"Clan Skryre fields troops that lob balls of poison into the ranks of their enemies. Those who succumb to these choking clouds die writhing upon the ground, drowning in their own bloody froth. Few who witness their assaults are unmoved by them, for their outlandish costumes and gas masks set the Globadiers apart from other Skaven. Their masks and Oxygen tanks are required to protect themselves from the life-threatening effects of the weapons they utilize. The Poisoned Wind Globes themselves are crafted from fragile glass, and shatter upon impact, releasing a deadly miasma of lethal warpstone gas, choking and horrifically scarring any organic matter it comes into contact with.

Included are 12 Globadiers, with their large blades and poison-wind globes. The .3mf file "Poison wind globadiers.3mf" contains all the meshes separate for those who want to arrange them differently. Also included is a pre-supported test file made for resin printing. I highly recomend printing these in SLA as their robes are quite thin. If there is enough request for it, I can publish separate ones with all the robe undersides filled in." -EmanG

You will receive a digital download guide on where to download the stl file after you place your order. If you are asked to log into the website you can put random letters for email and password just to get to the download page.


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