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7 Rays Reiki Attunements 7 Angels The Most Powerful Sessions

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Important information about candles: All handmade candles are very flammable and must always be kept under supervision and in places where they can not create fires, especially candles conjured with herbs, oils and powders. Please use an iron or heavy metal container and keep them held in non-flammable places. Similarly, magic envelopes should be burned very carefully and outdoors. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: 1.ONLY FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS HAS FREE AURA READING IF I OFFER THEM, SOMETIMES WHEN IS A BUSY TIME I CANNOT HANDLE IT ALL 2.NOW I HAVE A BIG DEMAND OF CUSTOMERS AND HEALING , I CANNOT GIVE PRECISE AND EXACT SCHEDULES, BUT I WILL FULLFILL ALWAYS THE HOURS THAT I CHANGE, FOR EXAMPLE IF YOUR SESSION IS AT 8:00 PM BUT I CANNOT MAKE IT AT THIS EXACT TIME , I WILL MAKE IT IN THE NEXT TWO HOURS. I AM CLARIFYING THIS BECAUSE I WANT ALL MY CUSTOMERS TO UNDERSTAND THAT I DO NOT NEED THEM TO PARTICIPATE WHEN I AM WORKINGIN THEIR HEALINGS SO THE HOURS CAN BE CHANGE. 3.MOST OF MY LISTS OF CANDLES, AND SOME BRACELETS, HAS SPECIFICATIONS ABOUT THE FORM, THE SIZE, ORTHE COLORS, BUT MOST OF THE TIME NONE OF THIS MATTERS, WHAT MATTERS IS THE MAGICK THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE IN EACH ITEM, IF FOR SOME REASON YOU WANT AN EXACT ITEM AS PICTURE SHOWS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE. 4.IF YOU BUY AN SPELL OR PACKAGE OR ANY ITEM FROM ME OR ANY REIKI HEALINGS, YOU HAVE THE GUARANTEE THAT I WILL REPEAT MY WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RESULTS IN 3 WEEKS TO ONE MONTH. 5.PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BUY SOMETHING FROM ME, IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH REIKI OR MY WORK. WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE RACE, RELIGION,CULTURE,STATUS,SEXSUAL ORIENTATION, BELIEFS, CRAFT ,EVERYBODY IS WELCOME IN ANGEL7SPA ALL MY SPELL WORK IS BASE ON ENERGY,IN SHAMANIC HEALINGS,NATURE, METAPHYSICS QUANTIC PHYSICS,ANGELS AND CELESTIAL AND ANIMAL SPIRITS,NO HARM, NO KARMA NO INTERFIER WITH OTHER SPELL CASTERS AND COMBINE ALWAYS WITH REIKI HELAINGS WHICH IS THE MOST POWERFUL UNIVERSAL FORCE AND LIGHT WORKER. I USE MY OWN POWERS AND SECRETS,I AM LIGHT WORKER WITH MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. HI My Name is Maria I am Reiki Master , I have 20 years of experience helping people all over the world and in person... The 7 Rays of Love will connect you with 7 Archangels. There are 7 attunements that can be given all at once, or separate. In this case I will give you all in seven days when I will inform you the dates and scheduling them. A lot of love and respect is important to take this sessions. Archangel Uriel's Compassion Ray Archangel Chamuel's Adoration Ray Archangel Zadkiel's Purification Ray Archangel Raphael's Emerald Healing Ray Archangel Gabriel's Harmony Ray Archangel Jophiel's Illumination Ray Archangel Michael's Protection Ray Angel Reiki combines Reiki and the Angels. The Angels are called upon to assist with healing. Angels are both manifesters of God and personifications of that power. They generally do not interact with humans unless they are asked to. Guardian Angels and Archangels so take a particular interest in us humans through assisting and strengthening us. Angel Reiki will lovingly connect you with the healing power of the angels and with Reiki source energy. Angel Reiki can be used along or in conjunction with Usui Reiki or other modalities. Angels are messengers from Spirit allowing us to a greater understanding and consciousness to the higher realms. There are angels in religions but angels themselves are not religious by nature. Rather they are beings of light embraced by many religions and spiritual people alike. They have many tasks and purposes to help you with. ================================================================ ARCHANGEL URIEL’S COMPASSION RAY Archangel Uriel’s Attunement to the Compassion Ray is a peaceful energy combined with grace and love which finds its home in the heart, soul and very essence of one’s Being. As the beautiful energy of the Ruby Ray permeates deep within the core of your Being, it allows you to find loving peace, a virtue of mercy, compassion and love. The Ruby Ray of Compassion especially rejuvenates the solar plexus chakra. The primary focus of the Compassion Ray is on spiritual service, love for others, peace and devotion. This spectacular ray will support a Being on an ongoing basis in the many twists and turns in their spiritual journey. From channeled notes, Archangel Uriel says, “in a very direct sense the Ruby Ray of Grace will support spiritual healers, teachers and everyone seeking truths or engaged in a Divine spiritual journey. For it is this love which serves humanity.” Most emphatically, it will accentuate and radiate spiritual vitality to any Being who seeks its energizing love. ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL'S ADORATION RAY The Archangel Chamuel’s Attunement to the Adoration Ray is relaxing energy which carries its gentle sun-like warmth to the heart, soul and spirit. As this beautiful pink ray meshes into every cell of your Being and purifies the chakras it allows you to move to adoration, a divineness, which you may use in all of your associations with others. The focus of the Adoration Ray is on love, compassion, gratitude and the goodness of life. It will work to help you in initiating new friendships, repairing strained relationships, generally in getting along with others, balancing current friendships and enhancing on a day-to-day basis interactions with those you come into contact with. ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL'S PURIFICATION RAY Archangel Zadkiel’s Attunement to the Purification Ray is a calming, purifying energy combined with love of the centuries which enters the heart, soul, and core of one’s very essence of Being. As the loving energy of the Violet Ray permeates each and every cell of your Being and heals the chakras, it allows you to remain in a state of calm amidst the many disruptions which cause turmoil. The regal Violet Ray especially purifies the “seat of the soul” chakra. The main focus of the Purification Ray is on forgiveness, purification, love and transformation. From channeled notes, Archangel Zadkiel says, “…the Violet Ray totally represents complete love for humanity. It will support on all levels of experiences. Most directly, it will offer guidance and assistance to all those who choose to practice forgiveness.” It will play an important role in transformation from a lower to a higher divine level of consciousness. ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL'S EMERALD HEALING RAY Archangel Raphael’s Attunement to the Emerald Healing Ray is a profoundly powerful and fully encompassing loving energy which combines the luminous bright power of the sun with the wholesome based power of nature to create beauty, truth, vitality, wholesomeness, and healing. As these energies pour themselves into your heart, soul and total Being they will work to refine, purify, cleanse and heal while at the same time they will fill your Being with absolute love. The loving Emerald Ray permeates the chakras. It especially activates the Third Eye, which teaches the development of inner vision to intensify the recognition of truth. The primary focus of the Emerald Healing Ray is on healing, love, humility, flawlessness and purity of heart. Also, it will allow you to better focus on a particular activity to achieve a specific goal. It will heighten creative visualization allowing creative activity to work its way through you into true manifestation in your experiences. It will support you in seeking truth in all you do. Archangel Raphael, who is known as the angelic healer and whose name means “God Has Healed,” bringer of the Emerald Healing, will participate in this spectacular ritual along with the many Angels of the Emerald Flame, Angels of Truth, Healing Angels, Angels of Raphael and many other celestial Beings. ARCHANGEL GABRIEL'S HARMONY RAY Archangel Gabriel’s Attunement to the Harmony Ray is a loving purified energy and in its magnificence merges all the colours of the rainbow forming a brilliant white in such a form as to accentuate the Divineness in all Beings. As these energies merge themselves deep into your heart, soul and total Being they will work to perfect, heal, cleanse, while at the same time you will experience love and harmony in the totality of Self. The brilliant focus of the Harmony Ray is on “trueness” in communication, harmony with Self and with all Beings, purity, perfection and love. Also, it will assist you in developing and utilizing your intuitive ability more fully. It will enhance your spiritual elevation in a manner best suited for you. The Harmony Ray will assist you in the realization of your total potential. It will harmonize all necessary factors which will aid you in achieving your goals. ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL'S ILLUMINATION RAY Archangel Jophiel’s Attunement to the Illumination Ray is a strengthening form of energy which carries its rays of light, love and warmth directly to the heart, the entire Being and to the soul. As this Divine energy of the yellow Illumination Ray permeates every cell of your Being and purifies and strengthens the chakras, it will assist you in recognizing true beauty in Beings and the Universe. In particular, the golden ray’s emphasis is on the purification of the Third Chakra, the Solar Plexus, yellow in colour, which is the chakra that allows an individual to reach deeply into sense of self within the Universe. The focus of Jophiel’s Illumination Ray is on the beauty within, the beauty of others and the beauty of life. It will work to guide you along your aspired spiritual path. Its Divine energy will help you to understand and the Divine power of Light within yourself. And it will assist you in absorbing intricate information and in dealing with complex matters. