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The Ministry of Magic

SPECIAL MEMORIAL WEEKEND SALE TO HONOR THOSE WHO GAVE SO MUCH. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN. FOUR MASTER KEYS OF THE TETRAGRAMMATON SPELL ****************************************************** *** THE FOUR MASTER KEYS OF THE TETRAGRAMMATON SPELL *** *** ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING YOU DESIRE *** *** MONEY LOVE POWER YOUTH LUCK *** ***************************************************** ::::::: ::::: :::: :: : ::: Are you tired of just going through the motions? ::: ::: If you could change one feature of your present circumstances what would it be? ::: : :: :::: ::::: ::::::: The Four Master Powers of the mysterious Tetragrammaton will help you to win before your problems begin. In the Great Unmanifest there is no division between what you dream and your waking state. ********************************************************* This is great news because it means that if you can dream,then you can HAVE IT !!! ********************************************************* Have you ever noticed that the" lucky" seldom seem to struggle with the same problems that seem so commonplace. Instead they seem to effortlessly conquer and achieve exactly what you want. How would you like to have that same type of power automatically working in your life. The secret powers of the Tetragrammaton will deliver this to you and give you an unfair advantage over the masses who struggle with their struggle. Once you are aligned with the four Master Powers of this spell your success will be automatic. :*: You will begin experiencing Total Life Prosperity! :*: Accomplish anything you desire ! Attract Money, Love, Luck. Bring a marriage proposal, start a new business, find your soulmate, protect yourself from evil psychic influences, improve a relationship, become more beautiful and sensual, bring money and lots of it. Whatever you want you can now have through the secret force of this greatest of all mysteries. *:::)*(:::* Anything you desire you will now have the power to make it yours ! *Conquer fear and anything that holds you back. *Attract spiritual assistance from the greatest power ever known. *Everything shall now be possible to you. *You will radiate up our magnet sizes your hearts desires to you with lightning fast speed. *The powers of the spell will work for you effortlessly. *This is permanent magic. *There is no downtime, it is always there when you need it! If you are tired of just going through the motions having nothing to show for it except stress and anxiety, Now is your time of break through. It works its magic for you effortlessly. It works, and has always worked for all who have called on its unlimited powers. *:::)*(:::* Now is your opportunity to experience the magic of The Four Master Keys of the Tetragrammaton *:::)*(:::* Once you receive your magically empowered and blessed Tetragrammaton talisman package you will experience spontaneous fulfillment of your desires. It works and is that powerful to those who believe. Believe and it shall all be yours! This is rocksolid magic of the ancients which turbocharges your desires to you even while you sleep. It's as easy as one, two, three when you have this master power always working on your behalf.It works and it will work for you. Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theministryofmagic ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- COPYRIGHT 2013.THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * The Ministry of Magic * invokes the Powerfully Potent Sorcery of the High Magick Arts. We are of the lineage of the OLD and ANCIENT ONES. From the Secret Temples of Ancient Sumeria and Egypt to the Inner Courts of the Western Mystery Schools, we bring to you the most profound and omnipotent Conjurations: Amulets, Bindings, Charms, Hexes, Spells, and Magical Craft and items to EMPOWER your life with the Unbounded Potency of the Gods. We are Priest and Priestess of the Mystic Arts and carry the very Essence of "Magia" in our DNA. We Are as I AM. From Primordial Tiamat we emerged and have been together across Time and Eternity - Immortal Lovers bound by a Sacred Oath: To make the Below as the Above, and the Above as the Below through the Alchemical Transformation of Sun and Moon; revealing the Mystery of the One Thing. Our Ritual Evocation and Spell Castings draw upon the Magickal Secrets of the Great Mystery Schools, Past and Present. Collectively we draw from and have practical experience in *Sumerian, Babylonian Egyptian Magic, *The Dark Arts, *Goeticism, *Strega, *Voudon, and possess far-reaching knowledge of the OCCULT Arts , Hermeticism , Alchemy and Metaphysics. We accept PayPal. Payment plans are available on spell listings of 400 or more. Please contact us for further information.We are always happy to work with you. Shipping times vary according to the working being performed. Usually within 2 business days after the completion of the working. International rates vary according to location. * * * FAQ * * * Q:What is MAGICK? A:MAGICK is the Mystic Arcanum of allowing the Unmanifest to Manifest. It is change in conformity with Will. It is a Divine and Ancient Science, which ...WORKS! Which is why it has always been feared by those who want to keep you powerless and weak. Q: Are you genuine practitioners of Magick? A:Unreservedly, We ARE. Magick is in our DNA.It has been our divine heritage since time immemorial. Our Magick is a living continuation of the Science of the Mystic Sacred Secrets which have appeared throughout all cultures and civilizations. It is our life-line and link to our Mystic Magical Ancestry of the Gods and Goddesses. Q: What kind of Magick does The Ministry of Magic practice? A: Results Magick. We have a vast knowledge of ALL forms of the High Magical Arts and Sorcery - Ancient and Modern and we use it to transform your life.We have helped countless numbers of people and repeat clients attain their hearts desires through the Power of the Occult Mysteries. Q: Do you really perform the spells? A: Yes, we most certainly do. Our ritual-workings are Unlimited in their Scope and Power. The Divine is without restriction. We perform personalized Ritual-Workings for each individual who purchases a Working or Talismanic Artifact from The Ministry of Magic. This is a very personalized and intimate process which involves our focused life-force energy.You can be ASSURED that any Working or Talismanic package you buy from us has been personally Aligned and Energetically transfused to YOU. Q: Is your Magick guaranteed to work? A: Absolutely,...if you believe. We have the knowledge to help you, but if you do not believe or "demand a guarantee" and do not honor the mystic process , you are welcome to do business elsewhere.We do not work with sceptics. When you purchase a Ritual-Working, Talismanic Amulet or other service and follow the special instructions we give you, then yes, you will receive the stated purpose of your working.Our Magick delivers the results you must have.Depending on your level of belief or your psychic censor,the results may be immediate or may take time to manifest, as your new situation must be re-patterned into existing reality. All you must do is BELIEVE , we do the rest of the work. Q:What happens after I purchase a spell or an amulet from you? A:We keep you informed throughout the entire process.We will email you regarding the day your ritual-working will be performed as well as follow-up afterwards.Along with your payment , please be sure to include your full name.All Magical Artifacts will be energetically aligned and personally linked to ONLY YOU.Your special package will be shipped to you upon completion of your ritual-working.We also offer custom binding and spellcasting.Please let us know your needs. Q: Do you offer more in-depth private magical consultations? A: Yes, this has been our main service to our private clients for the past 2 decades. We can schedule personal Magical consultations and perform the necessary personalized ritual work for you. Tell us exactly what problem you need SOLVED and we will then let you know the time and cost involved depending on the level of complexity. Time is always of the essence. The sooner we can start to work on your case, the better. If you want Powerful, Life-Transforming Tangible Impressive results, you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation. We will work with you on ANY issue and in All areas of life. We have seen and dealt with it ALL! Truly, the only limits are those YOU argue for and accept. All magical consultations are initially by email only and we will keep you informed throughout the process .There is a 200.00 fee for the consultation in which we determine the actual time and cost of work involved. This service is for those who need Absolutely Serious Results. This fee is applied to your complete service, which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the difficulty, urgency and seriousness of your needs. In the rare event we determine we cannot be of assistance (example, you waited too long) you will be refunded the entire consultation fee. REAL RESULTS... do not come "cheap" in any area of life, especially in extremely difficult situations. "Cheap" will cost you more in the long-run as you most assuredly already know. Please be aware that we will need the Full details of your situation to be resolved and cannot be responsible for anything manifesting in your life that we were not informed about, as Magic will ALWAYS give you what you ask for , based on the information you give to us. The Ministry of Magicis here to bring MASSIVE SUPERNATURAL RESULTS into your life. As a valued friend and client of The Ministry of Magic, you may contact us with any questions you have regarding your purchases.We always love to hear of and exult in your many Magical successes. We desire to offer 5 star service to all who have been drawn to our unique services , as we know this was not a chance but Divine Synchronicity. If there is anything you don't see here but would like to be in possession of , please let us know and we will create it for you.Please allow us at least 24-48 hours to respond. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * !!! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * All content and works inspired,created copyright protected by The Ministry of Magic. The auctions content, logos, work, ideas, expressions, phrases and writings are an intellectual property of The Ministry of Magic. No part of these auctions may be copied in part or in whole, altered and reproduced or utilized in any form without the written permission of the owners. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * COPYRIGHT 2013. The Ministry of Magic. All Rights Reserved. The Ministry of Magic is a registered trademark. Paranormal objects, readings and spells are for entertainment purposes only.You must be 18 years or older to purchase. See my Booth for more great items! txzj pxzj24209 txzj85

