"Goblin Wolf Riders are dangerously fast light cavalry, able to outrun all other beast save perhaps the fastest steeds of the Elves and Mankind. They work as scouts, skirmishers, mounted archers, and hit-and-run ambushers, making them quite versatile. Thanks to their dire reputation, Wolf Riders are always in constant demand by many Orc and Goblin tribes. Many a large and successful Waaagh! has been led on its destructive rampage by a scouting force of Wolf Riders in the past.

Included are 22 Wolf Riders, Including 1 Officer, 15 Riders with Spears & Shields, and 6 Riders with Bows. The .3mf file Goblin Wolf Riders" contains all the individual meshes for those who wish to arrange them differently, and a pre-supported test file is included for those that wish to print them to try." -EmanG

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