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SIZE: 4 X 5.5 CM. (Approx)
Materials: Mixed Magic Materials
Remark: Only One Left
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Description: This amulet is called "HOLY BLESSED TALISMAN LP RUAY WAT TAKO TOP LUCKY MAGIC POWER THAI BUDDHA AMULETS", this is very old-aged and rare. The power of the amulet is getting richness, wealth, good luck, business booming. This amulet is also a kind of protection amulet helping protect dangers, black magic, ghost, evil, monsters and all bad lucks etc.

All of our Buddha amulets are from our own family's collection or carefully selected from secondhand markets or other dealers and also from the temple directly. So you can assure to get fine genuine amulets. Any questions please ask us and please check out our other amulets in our shop, many thanks .
Buddha Bless you.

We have many kinds of amulets in our store that you can shop and buy with confidence and We also have more information about Some example for power ability outstanding of amulets as follow;
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- The Amulets for Lucky and Rich such as Phra lp Ngern, Choochok, Phra Leela Thungsedtee, Kumanthong, Phra Upakut, Phra Sumkor, Phra Kumpang Medkanun, Phra Pidta lp Toh, Phra wat Paknam, Phra Siwalee, Phra lp Pae, lp Liew Turtle, Paladkik, Nang Kwuck etc.
- The Amulets for Protection and Avoid such as Phra Rod, Hunpayon, Phra Upakut, Phra lp Tuad, Biakae, Yant fabric, Phra lp Dang, Phra lp  Koon, Taow Wessuwan, Bull Wua Thanoo etc.
- The Amulets for all ability are Phra Somdej wat Rakang and Phra Somdej Bangkunprom by Somdej Toh.
- The Amulets for Metta Mahaniyom such as Phra Pidta lp Toh, Phra Nang Phaya, Phra Jaokun Nor, Phra Pidta lp Kaew, Phra Phong Supan, Phra lp Tim etc.
- The Amulets for Forcing and Power such as Krut Garuda, Singha, Tiger Fang lp Parn, Phra lp Derm etc.
- The Amulets for Invulnerable such as Phra Kring Klongtakian, Phra lp Suk, Phra lp Pern, Phra lp Toh kru Bangkrating, Phra Ruang, Phra Yodkunpon, Phra Kong, Phra Mahesuan, Phra Thakradan, Tiger Fang lp Parn, Phra lp Ngern, Leklai, Takrut Tiger etc.
Please see the way to worship and say prayer as follows: 

First of all, Please say prayer of Buddha.

Na-Mo-Tas-Sa       Pa-Ka-Va-To       Ara-Ha-To       Sam-Ma-Sam-Buddha-Sa
Na-Mo-Tas-Sa       Pa-Ka-Va-To       Ara-Ha-To       Sam-Ma-Sam-Buddha-Sa
Na-Mo-Tas-Sa       Pa-Ka-Va-To       Ara-Ha-To       Sam-Ma-Sam-Buddha-Sa

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