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Brave Fencer Musashiden, Sony Playstation One PS1, Import Japan Game


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** " Brave Fencer Musashiden " ** ** For the Sony Playstation One (PS1) ** NTSC-J, Import for Japanese Playstation Original Real Japanese Product! (some sellers are offering chinese copies) Pictures may take a few moments to load Brave Fencer Musashi is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) in 1998 for the Sony PlayStation. The game involves real-time combat in a 3D environment, and features voice overs for most dialog. Brave Fencer Musashi was scored by Tsuyoshi Sekito, a former Konami employee. Characters were illustrated by Tetsuya Nomura but were designed by Koji Matsuoka (a common misconception is the former being responsible for both). PLOT: A boy known as Musashi, reincarnated from the legendary Brave Fencer Musashi who saved the Allucaneet Kingdom from a monster called the Wizard of Darkness 150 years before, is summoned to the Allucaneet by its Princess - named Fillet - to save it from the invading Thirstquencher Empire. Despite being a young boy, Musashi is given the blade Fusion, and charged with the task of obtaining Brave Fencer Musashi's sword - Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence - before the Thirstquencher Army does. Although Musashi has no intention in saving the kingdom, he agrees to do so in order to return to his homeland. After Musashi recovers Lumina, he finds that most of the people from the Allucaneet, including Fillet, have been kidnapped by the Thirstquencher Empire. In order to rescue all the residents from Allucaneet and defeat the Empire, Musashi starts searching for the Five Scrolls, items representing the elements able to highly expand Lumina's powers and then defeating the Crest Guardians who protect the Scroll's crests which are able to expand Lumina's powers. After collecting the Five Scrolls and freeing the first four crests, Musashi discovers Thirstquencher's base, a floating ship known as the Soda Fountain. Musashi attacks the base and defeats the Sky Guardian. Thirstquencher's leader, Flatski, forces Musashi to give him Lumina in exchange of the Princess, and frees the Sky Crest. However, this unleashes the Wizard of Darkness, who was in fact sealed within Lumina. Musashi recovers Lumina and defeats him. After returning the Princess to Allucaneet Kingdom, Musashi returns Lumina to the place where he found it. CHARACTERS: - Musashi: A young fencer summoned by Fillet to save Allucaneet Kingdom. He has a short temper and is generally impatient, yet will go to great lengths to help others. He must finish his quest before the binchotite runs out of energy, which will kill him. Although physically short, he has nearly superhuman strength (demonstrated in-game by his lifting of various large and heavy objects about ten times his size), and as the title gives - he is very skilled in the art of swordsmanship. A twist at the end of the game makes it apparent that this is the same Musashi summoned in ages past when the Wizard first wreaked havoc. However, it also raises the question as to why he would seem oblivious towards a majority of the information recorded about the Wizard of Darkness and the Crest Guardians. - Fillet: Princess of Allucaneet, kidnapped by the Thirstquencher Empire. She appears to be spoiled, and is quick to anger as well. She can perform "hero summoning", which allows her to draw in heroes from other worlds for a short time. While her parents were away on vacation, the Thirstquencher empire attacks and kidnaps many of the castle's servants, forcing her to summon Musashi. - Colonel Capricciola/Jon (Colonel Jean Walker in the Japanese version): Mysterious treasure hunter owner of Leno, a sweethearted dog, who often finds himself in trouble. In actuality, Jon is the prince of the Thirstquencher empire and the rightful heir to the throne. He poses as Col. Capricciola to get his chance to exact revenge on Flatski for killing his family. Towards the end of the game, Jon is shot in the back by Rootrick and is mortally wounded in the process. His last words are to Musashi telling him to look after Leno. He is later crushed to death during the Wizard of Darkness' rampage. - Kojiro: Musashi's archrival. He was summoned by Fillet the second time she performs the Hero Summon. He despises Musashi, blaming him for a past accident (that left a scar on Kojiro's forehead). Seeking revenge, he refuses to help Fillet in order to pursue a duel with Musashi. Topo, seemingly attracted to Kojiro, uses him as part of her plan to rob the village. Kojiro is defeated in battle when he first encounters Musashi on the beach. He appears later to challenge Musashi to a third rematch, only to be absorbed and fused by the Wizard of Darkness - which inadvertently gives him that final rematch in its second transformation. GAMEPLAY: The player takes on the role of the spiky-haired Musashi, whose goal is to save the citizens of Allucaneet and thwart the evil plight of the Wizard. As you travel the world in search of items and objectives, you’ll encounter a number of friendly and not-so-friendly characters that can lend advice, wisdom, assignments, or clues. Often times, however, the characters are monsters, and you must decide whether you want to kill them or assimilate their powers. Features: * 1 giant world divided into 6 chapters, * Challenging puzzle solving and logic * Interact with a variety of characters Manufacturer's description: Join Musashi on an Incredible Action/RPG Experience! Brave Fencer Musashi has been summoned to stop an ancient evil force, to save the kingdom and rescue the princess. Embark on a wild, comical, Action/RPG adventure in a massive 3-D world filled with platform-style action, two-fisted sword fighting, challenging puzzles, and scores of enemies whose skills Musashi can learn and use to his advantage. Locate five powerful magical scrolls to conquer the twisted Thirst quencher Empire. Absorb dozens of original technique from foes Musashi grows stronger as he travels, battles, defeats bosses and learns new moves Real voice-overs during key scenes A fully polygon environment that changes in real-time Includes Collector's CD with a playable demo of Final Fantasy VII Features: Third person perspective. 3D graphics Cartoon graphics Medieval Fantasy theme. We provide Prompt Shipping and careful wrapping. Standard Shipping has been taking 2-4 Weeks. Expedited Shipping has been taking 7-14 days. We will combine orders to save on shipping costs. I have quoted the standard SAL (International Air Service 2-4 Weeks) and expedited AIR (similar to Global Priority 7-14 days). If you MUST have your package faster, you may also request the more expensive EMS (Global Express 1 Week or less). If you really want to save on postage, feel free to ask for the MUCH cheaper MEDIA RATE postage. Most packages can be shipped via media rate for less than 5-10. However, you must agree to the very slow delivery time (6-8 Weeks or more). Visit our Store for Other Great Items! Unless stated different, all of our games are the original Japanese Import versions. Playable on the Japanese version consoles. Powered by Turbo Lister

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