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Makeover Powerful Spell And Reiki Sessions,Health,Beauty,Mind,Body,And Soul

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Important information about candles: All handmade candles are very flammable and must always be kept under supervision and in places where they can not create fires, especially candles conjured with herbs, oils and powders. Please use an iron or heavy metal container and keep them held in non-flammable places. Similarly, magic envelopes should be burned very carefully and outdoors. ALL LISTS IN MY STORE HAS TANGIBLE ITEMS AND SERVICES DESCRIPTIONS THAT MY CUSTOMERS RECEIVE BY MAIL , 0R BY EMAIL IN PDF FILE OR WORD FORMAT WITH METHAPHYSICAL AND AURA STATE INFORMATION,OR IF THEY ASK FOR IT THEY CAN RECEIVE PRINTED AND BY MAIL AS WELL. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: 1.ONLY FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS HAS FREE AURA READING IF I OFFER THEM, SOMETIMES WHEN IS A BUSY TIME I CANNOT HANDLE IT ALL. 2.NOW I HAVE A BIG DEMAND OF CUSTOMERS AND HEALINGs , I CANNOT GIVE PRECISE AND EXACT SCHEDULES, BUT I WILL FULLFILL ALWAYS THE HOURS THAT I CHANGE, FOR EXAMPLE IF YOUR SESSION IS AT 8 AM BUT I CANNOT MAKE IT AT THIS EXACT TIME , I WILL MAKE IT IN THE NEXT TWO HOURS. I AM CLARIFYING THIS BECAUSE I WANT ALL MY CUSTOMERS TO UNDERSTAND THAT I DO NOT NEED THEM TO PARTICIPATE WHEN I AM WORKING SO THE HOURS CAN BE CHANGED. 3.MOST OF MY LISTS OF CANDLES, AND SOME BRACELETS, HAS SPECIFICATIONS ABOUT THE FORM, THE SIZE, OF THE COLORS, BUT MOST OF THE TIME NONE OF THIS MATTERS, WHAT MATTERS IS THE MAGICK THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE IN EACH ITEM, IF FOR SOME REASON YOU WANT AN EXACT ITEM AS PICTURE SHOWS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE. 4.IF YOU BUY AN SPELL OR PACKAGE OR ANY ITEM FROM ME OR ANY REIKI HEALINGS, YOU HAVE THE GUARANTEE THAT I WILL REPEAT MY WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RESULTS IN 3 WEEKS TO ONE MONTH. 5.PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BUY SOMETHING FROM ME, IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH REIKI OR MY WORK. This is a powerful spell to remove all the bad habits and negative attitudes taken for years, is an 31 days special reiki therapy sessions (for 31 consecutive days) with the angels to work in the deepest levels of your subconscious and induce your mind to the highest level of positivism, transforming your dreams into reality. I will make these sessions remotely under your name, but every day you will have to follow instructions. It is a team effort between you and me to see quick results and improvement in your mood, your energy, the attitude in which you focus your life, and the magical way in which this therapy will make you feel and live with more enthusiasm. Reiki is pure light, can not harm or create religious, mental, or medical conflict. Only for over 18 years old and as required by law for entertainment purposes only. You are paying for candle ritual spell 7777xxxx powerful, i will work under your name for 31 days and 31 nights with 31 angels to bring a 360 % degree change in you, I will enhance your psychic abilities and make you the most poweful and beautiful person ,you will bright,you will feel energetic,and inspire,I will open your creativity and your self steem will be in highest level ever. I will connect you with your own powers and Align your body , mind and soul In the highest level. This spell is wonderful for Business people (man or woman),For Psychics or people with interest in Psychic abilities,for people that want a new image, as well for people that wants to be a center of the attention and make others follow them. Is complete spell that will make you powerful in the way you need or want.... You can share your desires I will customize specific to your needs also.THIS WILL TRANSFORM YOUR BODY, MAKE YOU LOSS WEIGHT IF IS NEED IT, MAKE YOUR SKIN, HAIR, AND BODY LOOKS BEAUTIFUL , YOUR FACE WILL LOOK WITHOUT WRINKLES , YOUNGEST, EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY WILL GLOW OF BEAUTY. I CAN WORK IN TWO MAX THREE SPECIFIC ISSUES EXPLAIN PLEASE AFTER YOU PAY. THIS PACKAGE COMES WITH A FREE GIFTS. .I need your name and date of birth , and your picture Clairvoyance***** Reiki Master*****Natural Healer***** Clairaudience *****Empathy *****Psychometry *****Automatic Writing Psychic Spa Hi my name is Maria I became aware of my psychic abilities at a very early age when I discovered that I could feel the emotions, and sometimes even hear the thoughts, of people around me. This discovery eventually led me to research and explore many