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Healthy Natural Nails Repair Kit - Cheaper than a Fill!


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There is Hope... and it comes in this beautiful little organza bag for less than the cost of an appointment at the nail salon! I have been having my nails "done in" for the past 15 years. I decided to go "natural" and was shocked at their condition..weak, thin (they actually bent like celophane!), splitting, ridges. Forget trying to file them, that actually hurt for the first week without my "protective armor". I almost went back to have the tips put back on just to make them feel better, let alone look better, but I realized that the time had come to do something to restore my own strong and natural nails, not to mention saving the cost of a "fill" or complete set every few weeks. For more details on this product and more, including help for rough , dry feet and products to help with nail fungus, visit The Nail Repair System provides a way to mend a broken nail. It will buy you time to let it grow out. The Nail Repair System includes: Nail Glue 1/8 oz. Mini File 2 sided Alcohol Prep pads 12 pk. Elastipatch repair patches 12 pk. Elasticoat 1/2 oz. Non Acetone NO Formaldehyde NO Toluene All packaged in a convenient organza storage bag. Instructions: The most important step in putting anything on the surface of the nail is preparation. This needs to be done thoroughly to get the best possible strength and adhesion. If it is a bad break, start with pushing it into place and put a line of Nail Glue (Brush On Nail Glue is used to repair cracks and splits in natural and artificial nails. No Formaldehyde No Toluene 1/8 oz ) on to stabilize it. Wait for it to dry. Buff the entire nail surface with your pink mini file. File enough to take off any shine and make it chalky. Clean the entire surface with your Alcohol Prep Pad. (Six individually wrapped Polish Remover Pads. Great for traveling. One pad will remove polish from all 10 nails. Used in hospitals and medical facilities to safely remove polishes. (12 pads) Non Acetone No Formaldehyde No Toluene Let it dry. Now apply at least two coats of Elasticoat (Elasticoat is the ultimate protective coating for weak nails. Use to add a safe clear protective coat that bonds with your natural nail, a strong pliable layer with a High-Gloss Shine. Just add more coats for more protection. Hypo Allergenic - No Formaldehyde - No Toluene 1/2 Oz. Letting the first coat set a few minutes before applying the second. Depending on where the break is located and how badly it is broken, you may want to add more coats. You don't have to add all the coats at one time. You could choose to add another later in the day and another the following day. If you want to wear colored polish, you may polish over the Elasticoat or just enjoy the beautiful high gloss shine on all ten fingernails. Choose the self adhesive Elastipatch (Repair a split,cracked or broken nail with a clear self adhesive patch specially made to bond to your nail. lightly file smooth, throughly clean surface and apply patch. Works well on natural and artificial nails. 12 patches that best fits the break. Peel it off the paper backing and place it over the break. Don't let the Elastipatch hang off the edge of the nail because it will be susceptible to peeling off starting from that area. Do Not use Elasticoat OVER the patch. Satisfied Customers "I was completely blown away by its thoroughness and complete success in addressing nails from two completely different angles--health and beauty. My first exposure was at a medical conference, and the logic and simplicity of the nail care system won me over. The cost is absolutely fair, and the results are just spectacular--being a busy doctor who works 14 hours a day, every day, with his hands, I have some challenges--constant hand washing, and I need my hands and nails to not only functional well during surgery, but to look good! Your nail care system fulfills every need--my nails now look great everyday, just like I had a professional manicure in the morning, and they're healthier than they've ever been. I'll tell all my famous Hollywood patients about it!" Cheers, Dr. Steven Patt "Extreme Makeover Medical Director" In January I attended a craft fair in Edison, N.J. Last fall, due to health reasons, I had to stop having artificial tips put on my nails. My nails were so bad I was tempted to wear gloves all the time. Buying your nail kit was the best investment I ever made. It's now May and my nails are beautiful. I have recommended your products to everyone. It is so easy to use and the results are incredible. I have washed the pads numerous times and they are like brand new. I just thought you would like to hear from a very satisfied customer. Thank you, Carol Campbell I bought this kit May 1 at the Novi Michigan show and I have to say I wasn't sure when I bought it that it would help my many problems, the biggest one being dry skin around the nail that i would pick at and or bite until the skin was raw and bleeding. Brittle and short nails were the next problems. It has only been 12 days since I bought this and already I can see a huge difference. The dry skin is under control now and I no longer bite or pick at it and my nails are already noticably stronger and growing !!!! Thank you so much! I will recommend this to everyone I know. Tammy I bought my nail care kit in April at the Southern Women's Show, Nashville, TN I love it. I had spent way too much money on acrylic nails and ruined my own nails as a result. I love the product and the service from the company. In May, a thief broke into my car and stole my purse. I was disappointed when I realized that my "shine" pad was lost with the purse. I contacted the company and they sent me one in the mail immediately at no charge. Thank you. I love the improvement in my nails. C. Hasty Disclaimer We do not make or imply any medical claims. Our products should not be used as a medical device. We advocate these products be used together with conventional medical treatment. We urge customers to consult their physicians regarding any undiagnosed condition before embarking on any alternative treatment. We do not claim to cure diseases but instead offer a safe, effective and more natural alternative for a variety of conditions. The purchaser accepts full responsibility for safe and proper use of our products Return Policy I doubt that you will want to part with these products once you try them, however... Our products have a 30-Day money back guarantee. Shipping Charges are not refunded. FREE Shipping items which are returned: If an item which was ordered under our "Free Shipping" special is returned for a refund, the original shipping charge we incurred will be deducted from the amount refunded. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping returns. If I have not already stated this, I will ship internationally, but will need to figure your postage prior to doing so. Please convo me and I will figure the most economical and quick way to get your item to you. Thank you!

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