Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Cold extraction.

Frantoio EVOO is made from Frantoiana olives which retain their characteristic green color until they are harvested.

As all Tuscan blends of oils, it has typical bitter notes. Thanks to cold extraction this oil has intense taste even if it is tasted simply from the glass, transmits the same sensations of a pinzimonio(The word pinzimonio refers to the Italian habit of dipping seasonal raw vegetables into an olive oil sauce) with the artichoke.

Extra virgin olive oil with intense hues especially in the perception of bitters, where the overbearing notes of artichoke and rocket stand out; spicy, characterized by green pepper, is much less intense.

Frantoio EVOO is suitable for pinzimonio(sliced vegetables and olive oil sauce), ribollita(thick Italian soup) and all the soups and boiled vegetables, raw vegetables, buffalo mozzarella and grilled red meats; suitable for those dishes where an oil with a strong character is required.