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Haunted Djinn Ancient and Powerful Real Djinn Ring Rarest of Spirits - Red Marid

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:SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL FRIENDS AND CLIENTS: Greetings to all and welcome to our Bonanza Store. I'm very excited to begin this journey on this wonderful auction site. As some of you may know, I come from eBay after the closure of the Metaphysical Category and Iโ€™m looking forward to meeting a lot of likeminded friends and clients. My name is Luke and I thank you all for visiting my store. Iโ€™ve been involved in the Metaphysical for over 20 years now and 6 years of that was spent on eBay. A Most Trusted Seller with 100% positive feedback. A PowerSeller for over 6 years running. What you see here is only the beginning. The Metaphysical Beginning! In the future we will be posting guides and information to assist with your decision making processes and knowledge. Thank you all and many, many blessings! โ€ฆ ... -Metaphysical Beginnings- Haunted Djinn โ€“ Ancient and Powerful- Real Djinn Ring โ€“ Rarest of Spirits See One of the Most Powerful Djinn! Power, Love, Wealthโ€ฆ ...All Offers will be considered... โ€ฆ The Djinn Sura and her Vessel โ€ฆ.. I welcome you all to the powerful and ability of the Djinn. Not just a Djinn, but a very beautiful and blessings Djinn. This is the Djinn Sura and I encourage all to look upon her and her vessel. A real and true Djinn Ring! This Powerful Djinn is from the collection of my Great Uncle and has been in the family for 100โ€™s of years and now it is the right time to share her with the world. Please take a moment and look at the photos that I have taken of this incredible Ring! I am positive that you have never seen anything like it as this is very, very rare and unique! This is classic Arabic design and not only is it beautiful and attractive, but within holds a great spirit! Show her respect and it will be returned! โ€ฆ. The Power of Sura โ€ฆ. Sura is easily one of the most powerful of all Djinn! Immortal, loyal, possessive and protective she is as well. Not only this but extremely active and always willing to show off. This is a true gift for her master as she appears as a staggeringly beautiful woman whom is always dressed in Red! Over the years of bonding with her, her beauty has become even clearer to me as I would describe her as almost fairy like in appearance! Slender and dainty, red cherry-like lips, small waist and petite feet! Her eyes seem to burn of the fire that she was created from! Often appearing in manifestations of odorless smoke! As an incredible gift to her Masters, she has never been alone within her vessel as she is always accompanied by her Djinn sister. Her sister, the Djinn Aria, is under Suraโ€™s control and both are extremely pleased to listen and obey their master! Aria is just as beautiful but always dressed in a Blue dress and equally beautiful! Sharing in the same features as that of her sister, it is easy to mistake her for an Angel from heaven or a Fairy from this earth. It is important that the future master know that they will always ask for Sura and not Aria, both are bound to this ring but your have to go through Sura first. If your desire the services of Aria, you will have to go through Sura! This is the protocol for these spirits. This is an incredible gift my friend as within this Ring are two of the most wonderful and beautiful Female Djinn! Both with the abilities to grant all Physical Desires as well as monetary needs. With the power of just Sura, the Master of this spirit has to worry no longer! They do not have to suffer any longer! They do not have to ask or question any longer! โ€ฆ. Origin โ€ฆ. The history of this Djinn is just as amazing as her incredible beauty or her very unique vessel! When I was a young man, my Great Uncle spoke to me of these Djinn and shared with me the wonderful tale that shows the powers and abilities of this Djinn. He read to me the famous scrolls of the Djinn Sura and how this incredible spirit was originally bound to this Ring. While it is not known how this Djinn came to this realm or how it was set free to do as it pleased (she does not talk about such things, as her past is very private to her); her story is amazing. My Uncle told me that that Sura was first spotted 1000โ€™s of years ago by a young man that was on his way to temple in ancient Egypt. It was early spring and a great festival was being held! He was instantly attracted by her incredible beauty. He walked over to her and was instantly charmed by her! Sura invited him to visit her at home and soon after his arrival, she gave him many pieces of silver, declared her love for him and asked that they be together forever! It was after he had left her home and was entering the temple that the young man had been accused of stealing the silver and was placed under arrest. He protested his innocence and told the authorities where and how he had come across the silver pieces. With this they went to visit Sura but found her home to be abandoned and in ruin. Just as the authorities entered Sura brief but astonishing appearance