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Product Description:

Microwave Door Handle.  Black color.  This is a new GE replacement part.


  • Ultra Durable, Replacement Microwave Oven Door Handle for General Electric (GE) Microwave
  • Premium Quality: We utilize premium, highly durable materials guaranteed to exceed OEM specifications
  • Part Numbers: WB15X24435, AP5957851, WB15X10216, PS10065137
  • Fit Models: JVM1540SM1SS, JVM1540DM1BB, HVM1540LM1CS, HVM1540DM1BB, JVM1540LM1CS, JNM1541DM1BB, HVM1540DM2BB, HVM1540LM2CS, JNM1541DM2BB, JNM1541DM2CC, JNM1541DM2WW, JNM1541DM3BB, JNM1541DM3CC, JNM1541DM3WW, JNM1541DM4BB, JNM1541DM4CC, JNM1541DM4WW, JNM1541DM5BB, JNM1541DM5CC, JNM1541DM5WW, JNM1541DM6BB, JNM1541DM6CC, JNM1541DM6WW, JVM1540DM2BB, JVM1540DM3BB, JVM1540DM3CC, JVM1540DM3WW, JVM1540DM4BB, JVM1540DM4CC, JVM1540DM4WW, JVM1540DM5BB, JVM1540DM5CC, JVM1540DM5WW, JVM1540DM6BB
  • JVM1540DM6CC, JVM1540DM6WW, JVM1540LM2CS, JVM1540LM3CS, JVM1540LM4CS, JVM1540LM5CS, JVM1540LM6CS, JVM1540SM4SS, JVM1540SM5SS, JVM1540SM6SS, JVM1810DS1BB, JVM1810DS1WW, JVM1810SS1SS, JVM2010DS1BB, JVM2010DS1WW, JVM2010SS1SS,
Fits Models:
  • GE HVM1540DM1BB Microwave/hood Combo
  • GE HVM1540DM2BB Microwave
  • GE HVM1540LM2CS Microwave
  • GE JNM1541DM1BB Microwave/hood Combo
  • GE JNM1541DM2BB Microwave
  • GE JNM1541DM3BB Microwave
  • GE JNM1541DM4BB Microwave
  • GE JNM1541DM5BB Microwave
  • GE JNM1541DM6BB Microwave
  • GE JVM1540DM1BB Microwave/hood Combo
  • GE JVM1540DM2BB Microwave
  • GE JVM1540DM3BB Microwave
  • GE JVM1540DM4BB Microwave
  • GE JVM1540DM5BB Microwave
  • GE JVM1540DM6BB Microwave
  • GE JVM1540LM1CS Microwave/hood Combo
  • GE JVM1540LM2CS Microwave
  • GE JVM1540LM3CS Microwave
  • GE JVM1540LM4CS Microwave
  • GE JVM1540LM5CS Microwave
  • GE JVM1540LM6CS Microwave
  • GE JVM1810DS1BB Microwave
  • GE JVM1810SS1SS Microwave
  • GE JVM2010DS1BB Microwave
  • GE JVM2010SS1SS Microwave
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