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Very good communication and great service. Fantastic people

John G. Jackson

Purchased Theministryofmagic Spell (2010s) on Bonanza
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Although it may be too early to comment every think, I want to say that this product has return me tremendous confidence since I got it. I am strongly expecting it to accomplish all my expectations and I really will like to get in touch with the lady who made it, so, send me her direct email so that I can send her my thanks directly.
I choose the rating to express what I think. and I can rate it 100%. I would like if the maker has the time to speak to me. I would not like the product to be sold just as an ordinary item. I will recommend the item to anyone who think they have lost every thing in live.

Purchased Theministryofmagic Spell (2010s) on Bonanza
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Mystical God Spell LUCKY MILLIONAIRE Uncommon Wealth Money ©

1 of 1 people found this helpful.

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Really feeling the difference in my earnings and still going good.OVERALL I am satisfied and would like to order again. Excellent seller and good communication.

Purchased Theministryofmagic Spell (2010s) on Bonanza
Redcr4 zpspamxupu2 thumbtall

Mystical God Spell LUCKY MILLIONAIRE Uncommon Wealth Money ©

1 of 1 people found this helpful.

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I can tell I am dealing with a professional in the way the item was put together including instructions, tips and advice.
Too early for results as only had it over a week! I don't know if I can update on this site.

Purchased Theministryofmagic Spell (2010s) on Bonanza
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Absolutely I feel the change in me now

I am convinced that A changed is coming into my Life and give me Exactly what I want
Thank Lady Margaret
Thank Peace And Love

Purchased Theministryofmagic Spell (2010s) on Bonanza

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