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Outdoor america vol 3
Outdoor america vol 3

12 Outdoor America 1924 hunt fish Zane Grey East Bull Burgess Porter wildlife


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Outdoor America Vol. III No. 1-12 Aug. 1924-July 1925 Defender of Woods, Waters and Wild Life Publication Information: Published by The Izaak Walton League of America, Chicago, Ill. Issued monthly. Additional Information: All original front and back covers have been removed and also a couple pages are missing. Not sure if there were ads in the front and back. The first five issues the pages run from 1-2 then 5-76; then they run as follows 1-78; 3-78; 1-78; 1-96; 1-128; 1-96 and 1-90 pages. Many illustrations and photos. There are still some ads in theses issues and a sampling is: Full Page ads: AuSable Lodges (2 page), Chicago, Illinois; Streich Flex-O-Mino; Haskell Canoe, The Haskell Boat Company, two sided ad – one side is color the other black white; Peters Ammunition; Weber Lifelike Fly Company; Bristol Steel Fishing Rods; Shakespeare Fine Fishing Tackle; Western Ammunition; Coleman Camp Stove; Elto The Propello Pump; Johnson Outboard Motors; Evin Rude (2 page); New Wahl Eversharp Pen; Ideal Boilers And American Radiators; Cork-Tex; Pfluegers’ Fishing Tackle; Ka-Bar Blades Smaller Ads: Ithaca Gun Co.; Peters Ammunition; Jamison Barbless Hook. Chicago North Western Ry.; Hart Schaffner Marx; Davis Cigar Co.; Sherlock Holmes Pipe Co.; Lefever Arms; Maier Pipe; W. Stokes Kirk; Ithaca Wins; South Bend Bait Co.; Fatima Cigarettes; Thompson Bros. Boat Mfg., Ashaway Swastika Brand; Savage Arms Corp.; Baker Guns; Al Foss; Heddon Fishing Tackle; Stevens; Reising Manufacturing Corp.; Pillsbury’s Pancake Flour; and many more ads of sporting equipment, clothes, goods, guns, boats and so forth. Summary: The Izaak Walton League Of America is a National Organization of fishermen and hunters and outdoor lovers dedicated to the restoration of sports afield and astream in the US and Canada. Contents include: • Play Fair. Sportsmanship and Conservation. JudgeKenesawMountain Landis • SurpriseValley. Marvelous Word Picture of Marvelous Country. 1, 2, 3, 4. Zane Grey • Old Big ‘Un. The Night Prowler of BeeTreeSwamp. David M. Newell • Hugh Duncan’s Bass. A Fish Story for Boys of All Ages. Ben East • The Story of the Tree. Impressive History of Our Trees and Their Destruction. Honorable Marlin L. Davey • Stories and Reminiscences of Jacob M. Dickinson. A Tennessee Highlander. Jacob M. Dickinson • The Grizzly King. A Romance of the Wilds. James Oliver Curwood (in multiple issues) • Reconstruction at Antlers. Comparison of the Old with the New West. James O. Lewis • Dry Fly Line Dressing. Interesting and Practical Directions by Noted English Authority. “White Rose” • When Game Was Tame. Edited by M. L. Gochenour: A Close Shave with Old Clubfoot - J. M. Moody; Gander Enoch - Charles M. Morgan; The Killing - Jay Mertz; A Boy, A Dog and His Gun-J.S. Edwards; News of Our Chapters; The Hunting Story Contest. • Making Conservation History. Story of the Victory of the League’s Upper Mississippi Preserve Bill. E. C. Kemper • Editorial Page (in multiple issues) • The Waltonian Nook. (in multiple issues) • Our Outdoor Calendar. Practical and Fascinating Outdoor Lore. Warren H. Miller • Trap Shooting Department. (in multiple issues) • Outdoor Literature. (in multiple issues) • Angling Memories. (in multiple issues) • SuperiorNational Forest News. (in multiple issues) • The Kennel Department. (in multiple issues) • Fishing with Irvin Cobb. Dusty Goes Fishing With Some Celebrities. Dusty Waters • Pollution. Cartoon by Everett E. Lowry. (in multiple issues) • Flies and Fish. A Tale of Bites—and Bites. William H. Rinkenbach • The Last Muskie—A Warning. A Plea for the Muskie. Merton S. Heiss • Saving National Forest Lands. From the Grasp of a 70 Year Old Error. E.A. Sherman • A Big Trout in the Swift Current. Trouting in the Glacier. George W. Hunter • Stories and Reminiscences of Jacob M. Dickinson. Jacob M. Dickinson: A Two Spot Chief Justice; The Antiquity of Jokes; Uncle Claiborne and Uncle Frank; Memories of the Old South. • The Barbless Hook in Britain. Introduction by Harold Trowbridge Pulsifer. Brig.