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Deluxe 2 Pest Control (electronic)

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This is our best pest controller. Uses both ultrasonic and electromagnetic repeller technology. Controls most insects and rodents. -Squirrels -Rats -Flies -Crickets -Bees -Mice -Roaches -Ants -Spiders -Fleas -Waterbugs -and other household rodents and insects. Dual technology Our Deluxe 2 Pest Controller uses both MagnetoSonic and Ultrasonic Technology. MagnetoSonic utilizes the wiring in your home to target pests which hide and nest inside the wall of your home. Ultrasonic targets pests within the living area of your home. Dual technology pests don't stand a chance. The only way they can excape the pounding is to leave your home. How it Works The electromagnetic technology utilizes the existing electrical wiring in your home to create a shifting electromagnetic field, resulting in an uncomfortable environment for the pests. This drives them from their hiding spaces in the walls, ceiling and floor. Simultaneously, a harsh, Ultrasonic siren blasts sound from the units dual speakers. This sound is inaudible to humans but it creates an incredible disturbance for pests. In two to four weeks, the pests are driven from the area. Totally Safe No Chemicals or traps. It is harmless to children, domestic pets and electrical appliances. Easy to Use Simply plug in to any wall socket (outlet). The flashing lights indicate the unit is functioning properly. Your pest repeller is working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Adjustable Settings You can use the intensity selector to target certain pests. Lower ultrasonic sounds tend to influence larger creatures, such as rats, lizards, roaches. The higher setting is more irritating to smaller pests, such as ants, ticks, fleas and other small insects. In addition to selecting the intensity, you can use the pitch selector to choose a fixed pitch or a variable pitch that sweeps within a range of ultrasonic frequencies. Has a Random setting which keeps the pests from becoming accustomed to the ultrasonic sounds. Features -Test Button (allows humans to hear it work) -Continuous/Random Control -Variable/Fixed Pitch Control -High/Low Intensity Range Control -Left/Right Speaker Indicator -Phase-Shift Current Indicator -Floor Light Switch -Protects up to a 2500 sq. ft. Home -Dual Technology -Two Year Limited Warranty -Delux 2 upgraded version
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