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Magic the Gathering MTG All White Angel Creation / Life Gain (60) Card Deck * 02


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Wizards of the Coast
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United States
Boys & Girls
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Magic the Gathering

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Category: Magic the Gathering, RECENTLY ADDED ITEMS For sale is a (60) card constructed "Angel Creation / Life Gain" mono white deck for the game Magic The Gathering, built by yours truly. It features a mixture of played and brand new / never-been-played cards (sorry, I couldn't tell you which is which, though assume older cards have almost certainly been played). This deck is entirely built around the enchantment Angelic Accord which creates 4/4 Angel tokens with flying whenever you gain 4 life in a turn. So it is loaded up with spells and creatures that give you life so you can create the tokens hopefully every turn. In the meantime it has six Angel creatures with abilities of their own. Even if your opponent stops the angel creation machine by getting rid of the Angelic Accord enchantments, you will be so high up on them on life that it will be incredibly difficult for them to stay in the game. This deck comes with the following cards [Please note that (C) stands for Common, (U) for Uncommon, (R) for Rare, and (MR) for Mythic Rare]: (7) SORCERIES: *(1) Defy Death (U) *(1) Spectral Reserves (C) *(1) Angelic Purge (C) *(1) Solemn Offering (C) *(1) Healing Hands (C) *(2) Chaplain's Blessing (C) (5) ENCHANTMENTS: *(2) Angelic Accord (U) *(2) Divine Favor (C) *(1) Ephara's Radiance (C) (3) INSTANTS: *(1) Reviving Dose (C) *(1) Rootborn Defenses (C) *(1) Last Breath (C) (25) CREATURES: *(1) Angel of Deliverance (R) *(1) Seraph of the Masses (U) *(1) Urbis Protector (U) *(1) Subjugator Angel (U) *(2) Serra Angel (U) *(3) Apothecary Geist (C) *(1) Elgaud Inquisitor (C) *(1) Champion of Arashin (C) *(1) Student of Ojutai (C) *(1) Seraph of Dawn (C) *(2) Lagonna-Band Elder (C) *(1) Stone Haven Medic (C) *(2) Arashin Claric (C) *(1) Sungrace Pegasus (C) *(2) Ajani's Sunstriker (C) *(2) Soulmender (C) *(2) Trained Caracal (C) (20) LANDS: *(20) Basic Plains Card conditions range from fair to 'like new', but most are in great shape. Please note this deck features cards from before Modern format. This deck will drown your opponent in angel tokens until they flip the table! NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: I do combine on shipping, though I've had trouble with Bonanza's 'combined shipping' system. If you buy more than one item and it charges you twice for shipping, I will refund any unused portion. If you would like to know shipping cost ahead of time, please let me know the items and your zip code and I can provide that. I do NOT ship internationally. I apologize for this, but due to my work schedule and the post office's hours it's difficult for me to get there to mail international packages. I have made exceptions based on the amount spent and if I have days off, so you are welcome to ask! I just can't promise anything, unfortunately.
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