aspects of spiritual and psychic phenomena. I received messages from my guardian angel when I was 12 years old. As I grew in understanding, my gifts also altered and expanded to encompass my new knowledge. I was reading the energy fields (thoughts, emotions, and past experiences) of people around me when I was 15 years old. And I was seeing images in my mind about their future. Reason why I can read multiple oracles..... Tarot,spanish cards, runes, crystals etc and/or not used any ,for my readings. Since then, my abilities have been tempered and refined by a wide array of life experiences and metaphysical growth. Today I continue my journey of spiritual exploration and development in an effort, not only to foster my personal growth, but also to guide those who seek my assistance in any way I am able, mostly through psychic counseling. My readings are complete, and I'm sure I can help at least 75% of the worst situations. If you have the patience and you understand the laws of the universe, you can achieve all your goals. As psychic I believe that we can change 70 % of upcoming events. I am also a healer. That’s why My psychic readings are complete an unique. I m transmitting positive energy as well as I m reading and changing your future . The only thing that I need from you is to open your spiritual path to me ,and give me your name and date of birth to created a more strong connection. Important Note: As a psychic advisers, we try to create a connection with your inner spirit but in some cases we can fail in that connection. We are not God, we are a light of him. Aseller. What a deal, Truthful reading.will be back Member id disneygirltrekie ( Feedback Score Of 1658) Thanks -- (#5577787478) Important Statement: The magic begins when you are absolutely certain that you will wrap in light ...... only those who believe in the invisible can do the impossible, a reality,a miracle. My maximum Psychic desire was always to make people dreams come true. Specially from the ones that need more help, who feel desolate,disappointment,hopelessness ,of a life with many obstacles. And not only help them pass these obstacles but also transform their lives ..... even in the most difficult and complicated cases. My research of over 27 years has led me to find all the secrets and knowledge to achieve that magic can transform a life forever. The magic for me is the divine energy flowing naturally in the growth and transformation of a life. Manifesting into reality. Creating a miracle.I use all my natural and gifted powers , my psyche, the Reiki Masters, the laws of atracction and nature, methapysical secrets, and all my knowledge of the unseen world to create magic and miracles. The intentions have to be good and positive. I only work in week days... The person has to open his/her spirit to a spiritual connection. The people involved in each ritual has to give consent. Manipulation is not used under any circumstances. Negative attitudes do not contribute to the activation of a spiritual ritual session, distant healing, psychic reading, spell or transmitting energy. There must be respect for the laws of the universe, the divine law. If you disagree , if you don't feel identified with my words or simply looking for something different, please do not buy from my listings. Thanks very much anyway for visiting my list. If in 3 moths there has been no change in your situation, contact me for find a new solution, offering a new Spell for free (No charges). The feedback is important to us. please contact us if you are not satisfied. Sometimes we can't get a connection with the person. Please contact us we can help. By the law: only for 18 years or more and for entertainment purposes only. **************************************************************************** La magia comienza cuando estas completamente seguro que te va envolver en su luz...... solo aquellos que creen en lo invisible pueden hacer realidad lo imposible. Como Psíquica mi máximo deseo fue siempre poder realizar los sueños de todas las personas que necesitan ayuda, que se sienten desoladas y perdidas en la desilusión y desesperanza de una vida con muchos obstáculos. Y no solo ayudarles a pasar esos obstáculos sino también transformar sus vidas..... aun en los casos mas difíciles y complicados. Mi investigación de mas 27 anos me ha llevado a encontrar todos los secretos y los conocimientos para lograr tener esa Magia que puede transformar una vida para siempre. La magia para mi es la energía divina fluyendo naturalmente en el crecimiento y la transformación de una vida. Manifestándose en una realidad. Creando un milagro. Yo utilizo todos mis poderes naturales ,mis dones de nacimiento ,mi psiquismo ,la maestría Reiki, las leyes de la naturaleza,la metafísica ,y todo mis conocimientos sobre el mundo invisible para crear Magia . Las intenciones tienen que ser buenas y positivas. La persona tiene que abrir su espíritu a una conexión espiritual. Las personas involucradas en cada ritual tienen que dar su consentimiento. No se usa la manipulación bajo ningún concepto. las actitudes negativas no contribuyen a la activación de una sesión espiritual ritual, curación a distancia ,lectura psíquica ,hechizo o transmisión de energía. Tiene que haber un respeto por las leyes del universo, la ley divina,y los limites de ambas. Estas son mi reglas de etica,si no esta de acuerdo con ellas , si no se siente identificado con mis palabras o simplemente esta buscando algo diferente ,por favor no compre de mis listados. Agradezco de todos modos haber visitado mi lista . Nadie esta obligado a tener mis creencias . Si en 3 semanas no ha habido ningún cambio en su situación ,comuníquese conmigo para buscar una nueva solución ,ofrecerle un nuevo Spell o conjuro . La retroalimentación es importante para nosotros . No tome una desicion apresurada en poner uno de forma negativa, comuníquese. A veces en algunos casos no se da la conexión necesaria con la persona en cuestión y si esto ocurriese y no hay solución posible le devolveré el 100% de su dinero. Por que asi lo requiere la ley : Todos mis listados son solo para mayores de 18 anos o mas y con proposito de entretenimiento. Distance / Remote Healing / Alignments / Atunements /Reiki / Mantras/ Be sure to add me to your favorites list Thank you so much for the wonderful reading and speedy response. Member id beachbillie1956 ( Feedback Score Of 672) -- (#5566868690) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aseller. what a deal, truthful reading.will be back Member id disneygirltrekie ( Feedback Score Of 1658) -- (#5577787478) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Member id jgwarrior40 ( Feedback Score Of 1502) -- (#5566805443) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AAAA You are really great, thanks very much for understand Member id 147321606@deleted ( Feedback Score Of 2 ) -- (#6918061371) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything looks beautiful. thank you! recommended seller! happy customer! :) Member id starlight420 ( Feedback Score Of 741) -- (#190009308385) Brilliant reading. Definitely recommended :) Buyer: Member id astrael1983 ( Feedback Score Of 16) Sep-25-12 14:39 PSYCHIC READING 2 QUESTION /100%ACCURATE OR YOUR MONEY BACK (#190725177646) US 7.77 View Item PSYCHIC READING 2 QUESTION /100%ACCURATE OR YOUR MONEY BACK Friendly to deal with. Goes out of her way to make sure you're okay :) Buyer: Member id astrael1983 ( Feedback Score Of 16) Sep-25-12 14:38 FULL READINGONE CHAKRAS ALIGMENTONECUSTOMIZE SPELL/LOVE (#190723793540) US 19.99 View Item FULL READINGONE CHAKRAS ALIGMENTONECUSTOMIZE SPELL/LOVE Excellent!! It was a Pleasure, hope to see you again!! Buyer: Member id lottalites ( Feedback Score Of 14) Sep-24-12 14:44 PSYCHIC READING 1 QUESTION /EXPLANATIONFREE DISTANCE.HEALING REIKI (#190714117383) US 1.99 View Item PSYCHIC READING 1 QUESTION /EXPLANATIONFREE DISTANCE.HEALING REIKI (description exceeds maximum possible length)

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Just the best

Outstanding. Love it and she is great woman.

Purchased Angel7spa Spell on Bonanza
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Purchased Angel7spa Spell on Bonanza
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energy is better and he's communicating now

She is a great healer with visible results. Worth it.

Purchased Angel7spa Spell on Bonanza
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I'm not sure why there is a separation between the product and the seller, but I'd have to say that both are excellent. It exceeded my expectations in all areas of life, be it love, money or even a new job. It wasn't immediate but it did happen. So, yeah it totally redirected me to a new path. I'm very greatful for the changes that this casting brought into my life. It's absolutely amazing and fascinating. Highly recommended. A+++++++++++++++. The best of the best.

Purchased Angel7spa Spell on Bonanza
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I am very happy with my shift in energy after undergoing this healing! I look forward to all that will manifest in our lives as this blessings energy continues to grow and manifest! Maria is AMAZING and I'm thankful for her healing!

Purchased Angel7spa Spell on Bonanza

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