Athlete Culture Resistance Exercise Bands for Fitness, Strength, Stretch, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy

What Can Loop Bands Do?

- Unleash Your Fat loss Hormone and Drop Those Extra Pounds by toning and strengthening your legs and hips

- Be the Envy of Everyone and Turn Heads with this great exercise tool of all levels - choose between 5 different resistance levels

- Spend Time on the Things That Matter with the portability and convenience of loop bands that can easily be carried around and used at home, at work or during travel

What Makes Athlete Culture's Loop Bands Different?

- The set includes 5 EXTRA WIDE BANDS (2” X 12”) & (3" X 12") with different levels of resistance for all fitness levels. Athlete Culture is the ONLY brand to offer 5 levels of resistance AND extra wide bands!

- Made from 100% Natural Latex for supreme performance, comfortability and durability.

- Includes BONUS Mesh Carry Pouch so you can take your bands anywhere!

Shipped with USPS First Class Package with US Seller.

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