and then vanished, leaving behind the rest of the silver. The young man was released but since he was connected with this spirit, he was forced to leave village and to live in a far off place. It wasnโ€™t long after this that he again came across the beautiful Sura. She convinced him that the silver was just the beginning of what she could offer him so they were married and lived happily for some time. Her beauty increased each day and so did the powers that she held. Riches were instant and health was strong. It was spring again and the young man was heading to temple and there he met a powerful priest. As they stood outside the temple, Sura approached on a boat with her sister. Seeing her, the priest call out and shouted at her. He knew that she was not a woman but a spirit of old. With the attention growing, she and her sister vanished. The priest told him, to go back home and he would be fine. The young man did as he was told and as he walked, he again came across Sura, laying and waiting as his wife. Her sister not far behind and their home and all of their furnishings were there as well. As they embraced he knew that she would constantly be in danger and as much as he loved her he knew that she couldnโ€™t be left to do what she pleased. He sought help from a local priest and he was given a magical Ring and was told to press it on her head as hard as he could. The young man did as he was told and watched as she became smaller and smaller under the pressure. As soon as she was completely inside the Ring the priest bound her to it under the ancient law of magick. โ€ฆ. Is that an amazing story? For as long as I live I will never forget this tale that my uncle told me. Beautiful just as Sura is. โ€ฆ Follow your hearts my friends and bring her into your home if you feel her pull. Her and her sister are amazing Djinn and Iโ€™m honored to be sharing them with you all after all of these years. โ€ฆโ€ฆ.. โ€ฆ . Bid with confidence my friends; When you purchase from me you receive not only a friend but a teacher as well! I will always be here to help you, to answer your questions and teach you in the ways of the spirits! I answer every single email and will never stop! There are none that are more experienced in the worlds of Magick and Spirits, Metaphysical and the Supernatural than I and you should know that you are purchasing the most authentic items and spirits! All of my customers and I stay in touch and we are a family! I have Many, Many return Customers for a reason! โ€ฆ 1500 Positive Feedbacks and Counting! โ€ฆโ€ฆ. The law requires that these types of items be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase any of my items and doing so at your own risk. I am not liable for misuse of this product, nor guarantee that the item will work magically. My items are not a substitute for professional, medical, spiritual or emotional care. The power is there, do you believe??? Remember to follow your heart and if you have any questions please let me know. I am only a click away from assisting you with your inquiries. Ask yourselves, what do you desire? .... My friends, I want to welcome you to the Metaphysical. This is where it begins. Only you know what it is that you are seeking. You desire the best and that is what you will find here. There is no greater source of information or more powerful spirits found anywhere else. If you are seeking a change in your life, you will certainly find what you need here. While my prices are not the cheapest, what I offer is certainly most powerful. My clients can attend to that. I do accept offers and payment plans.

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Haunted Djinn : Spirits of Elman รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Instant Conjuration

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great seller!

great spirits!

Purchased Truemetaphysical Haunted Djinn on Bonanza
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Haunted Djinn : Spirits of Elman รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Instant Mass Collection of the Rarest

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Full star smallFull star smallFull star smallFull star smallFull star small
Great Seller

Great spirits!

Purchased Truemetaphysical Haunted Djinn on Bonanza
Aith thumbtall

Haunted Djinn โ€“ Universal Collection โ€“ Amun the โ€˜Hiddenโ€™ Djinn Brown ArchType

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Really Amazing

These spirits are really amazing. Written words cannot express the experience of them.

Purchased Truemetaphysical Haunted Djinn on Bonanza
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Haunted Djinn : Spirits of Elman รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Instant Mass Collection of the Rarest

1 of 1 people found this helpful.

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Elman FTW!!

I ordered This Master Collection with a couple others and I am THRILLED with everyone/thing I have gotten from Luke
Always helpful, and I am very happy
Luke kicks @$$ and so do the 'people' he conjures

Purchased Truemetaphysical Haunted Djinn on Bonanza

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