New tester with box. Square bottle.

 Jolie Madame Perfume by Pierre Balmain, Take your senses to a primal, untamed place with Jolie Madame, a classic scent for women first released in 1953. This fragrance is a study in contradictions with animalic notes of leather, civet, and musk countered with pristine white floral notes of gardenia, neroli, and narcissus. Creamy notes of coconut and tuberose meet the spicy warmth of coriander and cloves. Romantic floral notes of rose and lilac are balanced with aromatic notes of artemisia, petitgrain, violet leaves, and oakmoss. Bergamot adds a citrusy tang, cedar and vetiver make a woodsy impression, and patchouli and tobacco bring a rich resonance to the overall character.