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Angelic Blessings & Protection European Bead Charm Enochian Angel Magick Charged

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This offer is for an special empowered charm from a High Elite Enochian Angelic Magick ritual created and charged during a Gathering of MANY Elder Practitioners and Adepts. The Charm is a faceted Aurora Blue European Charm 'bead' Pendant that can be worn on a bracelet or necklace. It's a lovely piece and comes with charging/cleansing/keeping bag. We are offering these for 17.95 You get ONE Charm We had a special Gathering with guest Practitioners coming in from several locations including a few Practitioner Adepts and Elders visiting from Europe. We conducted a special and very powerful Angelic invocation seeking blessings and protection energies. The Elder Adept who led this ritual is an Angelic (Enochian) Magick 'specialist', one of our European colleagues. Without explaining Enochian magick fully, let me just say it's what is considered High Ritual or Western Hermetic Ceremonial Magick. It is VERY POWERFUL and used in working directly with Angelic entities and poweres. We conducted a ritual summoning of various Angels of varying ranks and asked for Blessings and Protection from the Angelic Powers to be funneled into these vessels charging them with direct Angelic energies. Having a charm created and charged with these energies and blessings gives you a direct connection to the Angelic energies called forth during this Elite Angelic Magick Ritual. Please give us your name or name of the person the charm is for after purchase and we will do a ritual to customize this stunning and powerful piece just to that person to make the flow of Angelic energy even stronger. The Power and Glory of the Angelic Hosts! Angels are everywhere, guiding, guarding, shepherding us all! They watch over all from the tiniest action to the movements of the Stars in the heavens, from the infinitesimally small to the uncomprehendingly large! A old Jewish proverb says that... โ€œEvery blade of grass has an Angel bending over it encouraging and calling to it, saying 'Grow, Grow!'" Our problem, the problem many have, is connecting with these Divine Beings. We as a whole no longer listen for their Angelic voices, no longer understand the messages they send us. In our level of advancement we have lost that very vital part, that part of ourselves that lets us connect to the Divine, to connect with the Angelic Hosts of Heaven, to converse with them and take their God guided council! Angels are here to offer us help always-24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are here whether we acknowledge them or not! The more receptive we are to their presence, to their messages, the more aide they can give us. Angels, actual Angels that interact with Humans on a one to one daily basis are actually the lowest of the Nine Choirs within the Three Triads. Above them lay levels, each one step closer to the Divine Creator. The Nine levels or Choirs, and their responsibilities are as follows: The Traditional hierarchy of Angels is ranked from lowest to highest into the following nine orders, or choirs: Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim. The Nine Choirs of Angels ANGELS OF PURE CONTEMPLATION They Oversee and Govern all Creation 1. Seraphim 2. Cherubim 3. Thrones ANGELS OF THE COSMOS They Govern and Maintain all the Cosmos 4. Dominions 5. Powers 6. Virtues ANGELS OF THE WORLD They Govern all the World and the Nations of Man 7. Principalities 8. Archangels 9. Angels Each has a specific job to do in regards not just to Divine Will but in regards to each of us. Each has a specialty or attributes that we at times need to call upon to aide us as individuals or as groups. This Vessel has been created by Elder Practitioners using Elite and High Level Enochian Magick, the magick of the Angels! WORKING WITH ANGELS First and foremost you must accept that you ARE worthy of Angelic Contact and Guidance! You must give yourself whole-heartedly to their Divine Love. The first and most important step is to ASK and be receptive to their Divine Touch. ONLY by being receptive can you receive! In other words, you must open yourself fully, have Supreme Faith that the Angels will answer and intervene. Place every issue, problem, worry, and fear you have, as well as every good intention and positive outcome you imagine as the result of your request, into the hands of the Angels. Let go and release all your expectations of HOW your request will be answered. Just KNOW that it WILL be answered in the way the Divine Creator deems fit. This may not be quite what you expected, but having released ALL expectations you are free to be joyous at any outcome. Asking an Angel for help is one of our most powerful spiritual practices. Just as every person has one or more Guiding Angels that help and assist them, every human activityโ€”partnerships, businesses, organizations and relationshipsโ€”also have one or more Angels that preside over offerings of grace, assistance and blessings for them. Call upon your Angels whenever you are in need. Be open to their messages and trust in their Blessings and