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL'S PROTECTION RAY Archangel Michael’s Attunement to the Protection Ray is a powerful warrior strength-like energy combined with a love and gentleness which fins its way to the heart, soul, spirit and entire Being. As the loving power of this spectacular Sapphire Blue Ray meshes into every cell of your Being and purifies and heals the chakras, it allows you to move to a spiritual Divineness which incorporates love, genuineness, humility, sereneness and perfection of Being into all of your day-to-day activities. This majestic Ray especially cleanses and heals the throat chakra, blue in colour, which is oftentimes referred to as the communication chakra. The focus of the Protection Ray is primarily on protection, love, faith, and motivation. From channeled notes taken, Archangel Michael says, “the fundamental mission of the Protection Ray is to offer Beings the protection of guided Light on their spiritual journey.” It will increase your ability to face up to challenging dilemmas. It will guide you to reach a path of serenity. It will work with you to assist you so that your daily needs may be manifested. Reiki is universal life-force energy,It is directed by the universal intelligence and know where and what to heal. Reiki is Divine Love, the healing energy guided by Divine intelligence. Reiki never causes harm and always works for the highest good. NOTE: IF YOU NEED MEDICAL OR MENTAL HEALTH ASSISTANT CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Reiki can help: Stress Relief and Relaxation Relief of Pain and Promotes Healing Increasing Physical Energy Enhancing Immune Function Spiritual Growth Personal Empowerment Experiencing Inner Peace Enhancing Meditation Intuition Clearing Energizing Your Home the healing energy guided by Divine intelligence. History of Reiki Usui Mikao was born in Japan the 15th of August 1865. The name Reiki comes from Usui Sensei, who used this ancient form of healing in his clinic, Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, outside Tokyo. The clinic was opened in the beginning of 1900’s and it still exists today, a century later. During the Meiji period a large number of hand healing techniques were taught in Japan but most of these groups disappeared after World War II. One of the more important groups called Taireidou, was lead by Morihei Tanaka, who was said to have been Usui Sensei's teacher. What exactly Usui Sensei learned from Mr. Tanaka is not known. Mrs. Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the west. She received her initial Reiki training in Japan, up to level two, Oku-Den, and received her Reiki Master from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi when he visited Hawaii in 1938. In an effort to make Reiki acceptable in the west the practitioners presented Usui Sensei as a physician or a Christian monk, but later information has verified that he was a traditional Japanese businessman, loyal to his Emperor. Usui Sensei also worked with programmed crystals, breathing exercises, scanning and other eastern healing methods in his clinic. However these methods where left out when Reiki was brought to the west. Usui Reiki Principles — Just for today do not worry — Just for today do not anger — Honor your parents, teachers and elders — Earn your living honestly — Show gratitude to everything— Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings — Just for today I will not worry — Just for today I will not be angry — Just for today I will do my work honestly — Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing— Just for today, do not anger — Just for today, do not worry — We shall count our blessings and honor our fathers and mothers, our teachers and neighbors and honor our food — Make an honest living — Be kind to everything that has life The Reiki symbols cannot cause harm or be used with harmful intentions. Many people therefore question the need for secrecy and the symbols are now widely published in books and on the Internet. However Reiki symbols can be only use with love ,honesty,and for experience Masters. The Three Reiki 2 Symbols CHO KU REI - The Power Symbol or the light switch, Put all the power of universe here. Directs energy to the physical body. SEI HE KI - The Mental Symbol is used for purification, cleansing and protection. Directs energy to the emotional body or subconscious mind. HON SHA ZE SHO NEN - The Distance Symbol is used to send Reiki to the past, present or future. Healing karma. Directs energy to the mental body or conscious mind. The Three Reiki 3 or Masters Symbols DAI KO MYO - is used both for attunement and healing and it works on the spiritual body level, healing the soul. DUMO - is a Tibetan Master Symbol representing the fiery heat of the kundalini. FIRE SERPENT - is often used when passing attunements. On Oct-15-12 at 10:47:23 PDT, seller added the following information: FREE! Sellers: Add a FREE map to your listings. FREE! NO REFUNDS , WE RECAST AFTER 30 DAYS , THE HIGH LEVEL OF RESULTS AND POSITIVE REVIEWS IN MY STORE GIVE YOU THE GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL DO EVERYTHING FOR GIVE YOU SATISFACTION . PLEASE DO NOT BUY IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH MAGICK AND METAPHYSICAL PRACTICES. WE USE MANY CANDLES , SUPPLIES AND TIME FOR EACH SPELL, SESSIONS AND PACKAGES SO WE DO NOT REFUND. ALL MY ITEMS , PACKAGES AND LISTS ARE FOR 18 YEARS OLD AND MORE AND BY THE LAW FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, WE CANNOT PRESCRIBE MEDICATION.

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