-General Lionel T. Banon, C.B. • A Courtship of the Wilds. Fascinating Facts of Forest Life. Archibald Rutledge • Hoover and O’Malley—Conservationists. Concerning Salmon Protection. E.C. Kemper • Buck o’ the Blizzard. A Tremendously Appealing Dog Story. Al. Evans • When September Comes to the Little River. River Lore by one of World’s Master Woodsmen. El Comancho • The Bittern Remembers- C. M. Morgan; My First and Only Deer- Eltinge Elmore • The Midnight Dance of the Silver Grunions. Strange Fishing for Strange Fish. George Law • Growth of the Striped Bass. Switch Reel • The Menace of the Motor. Walter Prichard Eaton • McCorrison. Ben Ames Williams • Off Fishing for Life. B. F. Wilder • Fishing for the Evidence. W. M. Stuart • The Black-Maned Lions of MountLololokwi. George Bruner • Iowa Celebrates. Merton S. Heiss • Our Friend the Dog. Maurice Maeterlinck • Eighty Thousand Mallards. J. B. Doze • The Sand Bar. El Comanche • Just Billy. George C. Franklin • The Little Lake. John R. White • Canoeing Along the British Columbia Coastline. W. D. Young • My River. Byron E. Veatch • Turkey Track Toast. Will Thornton • SwanLake. John W. Schmitt • The Carrier Pigeon. Rena Bauer • Ingenuity and Tackle. Frank P. Stover • Horicon Marsh. B. J. Husting • Alaska and Dogs. Adam Breede • The One Buck Law. Walter H. Reed • And a Little Child Shall Lead Them. Will Belshaw • A Warning to California. Zane Grey. Photos • Bill’s Evening Call. Earl H. Reed. Illustrations • Are Kaibab Deer Doomed? Stephen T. Mather • The Swimming Hole. El Comancho. Illustrated • Solitude. Fannie Hunter Clark • Sport or Slaughter. Shady Lane. Photos • The Doc’s Prescription. A. Whitehead • Grey Ghosts. Edwin C. Hobson. Illustrated. • Our Game. John B. Burnham. Photos • The Spirit of Autumn. Sherman Brown • Mesa Verde. Lilian White Spencer. Photos. • Mud’lin’ Thru. Charles J. Hansen • The Eleventh Elk. Alfred Powers. Photos. • They Planted a Bass. Merton S. Heiss. Photos • The Exact Status of the League’s Mississippi River Bill. Will H. Dilg • Quail Production. Aldo Leopold. Illustrated. • The Promised Land. William A. Wyatt • The Proposed MenaNational Park. K.E. Merren • Iowa Prairie Chicken. E. T. Grether • Herman Pope Passes On. One of His Pupils • When Royalty A-Ranching Goes—The Prince of Wales in Canada. Fred James. Photos • The Final Rally. Hal G. Evans. Photos • The Gray Canoe. Charles B. Reed. Illustrated. • Various Fishing. Henry Van Dyke. Photos. • Ghosts of Other Days. Donald Hough. Illustrated by Charles Livingston Bull. • Fools’ Luck. George Parker Holden. Illustrated by Louis Rhead. • Field O’ My Dreams. Gene Stratton-Porter. Illustrated by Bessie Bethel Crank. • The Accident. El Comancho. Illustrated by C. Otis Wilson. • The American Egret Returns. James Clyde Gilbert. Photos • Conservation of Our Fur Bearers. David C. Mills • Duck Bag Limits. E. H. Ross. Illustrated • Make the Final Rally Count. Don’t Fail to Read These Pages • Mostly About Boys. Edited by Ben East. Photos (in several issues)• Chapter News Conducted by M. S. Heiss • A Day of Doubles. Thomas Ambrose • The Thundering herd of the Yellowstone. Horace M. Albright. Photos • The Son of Kasper—A