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Good Housekeeping's Book of Cookies-Cookie Lovers! 1958

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Cooking, Food & Wine

Good Housekeeping's Book of Cookies to gladden the hearts of cookie lovers! 1958, The Hearst Corporation, by the editors of Good Housekeeping Magazine drawings by Davi Botts, published by Consolidated Book Publishers Chicago 1, Illinois. 68 pages. 1st edition published in the U.S.A. by Consolidated Book Publishers in 1958. Softcover book with photos and illustrations in black and white; thumbing through this pamphlet is like taking a trip back in time. The interior of the book is in good condition; no rips or tears but there are signs of usage and yellowing from age. Very light minor shelf wear, creasing scuffing to the covers. The binding is excellent. The pages the insides of the covers are yellowing a bit due to age. The pages are clean. No pages torn or missing. Contains 230 recipes. Contains imperial measurements. 68 pages with recipes for: 路 Bars Squares 路 Cookies-in-a-hurry 路 Cookies to Mold 路 Drop bake 路 Filled Cookies 路 Frostings Glazes 路 No-Bakes 路 Packaged-Mix Cookies 路 Pressed Cookies 路 Refrigerator Cookies 路 Roll and cut Cookies 路 Bars 路 Gift 路 no-bakes 路 frostings and glazes. CONTENTS TIPS COOKIES TO MOLD: French Tuiles; Swedish Nut Crescents; Nut Butter Balls; "S" Cookies; Honey Pecan Balls; Prickly Butter Balls; Sticks; Cherryettes; Choco-Butter Crescents; Coconut Pompoms; Butter Dream Cookies; Melting Moments; Almond Cookies; Swedish Kifflins; Finnish Butter Strips; Mexican Wedding Cakes; Molasses Lace Roll-Ups; Brazil-Nut Sticks; Tea Dainties; Chewy Chews; Cinnamon Disks; Hang-Yen-Bang; Peanut-Butter Fingers; Springerie; Coconut-Jam Fills; Chip Balls; Walnut Party Puffs; Swedish Jelly Cookies; Coconut Thinsies; Walnut Nuggets; English Teacakes; Brazil-Nut Macaroons; Brandy Snaps; Chocolate-Frosted Leaves; Peanut Crunch Cookies; Crinkles; Pralines; Molasses Crispies; Filbert Drops; Chocolate Dips; Secrets; Bittersweets; Snickerdoodles FILLED COOKIES: Riched Filled Cookies; Pineapple Rounds; Mincemeat Peekaboos; Crispy Filled Cookies; Cranberry Susans; Mincemeat Cookie Tarts; Empanadas; Ragalach; Pineapple Filling; Date Filling; Mincemeat Filling; Cranberry-Mincemeat Filling; Prune Filling; Raisin Filling; Raisin-Almond Filling; Apple Filling DROP BAKE COOKIES: Shrewsbury Drops; Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies; Brown-Edge Cookies; Southern Sour-Cream Jumbles; Sponge Drops; Tea Drops; Soft Molasses Cookies; 5 Steps To Better Drop Cookies; Walnut Cookies; Applesauce Cookies; Susan's Double Chocolate-Walnut Drops; Martas; Israeli Honey Cookies; French Almond Meringues; Brazil Mincemeat Cookies; Chocolate-Banana Drops; Brazil-Nut Spice Mounds; Chocolate Macaroons; Date Coconut Macaroons; Almond Wine Biscuits; Real Orange Cookies; Lacy Raisin Wafers; Lacy Coconut Wafers; Lacy Chocolate Wafers; Lacy Date-Nut Wafers; Lollipop Cookies; Oatmeal Jumbles REFRIGERATOR COOKIES: Vanilla Refrigerator Cookies; Chocolate Refrigerator Cookies; Spice-Nut Refrigerator Cookies; Almond Refrigerator Cookies; Date Refrigerator Cookies; Orange Refrigerator Cookies; Orange Pecan Crisps; Coconut Refrigerator Cookies; Lemon-Coconut Refrigerator Cookies; Orange-Date Pinwheels; Cocoa Mint-Winches; Refrigerator Gingersnaps; Party Pin Wheels; Fudge Slices; Dutch