Vintage White Chenille Bedspread Cotton fabric Full Queen Measures approx. 82" X 102" with an added 3" fringe around three sides. The corners are rounded so it's hard to get an exact measurement.


The spread is all cotton snow white fabric. No stains, dry rot or missing tuffs,  but it does have a couple of flaws.  It has a small fray like tear on the very edge that goes over top of the pillow and there also is a small hole about the size of an dime,  19" down from the top of the spread. I believe this would be over the pillow as well. They are very minor flaws IMO and it does not take away the beauty of this fine vintage chenille in anyway. I think it is way too nice to use as a cutter spread but that is up to you. Not a real heavy chenille. Light and fluffy.  It has been is storage for a long time and needs to be freshened up. Displays beautiful.