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Unexploded cow gift pack
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Unexploded Cow Gift Pack - Limited Time


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Min. Number of Players
2 players
Cheapass Games
Unexploded Cow

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Holidays are the best time for blowing up cows! Pick up this gift pack and get the Unexploded Cow card game, along with a custom "cow" die (the cow appears in place of the 6, to indicate that no cow has exploded!), and a handsome gold-tone collector coin as well. Gift Pack Price: 26 (Contents regular MSRP: 33) Game Description: Europe. Summer. 1997. You have discovered two problems with a common solution: mad cows in England, and unexploded bombs in France. In UNEXPLODED COW, you play a savvy entrepreneur who wants to help solve the world’s problems, by blowing up lots of cows. You’ll round up a herd of mad cows, give them a stirring pep talk, and march them through the French countryside. In doing so, you will clear fields of leftover ordnance from long-forgotten wars. And you’ll make a few bucks doing it. UNEXPLODED COW is about making money with a crazy scheme to march mad cows through the fields of Northern France and clear unexploded bombs from two world wars. Each player starts with 5000 Francs, and the object is to finish with more than that. HOW TO PLAY: At the beginning of the game, players start the “pot” by anteing 500 each. You will spend money to buy cows, and then earn more money when those cows find bombs and explode. That’s the basic idea, but of course there are cards that steal cows, cows with special abilities, and even some cows that cost you more money when they explode. At the end of each turn, you’ll roll the die to figure out which cow finds a bomb. This might be your cow or one of your neighbors. If you manage to blow up your own cow, you’ll earn some extra money, the special ability of the city you’re helping, and some points that help you go first in the “sudden death” round at the end of the game. After visiting 12 cities, your adventure is over, and the player with the most money wins! Players: 2-6 // Age: 12 // Time: 25 minutes // Rules

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