Aide! The Nine Orders in Detail SERAPHIM The highest order of the highest hierarchy are the Seraphim, the celestial beings said to surround the throne of God, singing the 'music of the spheres', and regulating and overseeing the movement of the vast heavens as it emanates from God. CHERUBIM Beyond the thrones are the Cherubim. They are the guardians of light, and of the stars. Remote from our plane of reality, still their light touches our lives, the divine light that they filter down from Heaven that illuminates us all. Lucifer (Satan/Devil) is known as the 'angel of light, whom God's light shown through' - before his 'sin against God'. THRONES The first order in the third sphere are the Thrones. They are the companion angels of the planets. DOMINIONS The Dominions are the heavenly beings who govern the activities of all the angelic groups lower than they are. Divine bureaucrats, they also serve to integrate the spiritual and the material worlds. Although they take their orders from God, and rarely contact individuals, their work is connected to our reality in many ways. VIRTUES Beyond the Powers are another group of Angelic beings, the Virtues. They are of particular importance to us now because they are able to beam out massive levels of divine energy which we so desperately need in these troubling times. POWERS The first order of the second sphere are those Angelic beings who have been known as Powers. They are the bearers of the conscience of all of humanity, the keepers of our collective history. The Angels of Birth and Death are in this category. They are able to draw down and hold the energy of the divine plan the same way trees draw down the energy of the Sun. In this way, the Powers can send all of us a vision of a world wide spiritual network. PRINCIPALITIES Beyond the group of Archangels are the Principalities. They are the Guardian Angels of all large groups, from cities and nations to recent human creations such as multi-national corporations. These might more accurately now be called integrating angels. ARCHANGELS Beyond the Angels are the beings we are used to calling the Archangels,they tend the larger arenas of human endeavor. These beings are from a different family from the Angels. There are many different kinds of Archangels in this larger family. The four we are most familiar with are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel though there are others. ANGELS The angels that we are most familiar with are those in the last order. They are the ones who are closest to humanity, the ones most concerned with human affairs. Within the category of angels, there are many different kinds, with different functions. The ones that we know best are the guardian angels. Because of shifts in their functions and our consciousness, it is useful to think of these celestial beings as companion angels. As we enter a time of increased light and love on the planet, they will not need to guard us, but rather will be our guides to greater and greater consciousness. We only have a limited number of these Divinely Blessed pieces! Don't miss out on the Blessings that will result from owning this vessel! A_New_Golden_Dawn has over 3400 easily verifiable positive Feedback from eBay (ID A_NEW_GOLDEN_DAWN)! 100's of Feedback on Bonanza and Etsy (ID A_NEW_GOLDEN_DAWN) and many THOUSANDS of satisfied clients from our website WORLDWIDE! MANY of our customers are repeat buyers (again verifiable on eBay feedback). We are not a fly by night group who changes their name and ID as soon as bad reviews and complaints roll in. We have been in business bringing customers the BEST in magickals and spell castings online since 2008, and offline many years longer. Buy with confidence! What makes A New Golden Dawn so special? One very important reason is that we are such a group of varied Elder Practitioners and Adepts of a variety of magickal disciplines and Paths. Because of this you get a very broad range of energies and skills, not just those from one or two Paths like many other online Spell Casters. Witches and Practitioners.This blend of so many magickal disciplines focused on creating items and casting spells weaves a magickal tapestry of energy that is FAR superior to any item created using just one discipline or worked on by just one or two Practitioners. We are not a Coven but a group of independent and very skilled mature individuals who work together in cooperation to create powerful items and unique spell 'blends' you won't find anyplace else! Why should you choose A New Golden Dawn for all your magickal and spell casting needs? Because we get you the results you seek! Our offerings are powerful, genuine, and much more intricate in their magickal nature than what most others offer. We are all serious, exceedingly skilled and VERY knowledgeable ELDER Practitioners of Magick and Energy Work who do this full-time. We are NOT 'hobbyists' or dabblers who come home from a regular full-time 'day' job to cast your spells and do binding rituals. We are NOT young college students who think a little training and a bit of knowledge gives us the skills to summon, bind and cast spells for others. We ARE Practitioners! Genuine, Serious and Seasoned in Magick