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VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE is a board game based on one of the world's most popular team

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United States
Game Type
Board Game
Min. Number of Players
2 players

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VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE, The Board Game by Forever Family Games Co. THIS BOARD GAME'S HISTORY AND BACKGROUND The game of Volleyball as played In the 'real world' gym game of Volleyball, has two teams of players who strike or hit a single inflated rubber ball at the opposing players on the other side of a middle net. When a receiving player is unable to hit back the Volleyball, over the middle net and in-bounds, then the first team gains a point (or loses their turn to serve the ball to the other side). But, if the receiving player can successfully hit the ball back over the middle net, then the ball is said to be in 'volley' and the ball is hit back and forth over the net, until one side or the other fails to hit the ball over the net. This failure allows the other team to score a point or lose the opportunity to serve the ball to the opposing side. The game or 'match' is played until one side or the other has reached the agreed-upon number of points needed to win the game. Similarly, in our board game version of Volleyball, the two opposing players launch a tiny 'ball piece' at their opponent's game pieces on the other side of the game board. Just like in the real life game of Volleyball, when one team has earned the agreed-upon number of points before the opposing team does, then that first team has won the game or match. ____________________________ GAME PLAY Children as young as seven can understand and enjoy our board game version of Volleyball. Depending upon the two player's skill and experience, the Forever Family Game's version of Volleyball will usually last from thirty to sixty minutes. Our version of Volleyball is great to play with - or among - children and is a pleasant game to be played while entertaining visitors, as it does not require any deep cunning or strategy. The element of luck allows young, lucky novice players to surprise and defeat crafty, experienced adults occasionally, which makes this a great 'rainy day' board game for the whole family! GAME DESIGNERS Forever Family Games Company was founded in 2014 as a family business by Jeff and Elizabeth Duff, plus the part-time assistance of their six sons. There were three primary reasons for the founding of Forever Family Games: (1) to make sturdier, more attractive and longer-lived board games than the ones found in discount stores, (2) to revive the great board games of the past ('the games that time forgot'), and (3) to introduce entertaining board games from smaller regional areas to a larger worldwide audience. GAME COMPONENTS Forever Family Game Company's example of Volleyball has two 11 x 14-inch acid-free board, plus 6 greenish-blue wooden square pieces and six wooden square pieces, plus 2 acrylic glass gems (the balls). There is certainly an element of luck in this casual game of 'aerial back-and-forth', so there are three dice included. Of course, illustrated game rules are also included. GAME QUALITY WARRANTY: All of our game pieces are attractive in appearance, sturdy in quality and acid-free for long-term durability. Our game boards have a handsome felt backing for a high-quality appearance and decades of sturdy survivability. All of our game components have a 180-day quality warranty: our customers can simply send us the defective part and we will send your FREE replacement part by return mail. We also offer a 30-day "no questions asked" money-back satisfaction warranty, when you send us the entire board game back to us in resell-able condition. ____________________________ WARNING! Small parts can be a dangerous swallowing hazard for children under the age of five! NEVER allow infants and young children to play with game parts without DIRECT ADULT SUPERVISION!
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