NZip 9.0 Sales Software is Simple-n-Powerful basic Software to Manage Inventory, Sales, Purchases & Accounting for small Store.
Usage: Login text at end of Installation

• FOR Small Reseller, Mart, Apparel, Boutique
• TOTAL 81 Features (Modules, 33 Reports)
• LITE Installation; Installs in 2-3 Minutes
• PC/Laptop/Desktop/Windows Software
• Point-of-Sale & Touchscreen Enabled
• Front-Sales-Panel for Billing
• Back-Office-Panel for Maintenance
• Secure, Offline, Fast Transactions
• Products, Coupons, Customers, Suppliers
• Billing, Quote, Purchase, Order, Accounting
• Product, Billing, Purchase Lists
• Daily, Monthly, Product, Group Sales
• Recon, Ledger, Fast/Slow Items
• Groups, Accounts, Quote/Order Lists
• Enterprise, Users, Options
• Import, Export, Trend, Tax Report
• Billing Preferences, Customization
• Print or Save or Email; All Reports
• Inventory System, Billing App, POS Program
• Evaluate-Before-Purchase;Trust-Self-Review
NOTE1: Software delivered via Download-link; Product-key (license) emailed upon Validation.
NOTE2: No hardware included; Refund, Return or Chargeback NOT Accepted/Allowed/Processed.