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Description: This extremely rare and ancient Vampire Transformation Magick Ritual Spell enables the spellholder to become a Psi Vampire, with all the Vampire powers for wealth, to become more attractive, to draw romance, love, gain power, protection, psychic powers, influence others’ thoughts and feelings with your mind,  inner peace, confidence, success, energy, joy in life and so much more.


Important : Please communicate with us before you purchase this spell to make sure its unique powers will work with your energies.


You Were Drawn Here

You are here for a reason. If you feel something as you read this listing, then this is your chance to transform your life to your highest destiny!!!

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 The Master Spellcasters of BetweenAllWorlds Present


Become A Psi Vampire Ritual

And Gain Vampire Powers



This rare Vampire Transformation Ritual from Betweenallworlds is empowered with ancient and powerful magicks to transform you into a Psi Vampire.


Psi Vampires, (also spelled "psy"), live off the energies of others, just like all Vampires, but they don't drink blood, don't have fangs, and they can be in sunlight.


There is no biting involved, just a transfer of energy to the Psi Vamp from unsuspecting mortals.  You will not draw more energy than a person can spare. This will not harm anyone, and you will not draw energy from family or friends.


Why can luck change so suddenly from good to bad?

Chances are a Psi Vampire was in your area and sucked up your luck.


Now suck back. The fortunate owner of this spell will finally be on the receiving side of good luck and great fortune.



Simple as that. Energy steers the stars, creates universes, and it's only logical that the more energy you get, the better off you are.


With this spell, if you are with, near, or see people anywhere--the mall, the street, a concert, a club, there will be a one-way positive energy transfer: YOUR WAY!


Those who donate energy to Psi Vamps cannot escape the undertow of another’s will and personal power. Their own energy is siphoned off to meet your needs. That energy can be absorbed and directed towards your own purposes.


Every time you even see a person, you will get some of their best energies.  The beautiful or handsome will be a little less so as you acquire attractiveness from those who have it; the psychic and magickal become yours; those with money luck send some your way; and so forth, as you gain and gain in power over time.

And just as important, your own psychic energies will be protected. The spell guards against other Psi Vamps and prevents them from harvesting your energy.

This spell will build a firewall of protection around your aura. No more toxic people or Vampires trying to drain you.


The Vampire powers and abilities that this enchantment bestows are many. Among the gifts to be gained are:


Power! and Protection!
    When among others you can absorb and utilize their positive energies for your own purposes
while protecting your own energies from psychic predators.


Wealth! Success!    Victory!    Confidence!    Positive thinking!    Good Luck!


Passion!   Romance!    Sex! Attract love and passion!   Physical Appeal!  
Become Beautiful Or Handsome!    Eternal Youth!


Heightened sensuality!     Charisma and Personal Magnetism!
Become a skilled practitioner of the romantic arts.
You will enjoy all aspects of sensual pleasure immeasurably more!!!


Money!    Riches,wealth, luxury, ease—all start coming to you.


Energy!    Absorb other people's positive energies, gifts and powers.


Psychic Abilities! and Psychic Protection!
    A psychic shield that blocks and banishes all negative energies, hexes and curses.


Happiness, joy, satisfaction with life!    Inner peace!


Increased IQ and wisdom!    Lucid Dreaming; Astral Travel!    
ESP and Magickal Powers!


And So Much More!!!



This is only a small portion of the gifts this spell bestows on the spellholder. The purposes to which this item can be directed are too many to list, and the quality of the magickal energy work in this item is unmatched.


This is a spell for the person who wants to change his or her life,
who wants to change his or her being.


If you have the courage,

this spell is for you!!!



Direct Binding Available
A growing number of people are requesting direct binding, instead of an amulet. There are several advantages to this: There is no amulet to risk getting lost or damaged. And for some people, a direct binding provides an even more intimate bonding with a spell or a spirit companion. So in response to these many requests, BetweenAllWorlds now offers direct binding for all of our spirits and spells. Just let us know when you purchase if that is your preference.


Our Spells and Spirit Companions are 100% safe for you, your family, friends or pets.

We deal with high-level Beings, and attune them to you by a special process which assures their bonding and loyalty; you can be absolutely confident that you and yours are safe and protected.


You do not need to do anything to activate the magick.
No rituals or rites are needed,
because we have done them all. 


All you need to do is stay positive and understand that no magick by any spellcaster works immediately.  All magick grows stronger over time as the energies bond to you.


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