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Magic the Gathering MTG Red / Green Dragon (60) Card Custom Starter Deck

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Wizards of the Coast
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United States
Boys & Girls
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Magic the Gathering

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Category: Magic the Gathering, RECENTLY ADDED ITEMS For sale is a (60) card constructed "Dragon" red green deck for the game Magic The Gathering, built by yours truly. It features a mixture of played and brand new / never-been-played cards (sorry, I couldn't tell you which is which, though assume older cards have almost certainly been played). This deck has a few fun little things in it. Twelve of the twenty five creatures are dragons, with three non-dragon creatures possessing the ability to create 2/2 dragons with a pump ability. Other creatures create mana to help pay for those expensive dragon casting costs, and there's some "sacrifice to destroy artifacts" abilities for when you're in a bind. Three of the dragons contain a megamorph feature and give all over dragons 1/1 counters when you turn them over. The decks consists of four rare dragons and a ton of uncommon cards! This deck comes with the following cards [Please note that (C) stands for Common, (U) for Uncommon, (R) for Rare, and (MR) for Mythic Rare]: (2) SORCERIES: *(1) Armed / DAngerous (U) *(1) Ground Assault (U) (7) ENCHANTMENTS: *(1) Equestrian Skill (C) *(1) Elephant Guide (U) *(2) Dragon Fangs (C) *(1) Regeneration (the symbol shows as common, but the Gatherer sites says it's Uncommon) *(2) Vineweft (C) (6) INSTANTS: *(1) Destructive Reverlry (U) *(2) Pit Fight (C) *(2) Coordinated Assault (U) *(1) Lightning Axe (U) (25) CREATURES: *(1) Blisterpod (C) *(2) Scavenger Folk (C) *(1) Tinder Wall (C) *((1) Ruinous Gremlin (C) *(1) Kird Ape (C) *(2) Dragon Hatchling (C) *(1) Borderland Explorer (C) *(1) Death-Hood Cobra (C) *(2) Heckling Fiends (U) *(3) Brood Keeper (U) *(1) Furnace Whelp (U) *(1) Dragon Whelp (U) *(2) Harbinger of the Hunt (R) *(1) Lightning Shrieker (C) *(1) Akoum Hellkite (R) *(2) Herdchaser Dragon (U) *(1) Stormwing Dragon (U) *(1) Spawn of Thraxes (R) (20) LANDS: *(4) Rugged Highlands (C) *(4) Evolving Wilds (C) *(6) Basic Forests *(6) Basic Mountains Card conditions range from fair to 'like new', but most are in great shape. Please note in the picture it looks like a couple of the cards are faded. They are not; that was due to the flash of the camera. They are perfectly readable and good to be played. Please note this deck features cards from before Modern format. This deck will keep your opponent on their toes! NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: I do combine on shipping, though I've had trouble with Bonanza's 'combined shipping' system. If you buy more than one item and it charges you twice for shipping, I will refund any unused portion. If you would like to know shipping cost ahead of time, please let me know the items and your zip code and I can provide that. I do NOT ship internationally. I apologize for this, but due to my work schedule and the post office's hours it's difficult for me to get there to mail international packages. I have made exceptions based on the amount spent and if I have days off, so you are welcome to ask! I just can't promise anything, unfortunately.
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