Cookies; Oatmeal Refrigerator Cookies; Party Cookies; Party Nut Sticks; Party Chocolate Cookies; Place-Card Hearts; Engagement-Party Hearts; Halloween Kitties; Jack-O'-Lanterns; Hats For St Paddy's Day; Shower-Party Baskets; Snow Men; Candles To Tie On Gifts; Christmas Bells; Toy Soldier's Drums; Easter Bunnies; Liberty Bells; Sweet Firecrackers; New Year's Clocks; Tree-Trim Cookies; Neapolitans; Chocolate Speckle Cookies PRESSED COOKIES: Orange Cookies; Cinnamon Crisps; Peanut-Butter Bites; Spicy Molasses Drops; Chocolate Cookies; Cream-Cheese Cookies; Who's Who Spritzes; Jam Surprises BARS SQUARES: Susan's Brownies; Cocoa Brownies; Miracle Brownies; Fruit Brownies; Mocha Brownies; Chocolate-Mint Brownies; Coconut Brownies; Peanut-Butter Brownies; Chocolate Orange Bars; Double-Deck Brownies; Easy Brownies; Alamode Brownies; Semisweet Brownies; Wonderful Brownies; Pineapple-Nut Brownies; Golden Nut Brownies; Blonde Brownies; Chocolate Halfway Bars; Susan's Toffee Bars; Chocolate Chews; Coconut Dreams; Butterscotch Squares; Swedish Nut Bars; Cinnamon Cookies; Frosted Walnut Bars; Fruit-Betty Bars; Brazil-Nut Orange Bars; Coconut Butterscotch Squares; Chewy Pecan Sticks; Luscious Apricot Bars; Gumdrop Cookies; Fruit Bars; Cranberry Frosts; Lebkuchen; Brazil-Nut Coffeecake Bars; Dream Bars IF IT'S A GIFT: Dollhouse; Angel-Wrap; Cookie Sheet; Triplets; Snappers; Puff Ball; Recipe-Wrap; Hobo Style STORING, FREEZING, MAILING COOKIES ROLL- -CUT COOKIES: Sugar Cookies; Butterscotch-Pecan Sugar Cookies; Lemon Sugar Cookies; Coconut Sugar Cookies; Chocolate Sugar Cookies; Caraway Cutouts; Norwegian Sugar Cookies; Kiddies Cornucopias; Molasses-Cookie Dolls; Ginger Cookie Dolly; Peanut Whirligigs; Viennese Specials; Molasses Crisps; Fruit Sticks; Scotch Shortbread; Pecan Wafers; Fattigmand; Swedish Spice Cookies; Sptzbuben; Jelly Tarts; Mocha Jumbles; Italian-Style Cookies; Chocolate Halfways; Halfway Tarts; Frosted Halfways; Pecan Halfways; Cinnamon Halfways PACKAGED-MIX COOKIES: Frozen Double Deckers; Brownie Snow Caps; Festive Cutouts; Orange-Nut Ginger Bars; Chewy Nut Bars; Cherry Drops; Coconut Brownettes; Sherry Crisps; Home Runs; Autumn Leaves; Easy Neapolitans; Fudge Brownies; Semisweet Orange Bars; Pineapple Brownie Squares COOKIES-IN-A-HURRY: Polka Dots; Wafer Duets; Peanut Puffs; Toasties; Butterscotch Grahams; Honey Nuts; Wafer Top Hats; Dessertwiches; Chocolate Ribbons; Teatimers; Tropicals NO-BAKES: No-Bake Lollipops; Cookie Candy Balls; Walnut Bourbon Balls; No-Bake Cookie Balls; Chocolate Pumpkins; Crisp Marshmallow Squares FROSTINGS GLAZES: Butter Cream Frosting; Ornamental Frosting; Tinted Sugar; Snowy Frosting; Chocolate Dip; Chocolate Drizzle; Sugar Glaze DECORATING PETIT-FOURS COOKIES: Pinpoint; Black White; Chocolate-Dipped; French Touch INDEX To see my book store with over 1,700 books, magazines, and other items, visit The Book Market: http://bonanza.com/booths/bonzuser_pakme. To see my vintage and retro clothing: The Vintage Closet: http://bonanza.com/booths/linleeber. My store has many adult and children's books, both new and old, hardcover and softcover, fiction and nonfiction. Check out my store for your favorite titles along with the hard-to-find books. I have some homeschooling books also. Let me know if you are looking for a special book. Chances are that I have it! I offer combined shipping!

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