CETOPIC Cream~50g~Anti-Aging~Stable Vitamin C~Contour of Eyes Face & Neck

Anti-aging, treatment of post-laser erythema, post-peeling and adjuvant in the treatment of melasma

Cetopic Cream contains stable vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate) in topical application, specially formulated to avoid lipid oxidation caused by free radicals.

Cetopic Cream is designed to be applied on the contour of eyes, face and neck. Due to its vitamin C content, it protects the skin against damages caused by external oxidants such as UV radiation, climatic aggression, etc.

Its emollient base contains substances similar to the natural hydration factors, avoiding the transepidermal loss of water, which is reflected in a smooth, soft, hydrated skin, diminishing the visible signs of dryness and photoaging.