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Green Stone Necklace with Goldtone Shortening Clasp = 4 Different Styles in 1

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This pretty green colored stone necklace comes with a goldtone shortening clasp. I bought the stones to string by hand as green colored howlite and it probably is howlite. I can't, however, give any guarantee for that. - And whether it is howlite or another kind of stone really doesn't matter because for this combo-necklace the most important thing about is the pretty green color. The necklace is 35.4 inches 90 centimeters long and can easily be shortened to half or less with the included goldtone click-on shortening clasp. For the price of ONE, handmade, green howlite necklace, you get FOUR different necklace styles! See picture 1 above: 1. Wear it long but tie a knot in front. 2. Wear it like a twined rope. Twist the necklace to the wished lenght and click the clasp as before. 3. Wear it in two rows by using the shortening clasp as shown in the fifth picture. 4. Wear it long, as it is without the clasp. There's also an added benefit. If you happen to be the lucky owner of other long necklaces, but need shorter ones, you can use this shortening/combining clasp on them, as well. With the purchase of this one necklace and clasp, you can transform all of your long necklaces into the "right" length for the occasion! You can even combine your old necklaces any way you'd like. Twist 2, 3, or even 4 of your favorite necklaces together; the number depends upon the thickness of the stones or pearls. The more you twist, the shorter the combined necklace becomes. Please see the close-up of the clasp in the fourth picture above (click the picture to see the enlargement). Below you can see examples of different combinations. These are made just to show you some of the possibilities for combining this green necklace with other necklaces. See how you can create your own different designs for perfect coordination with your wardrobe: The purchase of one necklace with one clasp can, thus, can change your entire collection into many different designs of different lengths, limited solely by your imagination. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen! The dark green necklace in these pictures is malachite; the light one is lemon jade. The pictures are just examples of what you can do with the other long neclaces you might have - when mixed with the green one in this offer. Please note! The necklace you see in photo number. three on top of this page LOOKS as though it doesn't flow freely because it's tightly strung. It's made this way so there will be room for it to loosen with wear while not loosening TOO much. However, the fact that it's tightly strung will make no difference in the way it wears or in the way you can wear it now or in the future. The jewelry in the pictures on top of this page is the jewelry you'll get. I take separate pictures of each and every piece because they're all unique, one of a kind items. The other different necklaces shown in the other photos are for your inspiration only and they are NOT included in this offer. If you're buying this as a present, please let me know and I'll add a nice gift flip-up box. Just order it in the freebie category or tell me in a Bonanza mail before payment. I mail orders as quickly as possible; so, if I don't know when I receive your order that you want a gift box, it may be too late... I offer combined shipping, and even though this item is marked 'Free shipping' we all know that shipping costs. By HandyMummy, however, you'll never pay more than it really costs. This means great discounts - the more you buy in one order the more you'll save. On most items marked "Free shipping" the calculated shipping price is approximately 2 (normal letter from Denmark). So it should be possible to calculate with about 1 to 2 to be deducted from the price for each extra item you order simultaneously. As soon as I know what you would like, I will calculate the excact price for the items to be shipped as one unit (in one box or as one letter). If you want me to lay things aside I will gladly do that for a month or two if you pay a little deposit (to be deducted when final payment is due). As I add new items regulary it could be a good idea to use this offer and wait - to get more goodies in the same package without having to pay for shipping twice ;-) Category: Jewelry, new; Gemstone; Gold plated;

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