DOC Wood Fiber Anti Bacterial Cleaning Cloth

26 Variety Pack

10 Large (11"x11"), 6 Medium (6"x6") , 10 Small (5"x4 1/2"

Welcome to the future of cleaning. These fiber rayon cloths feature weave spacing and multi-layered construction to create a cleaning solution that effectively wipes up spills and messes, while wiping away germs and bacteria from all hard surfaces, including Formica, granite, plastic and wood. An economic replacement of paper towels, sponges, and chemical-based cleaners Eight layers of open weave construction DOC Wood Cloths rinse out up to 99.99% of absorbed dirt and bacteria with regular tap water. Each large 11"x11" DOC cloth replaces up to 75 rolls of standard paper towels. Made of 100% rayon from wood fiber. Care: rinse clean using only warm tap water. Do not put in dryer.

Also great for makeup removal.