The "MUSTANG" Rhythm Beads are in honor of the great American Mustang Horse!!!

The wooden beads in the "MUSTANG" Rhythm Beads set come in a variety of natural browns ~ just like the Mustang Horse!  There are 4 medium sized jingle bells along the sides ~ 2 that will sit on the shoulder area on each side, as well as one larger jingle bell in the center of the chest area.  This placement allows for the light melody that is produced with the movement of the various muscles.

You should always connect the Rhythm Beads to your horse's mane with the attached clip to keep the beads from slipping down if your horse should lower his head for a drink or snack.

If you love and admire the Mustang Horse, this set of Rhythm Beads is for you! Each time your "MUSTANG" Rhythm Beads draw the attention of others, you will be presented with an opportunity to share with someone the story of a piece of America's heritage ~ the Mustang!

International Orders are welcome ~ Shipping will be billed for the exact charges.