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No Bull Bullsh*t Card Game Educational Not At All

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No Bull Bullsh*t Card Game Educational Not At All
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For sale No Bull Bullsh*t Card Game Educational Not At All. No Bull - Bullsh*t GameThe No Bull - Bullsh*t Game is a fast moving, easy to play card and dice game for grownups, with a touch of gambling on the side. Each card has a set of 'facts', so you decide “BULL” or “BULLSH*T”, then 'bet' on the outcome!This fun card game can be played with 2-8 players (or teams) and will test your ability to decipher fact from fiction! Inside each box you will find 3 coloured decks of special trivia cards, a dice and a set of instructions. The rules are simple, each player takes it turn to decide whether the “fact” read out on their card is true or false by declaring “NO BULL” or “BULLSH*T”. A winner is declared for each deck, and the overall winner is the person or team who wins the most decks (not cards!) To make the game even more entertaining you can bet on your own answers. Depending how confident you are, you can bet up to three cards. If you're right you'll win more cards, if not you'll have to 'pay' them back!With statements such as “It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky” - is it all just a bunch of baloney or is your friend speaking the truth? You decide with the No Bull-Bullsh*t Game

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