Story in Two Parts—Part I II. Ben East. Illustrated by Charles Livingston Bull. • Three Bears. Romer C. Grey. Photos • An Opportunity. Herbert Hoover • Will American Fishermen Save the Fishing? J. Walter Drake • How to Write a Hunting Story. Frank Stick. Illustrated • Geese—Dead and Alive. Kenneth D. Phillips. Illustrated • Preserving the Kaihab Deer. W.B. Greeley • Gene Stratton-Porter Passes On. • The Scars on the Trees. El Comancho • The American Elk—They Shall Not Starve. Fifteen of America’s Greatest Writers • Let’s Go. Harold Titus • Conventions: Texas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Third National Convention; The Third National I.W.L.A. Convention; Louisiana State; Oklahoma State • Seeing Newfoundland. Dorma V. Peet • English Springer Spaniels. A.C. Gifford • Allies Now—the and Sentiment. Hal G. Evarts • A Rare Evening—When the Trout Were on the Rise. Will H. Dilg. Etchings by Lee Sturges • Forest Masters —A Two-Part Story - Part I II. Ruth Mae Lawrence • Zane Grey’s World Record Tuna. A Story in Pictures. Permit—A Rare Game Fish of the Coral Shoals. Zane Grey. Photographs by author.• The Fisherman by Zane Grey, Illustrations, in several issue plus continued from the last issue in this volume. • Shop Interstate Shipment of Black Bass. Harry B. Hawes, M.C. • The Dry Fly Cult. “Corrigeen” • As I Found the Elk in Jackson Hole. Donald Hough • And David Learns Also. El Comancho. Illustrated • A National Duck Bag Limit. E.H. Ross Illustration • Women and Conservation. Mrs. Francis E. Whitley • State Division Officers • The Michigan Survey. P.S. Lovejoy • Stranded on a Foreign Shore - Photograph by Al Evans – • Write a Waltonian Creed • Sportsmanship. Stewart Edward White. Illustration • The Elk of Jackson’s Hole. J. R. Jones • The Spirit of Winter. Sherman Brown • Nature Takes a Hand. El Comancho. Illustration • The Best Trout Fly Patterns—In Three Parts—Part I, II, III. George Parker Holden • Hunting with Murderers. Jacob M. Dickinson • A Record Muskie. L. C. Murdock • A National Duck Bag Limit. • Partnership in Fish Culture. Henry J. O’Malley • Adopt a River. Bud Ross • A Congressional Classic. Finis J. Garrett, M. C. (in two issues) • Where Your Treasure Lies. T. W. Norcross • A State Bill for Kansas • Spirit of Spring. Sherman Brown. Illustration • Spring—In the Bayou—Etching by Earl H. Reed • A Predatory Prince- Charles B. Reed. Etchings by Earl H. Reed • A Four Day Shoot in Virginia. Allen H. Wood, Jr. Illustrations • The Bonefish of BiminiBay. Van Campen Heilner. Photographs • Spring Poets. Donald Hough. Photographs • Two Novices in the Limelight. I.M. Augustine. Illustrations • The One Day in a Fisherman’s Life. Thornton W. Burgess• The Forest and the Sportsman. Harold Titus. Photographs • Captain Bob and Old White-Face. R.P. Harriss. Illustrations • The Three Graces of American Game Fish. Louis Rhead. Illustrations • Speaking of Thrills. Elmer E. Rawden. Photographs • Summer Days and Moonshine. El Comancho. Illustrations • Congress Passes League Amendment • The Cat’s Meow. Bud Ross. Illustrations • The Jackson Hole Elk • Up—And Away—Photograph by George H. High • American Forestry Week. Harold Titus • Sailfishing Thrills. Romer C. Grey. Photographs • A Debut in a Dory. Ruth Mae Lawrence. Illustrations • David Takes Command. El Comancho. Illustrations • Izaak Walton—His Life and Times. Fred James. Illustrations • Trouting with a Bass Bug Fan. Albert E. Andrews. Photographs • Jackson’s Hole—A National Recreational Area. Will H. Dilg. Photographs • The King of Geer Wood. Ben East. Photographs• Your River, What Have You Done For It? Shady Lane. Photographs • A Man Reborn. Juanita Mitchell. Photographs • Dr. James A. Henshall, 