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10X Charging Ultra Power Boost Amplification Bag for All Spirit or Spell Jewelry

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"Ultra Power" Amplification Charging Bag Temporarily Increase up to 10X Your Item's Powers DELUXE CHARGING, KEEPING AND 10X POWER AMPLIFICATION BAG We created this bag for those of you who asked for a lower cost or bag alternative to our popular 10X Power Amplification Charging Boxes! You put a significant investment, both emotionally and monetarily, into your Magickals, Enchanted Vessels, Spelled Charms and other Energetic Jewelry! With this Ultra Power 10X Amplification Charging bag you can get your full moneys worth! Use this beautiful and powerful bag to SUPER CHARGE your Spelled, Enchanted and Spirited items and vessels. Magnify the power of your Energetic Jewelry exponentially! Your Spirits will receive a surge of energy, their powers and attributes will be enhanced and strengthened. They will become MORE! Communication and contact will be heightened or deepened and you will experience more of their powers. This amplification can be especially important and useful if you send your spirits on errands or assign them tasks. Your Blessed and Spelled rings, Enchanted Talismans, and Amulets will all be lifted to a new level of power! Magnified and heightened by the infused Magicks of the Amplification 'Charging' Bag. The effects of the powerful 'charging' infusion from this bag will last for approx. 7 days on your vessels before lessening. A weekly or bi-weekly use of 1 to 2 hours is recommended for the optimal power of your many magickals. There is no need to use it more often however you may use this powerful 'Charging' Bag for everyday use and storage if you wish for any special pieces. At the same time the Power Amplification is occurring a general 'cleansing' of all negative accumulated energies will be done. Your Magickals will emerge renewed, strengthened, primed, and ready to perform for you! If you prefer a box, check our other listings. We have many listed in all sizes and designs. We also sell regular charging bags for 7.50 each. This powerful Amplification 'Charging' Bag is a lovely deep royal blue organza fabric with multi color metallic designs and a satin ribbon drawstring. It measures approx. 3 inches by 4 inches. Big enough to fit all but the largest vessels. Never fear though, if your item does not fit you may use the included incantation to complete the Amplification process. Simply make sure the bag and vessel are touching and repeat the incantation. Simple, easy and no knowledge of magick practice needed! YOU GET ONE BAG! A_New_Golden_Dawn has over 3400 positive Feedback from eBay! 100's of Feedback on Bonanza/Etsy and THOUSANDS of satisfied clients from our website WORLDWIDE! Buy with confidence! A_New_Golden_Dawn is a gathering of varied Elder Magick Practitioners, Psychics, Witches, and Adepts of Many Magickal Paths and Disciplines, mostly Elder friends of my Grandmother's who have entered my life as teachers, friends and guardians. Along with them, I am devoted to offering you personal and ongoing service AND the very best Magickals, Energetics, Spirits, Entities, Potions and Spells available. All from several Master Elder practitioners (and me their humble student) in many fields of ancient, arcane and esoteric magicks. Featured are both vintage/antique occult and paranormal artifacts as well as newly cast spirit bound energetic vessels, custom bindings conjures, spells and potions, ritual supplies and the various accouterments for those who walk one of the many Paths of the 'Craft'. We promise to offer you the most excellent of customer service as well as quality magikals to enrich and enhance your life! If you have special needs, please ask and we will do our best to help you! Please Browse our ever expanding offerings and let us know if you seek something special or custom. We have many items we never list for the general public but prefer to deal privately on with serious collectors. We offer a broad range of items from those for the beginner to the more advanced, and on to the experienced and elite collector. We are always open to serious offers on some of our higher priced rarities! We have placed some of our most powerful and rare occult items with many well known and famous individuals around the world. However, we do have clients from all walks of life and welcome all to the world of real magick! A Word About Magick Magick is not an instant miracle but a tool both to aide and improve your life. It will not work if you put out negative energy in regards to it's manifestation. Your doubt and negativity can actually negate and nullify the magick from working. The old saying "Believe to Receive" is very true! You must work WITH your chosen Spell(s) to bring about the most positive and effective manifestation. Watch for signs and follow them, take advantage of the opportunities placed before you by the Forces of Magick and manipulations of energetic intent. A Gambling Spell will not make you win EVERY time but it will help you win MORE. A Weight Loss Spell will not work if you sit on the couch eating 'Bon-Bons'(or Snickers, Ice Cream, Pasta, etc...) every day, all day long but it will alter your metabolism, give you increased will power and thus faster weight loss if you try. Remember as I said before-Magick is a powerful and useful tool to help you achieve your desires if you only give it time, energy and a serious commitment. Magick is energy-pure and powerfully simple. Energy that has been molded and finely focused by the Will of the experienced Practitioner. Give this energy time to infuse and bring about the positive change you desire. Remember, each person and situation is different so time lines in results will vary greatly. Work with the magick, feel it, believe in it! Believe, Know that what you desire WILL come to pass! Allow No Doubts to cloud your mind and put negative energy out into the Universe! Positive energy draws more positive and negative energy pulls in more negative! Remember-thoughts are energy too! BELIEVE AND IT SHALL BE!!! LAYAWAY AVAILABLE We DO offer LAYAWAY on purchases on a case by case basis. Items we have multiples of are usually always available for Layaway. One of a kind items are subject to layaway negotiation and may or may not be available for a layaway purchase. Any Special Order or Custom Work is generally NOT available for Layaway unless special arrangements are made and generally work will not be done till payment in full is received. LEGALLY REQUIRED DISCLAIMERS- Sold As A Curio Only...Please Read the Disclaimer below! Disclaimer: Pursuant to the current United States Postal Service regulations and other State and Federal laws we must state this is sold for entertainment purposes only. We must advise they are "Sold as Curios Only" All information herein is from traditional or historical reference and intended to help you make an informed decision. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY-We CANNOT GUARANTEE THE LEVEL OF PSYCHIC OR PARANORMAL ACTIVITY THAT MAY OR MAY NOT OCCUR.NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISUSE OF THIS ITEM OR IT'S POWERS-NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT-LEGAL ADVICE, ETC...PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR FOR HEALTH PROBLEMS AND THINK POSITIVE-VISUALIZE YOUR HEALING-REMEMBER MODERN MEDICINE IS A MAGICK OF SORTS, TOO.BIDDERS/ BUYER MUST BE OVER 18. OF SORTS, TOO.BIDDERS/ BUYER MUST BE OVER 18.

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she is the best

she is the best

Purchased A__golden_dawn Spell on Bonanza
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Powerful IMPROVE & RENEW A RELATIONSHIP Love Spell Cast Charm Pendant 4 Desire +

1 of 1 people found this helpful.

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i love the pendant it works, it is very beautiful more so than in the picture, i felt energy as soon as i touched it.

Purchased A__golden_dawn Spell on Bonanza
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never heard back

seller refunded money after non-response. horrible service. felt ripped off when I purchased for help. therefore, cannot state that the product is good or bad....simply never heard anything except refund after 5 days

Purchased A__golden_dawn Spell on Bonanza
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Connect with Animals

This went very well, unusually unique and results are extremely positive. Happy with my purchase.

Purchased A__golden_dawn Spell on Bonanza

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