Practice and magickal theory. THAT is why you should choose A New Golden Dawn for magickal work! We hand make or hand assemble much of our newer jewelry pieces for that extra bit of energy. One associate of our group is a jeweler who can re-size rings, set stones, etc...Other associates do beading, wire wrapping, macrame, sewing, candle making, etc... A_New_Golden_Dawn is a gathering of varied Elder Magick Practitioners, Psychics, Witches, and Adepts of Many Magickal Paths and Disciplines, mostly Elder friends of my Grandmother's who have entered my life as teachers, friends and guardians. Along with them, I am devoted to offering you personal and ongoing service AND the very best Magickals, Energetics, Spirits, Entities, Potions and Spells available. All from several Master Elder practitioners (and me their humble student) in many fields of ancient, arcane and esoteric magicks. Featured here are both vintage/antique occult and paranormal artifacts as well as newly cast spirit bound energetic vessels (many of which we hand make or assemble ourselves for that extra bit of energy), custom bindings conjures, spells and potions, ritual supplies and the various accoutrements for those who walk one of the many Paths of the 'Craft'. We promise to offer you the most excellent of customer service as well as quality magikals to enrich and enhance your life! If you have special needs, please ask and we will do our best to help you! Please Browse our ever expanding offerings and let us know if you seek something special or custom. We have many items we never list for the general public but prefer to deal privately on with serious collectors. We offer a broad range of items from those for the beginner to the more advanced, and on to the experienced and elite collector. We are always open to serious offers on some of our higher priced rarities! We have placed some of our most powerful and rare occult items with many well known and famous individuals around the world. However, we do have clients from all walks of life and welcome all to the world of real magick! A Word About Magick Magick is not an instant miracle but a tool both to aide and improve your life. It will not work if you put out negative energy in regards to it's manifestation. Your doubt and negativity can actually negate and nullify the magick from working. The old saying "Believe to Receive" is very true! You must work WITH your chosen Spell(s) to bring about the most positive and effective manifestation. Watch for signs and follow them, take advantage of the opportunities placed before you by the Forces of Magick and manipulations of energetic intent. A Gambling Spell will not make you win EVERY time but it will help you win MORE. A Weight Loss Spell will not work if you sit on the couch eating 'Bon-Bons'(or Snickers, Ice Cream, Pasta, etc...) every day, all day long but it will alter your metabolism, give you increased will power and thus faster weight loss if you try. Remember as I said before-Magick is a powerful and useful tool to help you achieve your desires if you only give it time, energy and a serious commitment. Magick is energy-pure and powerfully simple. Energy that has been molded and finely focused by the Will of the experienced Practitioner. Give this energy time to infuse and bring about the positive change you desire. Remember, each person and situation is different so time lines in results will vary greatly. Work with the magick, feel it, believe in it! Believe, Know that what you desire WILL come to pass! Allow No Doubts to cloud your mind and put negative energy out into the Universe! Positive energy draws more positive and negative energy pulls in more negative! Remember-thoughts are energy too! BELIEVE AND IT SHALL BE!!! LAYAWAY AVAILABLE We DO offer LAYAWAY on purchases on a case by case basis. Items we have multiples of are usually always available for Layaway. One of a kind items are subject to layaway negotiation and may or may not be available for a layaway purchase. Any Special Order or Custom Work is generally NOT available for Layaway unless special arrangements are made and generally work will not be done till payment in full is received. LEGALLY REQUIRED DISCLAIMERS- Sold As A Curio Only...Please Read the Disclaimer below! Disclaimer: Pursuant to the current United States Postal Service regulations and other State and Federal laws we must state this is sold for entertainment purposes only. We must advise they are "Sold as Curios Only" All information herein is from traditional or historical reference and intended to help you make an informed decision. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY-We CANNOT GUARANTEE THE LEVEL OF PSYCHIC OR PARANORMAL ACTIVITY THAT MAY OR MAY NOT OCCUR.NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISUSE OF THIS ITEM OR IT'S POWERS-NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT-LEGAL ADVICE, ETC...PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR FOR HEALTH PROBLEMS AND THINK POSITIVE-VISUALIZE YOUR HEALING-REMEMBER MODERN MEDICINE IS A MAGICK OF SORTS, TOO.BIDDERS/ BUYER MUST BE OVER 18. OF SORTS, TOO.BIDDERS/ BUYER MUST BE OVER 18.

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