid to open my eyes. The ring on my finger was shaking and there was a presence in my room that I can't explain. I remember part of my dream when I put my finger with the ring on on top of the 'tablet', the ring kind of 'awakens' then it starts to shake and to lift my arm up in the air again. After a few repeats, I was more calm, and I just let it do what it does. I can't really judge exactly how long this lasted, but it was a good hour or so.

I don't really know what will happen next or what's in store for me. But I'm excited.




 I want to give you an update with the summoning of <name of spirit witheld>. It has been a most interesting and awakening journey for me. I had all sorts of expectations (and a few fears) about taking this on. It has been a most positive and enlightening experience for me.

 I did the greeting and made my requests. I could feel him studying me with a strong sense of curiosity. The encounter was a positive experience. There was no fear. In fact, the experience was identical to the contact that I have had with other spirit entities. This surprised me. I guess i expected the bowels of Hell to open up and spew forth fire and brimstone! What a mind-job religion has done on us! As I did the dismissal, I could see <name of spirit witheld> in my mind's eye. He turned and looked at me, and as he departed, gave me a small smile and said "That's a very Baroque summoning for an Aquarius!" I actually laughed out loud!

 I want to thank you and your coven again for bringing me this opportunity. Please accept my wishes for all the best for you and your group.



 the Templar Ring alone is magnificent, there are many souls that will not ever come to own such a piece.


the energies that emanate from this ring are really beautiful, my whole chakra system is just buzzing, they are really wonderful Djinn, just checking me out tonight as Djinn do but they really like the incense i work with and cleansing/supercharging before carrying out the circle of protection and conjuration made all the difference, lots of visual imagery in my third eye too :)


Amazing ring, felt the presence of my new friends all around the vibrations of the ring in my hand really fired up my hand chakra/chakras, very hot, like anything practice makes perfect but i loved the rite/conjuration, just need a little practice with the names but intention makes all the difference :)


Great to see you back! It is wonderful that you are able to make available your fabulous items. Thank you.




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