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Master Saint Germain, Seventh Ray, and the Blue Violet Flame

BlueViolet Flame Mantra by Saint Germain for transmuting personal and planetary past errors in thought, feeling and action.

"I AM a being of violet fire,"
I AM the purity God desires.

St. Germain is a legendary spiritual master of the ancient wisdom in various Theosophical and post-Theosophical teachings, responsible for the New Age culture of the Age of Aquarius and identified with the Count of St. Germain, who has been variously described as a courtier, adventurer, inventor, alchemist, pianist, violinist, and amateur composer.

Cleanse Money Karma Blue Violet Flame Magick Spell Metaphysical power, manifest abundance 10 days

We learn since we are kids that money is not related to God or any spirituality, but we live in wold which money is need it for everything we want to accomplish. From the career that we need to study(and requires the most expensive tuitions) to the house that we need to pay every month and the food that we need to provide for our family.

When you have in your mind this negative thought that if you care about money then you are evil is when the curse begins itself. 

Money and abundance are part of our life and we need to be proud to gain it with honor. Money is not vibrational karma or evil desire. Balance is the rule of the universe, everybody can receive the benefits of abundance and a positive mind in a divine order.

This package is a series of sessions for 10 days, specially created by me, to cleanse money karma, liberate you from negative thoughts, stop you to judge others and being thankful for all you receive every day. I will ask for manifest money in your life, stop the negativity that holds you to transform your life. We are the creators of our best options, just we need to believe and say thanks. 

I will call my angels and work with the blue-violet flame of Saint Germain.

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