Richard Boswell - His Harp and Orchestra- Shangri-La / Charade (Mancini) 1964? MONO LP, Diplomat Records D-2322.

This is an odd and rare record; in the early 1960's just about anybody in the easy listening genre could get an album released and Richard Boswell was just another one of those guys capitalizing on the songs of others. Boswell never had the fame of Andre Kostelanetz, Frank Chacksfield, Mantovani, 101 Strings or even the Mystic Moods Orchestra. Put a pretty girl on the cover and you might sell a few records. Of course, this album is long OUT OF PRINT, and never released on CD. Diplomat was a budget label that put out records like "Hawaiian Melodies", "Polk Favorites", "Gunfigher Ballads", "Explosive Honky-Tonk", "The Majesty of the Big Pipe Organ", etc. So how does the record sound? Stereotypically 1960's Easy Listening, a good amount of those "Dooo- do do-do do-do" vocals throw in for good measure. Some people love this stuff, and this has all the earmarks of a lost classic (in glorious MONO, no less) , with a great cover as well.

Cover, still in the shrink wrap is Near Mint, vinyl is VG+ and sounds pretty good! You won't find this rare record in this condition ANYWHERE for this price! SIDE 1: 1. Shangri-la 2. You Are My Only Love 3. Me Diran el Zacilon 4. Find Me a Bluebird 5. Beans Polka SIDE 2: 1. Charade 2. Ahori Paga Por Tu Dano 3. Home & Peace 4. The Longer I Know You 5. Life is Just a Song