1836-1925. • Eagle’s Feathers. Dr. Royden E. Tull. Photograph • Barbless Hooks—The Trout’s Version. “George Southcote”. Photograph • Frontispiece—Familiar Haunts From an etching by Earl H. Reed • Wild Portages I Have Met. Donald Hough. Photographs • The Isle of Mystery. Charles B. Reed. Illustrations • Pennsylvania Scores Again. Robert B. Vale • Floating Down the River—Part 1 2. Guy Von Schriltz. Photographs • The Curse of the Cottontail. Bruce Hetherington. Illustrations • Swordfish a la Carte. Richard L. Sutton. Photographs • Running Down the Longitude. El Comancho. Illustration • The Salmon That Broke the Hoo-Doo. John C. Cosseboom • A School in the Open. Florence L. Clark. Photographs • A Wisconsin Drainage Crime. Louis Radke • Everett E. Lowry—Cartoonist. • An Oklahoma Accomplishment. Charles J. Brill • I.W.L.A. Now Buying Haylands in Jackson’s Hole. C.R. Hallowell. Photographs (in 2 issues) • Science Vs. Sentiment. J. B. Lippincott • Convention Sketches. Everett E. Lowry • When Your Dog Made His Bid for Fame. Edited by Shady Lane (in two issues) • Land of the Pine. Dr. F. S. Waite. Photographs • The Phantom Herd of the Kaibab. Donald Hough. Photographs • John Moreland—Fisherman—Continued Story—Part I. Will H. Dilg. Illustrations • The Last Buffalo Hunt of the Pawnee Indians. William H. Smith. Illustrated by Frank B. Hoffman and photographs by the Author. • King o’ the Crest. Gordon Eaton Bainbridge. Illustration by Frank B. Hoffman. • The Big Ball Rolls. Harold Titus. Photographs • How Briggs Came to Take Up Bass. Everett E. Lowry. Illustrations • The Proposed I.W.L.A. Endowment Fund. E.C. Kemper • The Harvest of the Marching Days. El Comancho. Illustration • Fooling With Sharks. Dr. Charles K. Stillman. Illustration • All the Way Through. Henri W. Slaughter. Photographs • Letters From a Little Lady Vagabond. Hal Kane Clements • Outdoor Literature Etching by Earl H. Reed. • Fly Fishing for Tarpon. Thomas D. McKeown • Real Camping—How It Is Done. Conducted by Murdo Gibson. Photographs • Motor Camping Department. Conducted by Homer Bow Condition: Hard cover, Ex-Lib-usual stamps/marks; covers are worn with some soling plus slight loose; volume edges have some soiling; text is sound, few small tears, few small soiled spots, some light age discoloring and a few bend marks, back fly page has some holes in it but overall a good plus readable copy. Shipping Handling/Payment: Bound Printed Matter with dc and insurance, 8.00 to 11.00, depending on zip, USA (not negotiable). (Periodicals and Magazines with advertising can not ship media mail according to USPS regulations). If insurance is not included in s h charges, it is extra and recommended as Seller is not responsible for uninsured items. F.O.B. Miller, SD. Next day shipping (except Sat.) with money orders. With checks (US only) item held 10-12 days (no exceptions). International s h will be quoted – International payment by International money order in US dollars and drawn on a US Bank. Email will be sent at auction end, please acknowledge within three days and payment to be received within 10 days. SD residents add 6 1/2% sales tax. . Multiple Purchases will be combined up to 15 pounds (Bound Printed Matter weight limit) to save on shipping handling charges. Thanks for looking. Whatnots Books Etc (licensed used book store) 50,000 Books Magazines for Sale. I Appreciate Your Business. To avoid any conflicts PLEASE be sure to READ all details about the item in the entire listing. If you have any questions in regards to the item please ask. No question is too trivial. Thank-You for checking out my items. Magazines Back Issues Sports Natural Science Outdoor Nature

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