New and improved emergency back-up pocket power-bank to quickly recharge all your electronic devices in a flash…

Most amazing is that this “Power-Bank” can itself be recharged from a standard wall socket or using the 4 powerful solar panels.

Means you have instant portable back-up power for your phone, tablet, GPS devices, satellite phones, flashlights, plasma lighters, night goggles, gun lights, rifle scopes, red-dot sights and a million other types of electronic gadgets!

Ain't no way to make an electronic gadget work if it doesn't have power.

It’s the most kick-ass Emergency Power Bank the world has ever seen.

I'm talking about the new TRS VOLT – a state-of-the-art power back-up unit that can charge absolutely ANY electronic device without breaking a sweat.

This thing has MUSCLE to power you through the biblical Apocalypse!

The VOLT itself stores enough "juice" to power several electronic devices – and have them coming back for more!

FREE electricity from the air?


I'm talking about solar.  Naturally.

Whenever The Sun Is Shining, Electricity Is In The Air.

You just have to "harness" it and convert it into battery power.

And that's why we designed the TRS VOLT to be the most amazing portable solar power collector you can buy today.

Many portable solar power collectors already exist. But how many of them have FOUR full-size panels?

Only ours.

And FOUR, it turns out, is the "magic number" for collecting the maximum amount of energy from the sun in a minimum amount of time.

Solar power, of course, requires sunlight – so you've got 12 hours a day, max, to collect it.

And best of all, they DETACH from the main power bank when not in use.

That makes the VOLT itself highly portable and super convenient.

You Can Carry It In Your Coat Pocket If You Want.

It's very slim – not much thicker than a smartphone – and weighs only 6.5 ounces... again, like an average smartphone.

We designed the VOLT to have an added feature you're gonna love.

We put a 200 Lumen LED "Emergency-Mode" Flashlight – built right into the unit, so you'll NEVER have to search around for a light in an emergency!

It's always there – and it's always charged – because it's built into the battery pack! What could be better?

Plus, there are TWO separate USB ports for charging your devices.

And with the VOLT's high-rated output of 8,000 milliamp hours, you'll have PLENTY OF POWER for whatever needs charging!

Not 2,000 – like the average power pack gives you.

No. Our VOLT has fully FOUR TIMES more capacity.

The VOLT has enough power to repeatedly charge your cell phone, tablet, laptop, camera – plus survival gear like GPS devices, satellite phones, plasma lighters, night goggles, gun lights, rifle scopes, red-dot sights... and more.


Plus -- as an added FREE bonus -- you'll get TWO extra-tough triple-sealed “Dry Bags” to protect your wallet, phone, and all your sensitive gear from water, mud and dirt.

Triple-sealing "Dry Bags" that protect all your sensitive gear.

These extra-tough clear-plastic waterproof bags are specially designed for electronics that need to stay dry under wet conditions.

And listen: If you find yourself in a sudden emergency, WATER DAMAGE is almost a sure bet. Count on it.

Or maybe you get caught in a storm. Happens a lot!

But if you have these Dry Bags protecting all your equipment, you'll be the guy whose gear still WORKS!

They're roomy – 6" x 8" – so they can hold a lot of stuff. Keys, wallet, ID, snacks, you name it.

Your VOLT will come with a short video that walks you through all the features and "how to" instructions for using the solar panels.

We also include a fast-charging 2-amp 5-volt cable for charging the VOLT through a wall socket.

The VOLT takes about 2-1/2 hours to fully charge from scratch, and then automatically shuts off when it's full.

Once full, it STAYS full until you use it for charging your devices.

You can even use the VOLT to power re-chargeable batteries!

It's like perpetual motion, sustainability, and renewable energy all in one!

That's why you'll be proud to own a VOLT Power Bank.


Only $39.95 and that includes shipping!