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Turquoise Magnesite Red Faux Cinnabar Beaded Necklace Earring Set

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United States
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18 to 20 inch

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Eye-catching and bold turquoise colors with vibrant red beaded necklace. Made with turquoise colored magnesite faceted round and rondelle beads accented with 10mm red faux cinnabar beads with carved floral designs. The magnesite beads are an economical alternative to real turquoise having the same characteristic matrix and color of turquoise stones. 18 inch necklace adjustable to 20 inch. Includes matching earrings, 1.33 inch in length made with sterling ear wires. These magnesite gemstone beads have facets cut into them allowing them to reflect light. Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate with the same crystal structure as calcite, a calcium carbonate with a hardness and texture similar to turquoise and marble. Magnesite forms when magnesium-rich rocks such as serpentine or dolomite are exposed to carbon dioxide-rich water. Mohs hardness scale for Magnesite is 3.5 to 5 (for comparison, diamond is a 10 being the hardest stone). Magnesite stones in its natural state is a white to grey color and can be enhanced through dyeing because of its good porosity. The dyed blue color makes it an economical simulation of turquoise. Magnesite gemstone beads look like turquoise when dyed and consists of the brown and black patterns just like turquoise. Genuine cinnabar is made from the mineral mercury sulfide which was made into a powder, lacquer added for hardening and then carved with designs used for jewelry and bowls and other wares. Today, we know that this is toxic because of the mercury content so real cinnabar is not used anymore. These beads can really be called "imitation" cinnabar which is made from a polymer resin, dyed red, shaped and carved. * Blue turquoise magnesite and red cinnabar beaded necklace. * 18 inch in length adjustable to 20 inch. * Magnesite beads are 8mm in size. * Red imitation cinnabar beads are 10mm in size. * Completed by a silver plated lobster claw clasp, crimp covers, and cord guards. * Including matching earrings, 1.33 inch in length, made with sterling ear wires.
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