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10X Powerful Sex Change Transgendered SPELL~Magick~BECOME THE ONE YOU WANT TO BE

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"10X TRANSFORMATION SPELL" 100% Guaranteed * * I only practice 100% PURE WHITE MAGICK. I will never cast a spell to force anyone against their own true free will. Welcome, my name is Lady Teresa, one of the most experienced and proven spell casters you may meet. I was raised with the belief of Hermeticism. I have studied and worked with this craft all of my life and have been successfully casting spells over 30 years now. My aunt was my mentor and I shadowed her to learn and perfect my craft. She has been practicing Hermeticism in New Orleans for over 60 years now. All of my spells have been past down to me from her. These spells I offer have all been in my family for over 180 documented years that we know of and have been proven very successful. This 10 X spell will start the transformation you need to become a member of the opposite sex. It will change you mentally, physically and spiritually. This spell will work to change you from a male to a female, or from a female to a male, which ever way you need help. This spell will start to change your Karma from that of your current sex to the sex you are dreaming of becoming. You will start to think in a brand new way and you will begin to act like your target sex. Example: Men that purchase this spell will start to notice their hair getting longer and softer, softer voice, their nails growing longer and shiny, smoother facial features, bigger breasts, less body hair and less facial hair, smaller male genital area and feather soft skin. If you want to completely change, it would take you to finish the job with the help of medical work. This is not a spell that you must collect lots of items and prepare them for the cast, I do the entire casting for you from my personal altar. You will receive nothing in the mail. Once you have made your purchase, within 24 hours I will make contact with you via the email address that is supplied with your paypal payment. If you would rather contact through an alternate email address, please provide that address in the message section of paypal. Upon contact, I will need a little information to begin working on your path to happiness. I will need your name and date of birth along with the same information of anyone else involved in the casting. I will also need a brief description of your situation and what you desire from this casting. Please be very open and honest with me as this information helps me ascertain the appropriate direction to take with your spell. If you would like, you can place this information in the message area of paypal and it will help speed up the process to starting your casting. During this process I will keep you updated prior to and after your cast as I truly believe in communication every step of the way. Remember that I am here for you from the start to the finish of this process. This spell will work no matter where you are located in the world as it works to align the powers of the universe to bring your desires to fruition. You did not stumble unto this lisiting today by accident. No, it is fate that has brought use together to find your true happiness. I will never attempt to pressure you into purchasing additional spells. If you inquire, I will advise you as to my feelings about purchasing additional castings. Please do not purchase if you expect to see instant results to all of your lifes situations. Spell castings are truly not a "cure-all" for all of your troubles. They are life altering rituals that through the powers of the universe in combination with my efforts and your positive actions and thoughts work to bring you true blessings. Please do not contact me asking how long will it take to see results. Many factors effect the exact timing of each and every spell. There are no guaranteed time frames to see results.As our futures are not stamped in stone, your success depends on many things such as: how positive you remain about the outcome of the spell; how you speak and any actions you take following the castings; your faith in the actual spell. Please stay very patient and remain positive as your spell matures. * * My spells are guaranteed to work, if after 60 days you are not happy with the level of your blessings, please contact me and I will gladly complete a booster spell for you at no charge. Even after that, if necessary, I will continue to work with you until your situation is fulfilled to your wishes. Your satisfaction and happiness is my number one goal. Some see immediate results and some it can take weeks or even months to fully manifest. Even though you may not constanly feel the energies, this does not mean that the spell is no longer working. Today is the day to turn your life in a truly positive direction. Let me start working on your blessings as you deserve a happy future. 1000's of my wonderful clients have already begun their journey to happiness and today is your day. Once your spell has been cast, you will start to feel a very positive energy surrounding you. The negative energies will immediately start to leave your body and you will start to feel the powerful energy that it takes for one to live in perfect balance with the laws of the universe. Please check out my other listings as I have different spells to help you in many ways. I also offer many customizable castings that can be molded to your exact situation. BELOW ARE JUST A FEW WORDS FROM MY CLIENTS: Thank you...we put the sign up on Saturday, the same day you cast the sell my house spell and we already have a potential buyer today (Monday). My husband is showing the house for the second time today!!!.......Joesphine I wanted to thank you soooo much for all your help, wonderful heart, great advice, and super fast responses and help with everything I have asked you for. You helped me tremendously which I am extremely greatful for. And everything I was asking was given to me and thank to you Teresa my dreams CAME TRUE!!!!!!!! People should know that whatever they ask for, especially "the big things" -they won't happen right away, magic doesnt work this way, but eventually within some period of time they will see that You are ABLE to help them Teresa, like you helped me!!! I truly believe that I am getting married because of your help. I was literally in a deadlock 2 weeks ago and my marriage wasnt even a question..but Teresa, you changed everything!!!!!!! We applied for our marrige license today....Yaaaaaa I will recommend you to anyone who needs help. You are ruly beautiful, wonderful, carring, altruistic person, and I will always always always come back to you if I have any problems in life. Wishing you all the best, especially a lot of health, and if you need anything I could help you with please do not hesitate to contact me. THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH AGAIN!!! YOU ARE THE BEST.....Dawn Lady Teresa, I just wanted to let you know my daughter slept last night, really well. I had not slept like this in a while, so your spell is working..... Thank you for your positive thoughts, you are so right! Jamie I just wanted to thanks you for this spell, I was a bit skeptic at first but suddenly today my ex wants me back and he has admitted that he still loves me when I thought it was over between us. I'm so greatful for your work :) Anna. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, dedication, knowledge, wisdom, energy and time that you gave to my spell. Chris and I are now engaged. You truly have a gift that was able to benefit me and contribute to my present and future happiness. Thanks again.....Paula hi i have already noticed a physical effect from the spell, as well as some mental ones! The physical effect I have noticed is my eyes are starting to change color, my original eye color was a bright blue, now they are a darker cobalt blue, which means there starting to change to jasmines brown eyes. I will let you know how the process goes as for the mental ones, I have an increasing desire to start replacing my clothing for womens clothing. and a few other minor changes. i will let you know when I see big changes! thanks! Ken/Trudy hi, just to give u an update, the person i had the spell cast on, crashed her car into the rear of the one in front and totally wrote her car off! they are both ok though.this happened a couple of days after casting!!- thanks Shelly. Payment is by PAYPAL only. Have a truly blessed day! LOVE, LADY TERESA Legal disclaimer: The law requires that all paranormal items such as spells or psychic readings be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years of age to bid. I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens or does not happen as a result of this spell. My service should never be considered as a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice.

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Seller was very helpful and response was very quick

Purchased Energy_by_teresa Spell on Bonanza
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10X Powerful Sex Change Transgendered SPELL~Magick~BECOME THE ONE YOU WANT TO BE

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A very dum idea

Well I'm transgender as it says in the description it makes a lot of promises that never happen it isn't somthing I would recommend

Purchased Energy_by_teresa Spell on Bonanza
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Lady Teresa us truly amazing, genuine and brings results .

Purchased Energy_by_teresa Spell on Bonanza
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Quick response saw movement within a few days.

Purchased Energy_by_teresa Spell on Bonanza
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Waitin on results :)

Purchased Energy_by_teresa Spell on Bonanza

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