Still the fastest producing radish! Cherry Belle is a round, crunchy, crisp bright cherry red radish with an outstanding flavor. Originally from Holland, Cherry Belle was created to do well in mucky clay soils but grows extremely well in most soils. Resists pithiness found in so many other radishes.
Tops grow 3-4's and can be used in salads when small. Stores for weeks in the fridge. Plant about every two weeks for a continuous harvest until about June when it becomes too hot. Resume planting again September. Cherry Belle overwinters here on the West Coast. We use the tops to feed the rabbits and chickens.

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**Cherry Belle Radish Seeds - Raphanus sativus
**Superior Germination Rates - Non-GMO - Heirloom - Open Pollinated
**Farm & Garden Vegetable Seeds
**23 Days to Full Maturity - Biennial Crop - Commonly Grown as an Annual in the U.S.A
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