x1 USB Cable for HP 48GX 48G+ 48G 48S 48SX and similar items

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x1 USB Cable for HP 48GX 48G+ 48G 48S 48SX [HP Graphing Calculator, BLUE] & CD

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Black Cord and Blue USB Plug
Custom Made

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USB Cable for HP 48s 48sx 48g 48g 48gx with LED Data Indicators: - Premium Quality Made - SUMMARY: *Important: Calculators and computer shown in images are not included; they are shown for informational purposes only. Like HP48 to USB on Facebook NEW Design with LED Indicators Updated February 2017. Video Tutorial (HD 720p or 1080p): More sample videos on YouTube: Manual XMODEM Transfer with Conn4x. Using HP48 Explorer (v1.2.3). Whatรข??s included? 1 x HP48 to USB Data Cable with LED DATA Indicators (Blue Plug). 1 x CD with Software and Installation Instructions. HP48 to USB Cable Objective: Please note that the HP48 to USB Cable has been designed and tested with the following software only: HP Connectivity Software KIT v3.0 HP Connectivity Software KIT v4.0 (Conn4x - XMODEM Speed via Manual Transfer) HP48 Explorer V1.2.3 New computer desktop and laptop systems do not come equipped with any standard DB9 (Serial Connector) and thus the user cannot connect the HP48 to this new computer systems (Microsoft Windows Based). The objective of the HP48 to USB Cable is to have this capability once again and be able to transfer files to/from HP48/PC. Therefore, the user will be able to transfer any file stored in the HP48 memory to the PC and vice-versa. NOTICE TO SURVEYORS USING THE HP48GX: Many surveying packages for the HP48GX (from TDS, SMI, etcรข?) have their own transfer software. We have not tested the HP48 to USB Cable with any proprietary surveying software. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the usability of the cable with any proprietary surveying software. In order to transfer files to/from the PC, the software packages mentioned above must be used. Now, we still have the DB9 Serial Cable at hand (you can find it HERE - Item # 170602200637). If you would like to send us a comment or suggestion based on this matter, please contact us, we welcome your input. HP48 to USB Data Cable with LED Indicators: The HP48 had been restricted to transfer files via serial port (com port) only. But that is no longer the case. Now, you can connect your HP48 Series of graphing calculators to a computer via USB port with the HP48 to USB Data Cable. This will allow you to use any available USB port in your computer to transfer files to/from your HP48 calculator. Furthermore, you can use the XMODEM feature (only compatible with HP48G, 48G and 48GX) of the HP Connectivity Software v4.0 to transfer files at high speeds between your HP48 calculator and your computer. In XMODEM mode, the normal transfer speeds can reach up to 1 KB per second (1 KB/s). That is fast in terms of calculator transfer speed. You will be able to transfer large files in a matter of seconds. Note 1: Before using the XMODEM feature to transfer files between your calculator and your PC, please make sure to read the step by step tutorial included in the CD (the XMODEM Server Library must be installed first), thank you. The HP48 to USB Data Cable is Grade A factory made and shielded to prevent data loss while transferring files to/from your computer. It has been tested under all versions of Microsoft Windows and all cable drivers are certified to work under Microsoft Windows 32-bit and 64-bit edition. An easy guide (tutorial) is included in the CD on how to install and setup the HP48 to USB Data Cable. Hardware and Software Comparability: USB 1.1, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 Compliant. Software Compatible with: Windows 2000. Windows XP. Windows Server 2003. Windows Vista. Windows 7. Windows 8 and 8.1 Windows 10 (Compatible with Laptops and Desktops only). Note 2: Cable drivers are certified under Windows 32-bit and 64-bit edition. The Connectivity software to transfer files is a 32-bit application. Thus, if the connectivity software is installed on a 64-bit Windows system, it must be run with 32-bit comparability mode (this part is normally automatic under 64-bit Windows). Also, under Microsoft Windows 7, the Connectivity Software must be installed with Windows XP Comparability Mode in order to work properly. Compatible Calculator List (HP48 Series): HP 48GX HP 48G HP 48G HP 48S HP 48SX CD Included: Connectivity software for the HP 48G, HP 49G, and the HP 50G. Drivers for windows 32-bit and 64-bit edition. The CD additionally comes with lots of software, samples, and manuals for the HP 48G, HP 49G, and HP 50G. HP 48G Manuals - Includes the Advanced User's Reference Manual, the HP 48G User's Guide, and the HP 48G Quick Start Guide. The HP 49G Manuals - including the Advance Guide. HP 50G Manuals (Multilingual). This includes the ENGLISH and SPANISH manuals. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS ARE WELCOME !!! Thank you for viewing our listings. SHIPPING AND HANDLING: Depending on the size and weight of the item(s) being sold, your order will be deliver via the following shipping carriers: To verify the shipping carrier being used, please check the "Shipping Information" section at the bottom or top part of this ad. Make sure to also check the processing time of the order. If we have delays on your order we will contact you within 24 hrs. We combine shipping charges, please ask us for the correct invoice once you have completed your order. PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal payments. Credit Cards (managed through PayPal only). myTeknovo: Visit our listings for more cool items. You can contact us regarding any bulk (by quantity) order that you would like to place. We give discount on bulk orders, please ask us. myTeknovo

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