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HIT THE JACKPOT! GREEDY GURU SPELLHUGE WEALTH CASH SUCCESS HAPPY Click to view supersize image Click to view supersize image Click to view supersize image *SPELLS BY MADAM ELIZABETH CRAWLEY* ABOUT THESE AUCTIONS: I have been getting an extraordinary amount of requests from people asking me if Madam Elizabeth Crawley would give them a Blessing, or cast a certain spell for them. She does readings on (Professor Richmond) my father's paranormal collection, and often gifts the winners of our auctions with items she has cast with spells and blessings. People have written to me absolutely thrilled with these items! For those of you unfamiliar with Madam Elizabeth--she is considered among desiccant circles (especially in Europe) as the utmost authority on all things paranormal. She is also a profound and ultra-talented Spell Caster. Madam Elizabeth can cast spells for almost anything, and has helped me out on numerous occasions. We have decided due to the great demand that we will begin auctioning items that she has either performed an ancient blessing upon, or cast with special spells from the Van Doreen Book of Spells. I have personally been privileged enough to witness her casting a spell--the love, care and concentration she puts into it is completely inspiring. Madam Elizabeth is a Master at Lunar Phasing, Tarot, Herbs and all types of spell formation. The Boxes and roses she has cast with spells for our customers have received the most wonderful and sincere praise. Madam Elizabeth lives in England, so the pieces she sends me will be mostly jewelry. Some will be new, and some will be older. All will be charged with superior quality Magick Spells to help you along your way. For safety she only uses Pure White Magick which also has a knack for blending with your own body vibrations, and making you feel simply wonderful all over. Madam Crowley does not want to charge a lot for these pieces, as she wishes to share her Magick with the ordinary folk who need it the most. Good Luck and Many Blessings Beautiful OLD PENDANT!! Stamped Sterling Silver. Mahogany striped ancient agate. So beautifully patterned. Approx 2" Long. Pulsating with Magick. The power coming from this Vessel is really breath taking. I know the winner of this piece is going to be blessed beyond compare! Does not need to be worn for the Magick to be active. Simply STUNNING! This gets so hot in my hand. It is BURNING with money making power. I can literally feel the wealth energies aligning to me when I hold this in the palm of my hand. This kind of power needs to be OUT THERE!!! IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait on this one! Also, and this is a very important aspect of this Vessel! It is cast by Irel Flannery, with a Spell Formation called the Greedy Guru. Irel worked as a live interpreter and spell caster for Biddy Early who passed over a hundred years ago. Biddy is a very famous witch. Irel was her last known descendant. You can look Biddy up on the Internet -- we are the sole distributors of her Magick! Biddy Early had no concerns about money. She didn't care. She traded Spells for a goat, or a loaf of bread. But times change, and so they should. Nowadays it is very, very important for a person of white heart to have money! Money rules, and you have to fight fire with fire in this day and age. It's the only way. The Chosen Ones will be rich indeed. The Money Guru is a spell created by Biddy Early on the other side, and cast by Irel Flannery while still amongst "us," the living. This Magnificent and Perfect spell will take your finances and put them in order--in other words, get you out of debt and on an even keel. But that's tinker toys! After the initial correction, it will take your measly finances and double, triple, quadruple, them, and then it will just keep on going and going and going. The Greedy Guru will align the Fortune Energies of the Universe right into your bank account! He takes stray and misguided wealth energies, and points them at you bank account. He takes wealth energies of the unworthy and... you guessed it, points them right at your bank account. This Vessel is Destined for someone who is going to be pivotal in the Coming of the New Age. You will be destined for greatness, for riches, success and abundance in this lifetime. This will be displayed to the Non-believers, and their minds will be changed about the power and existence of Magick! Very lucky person, you are. You get to live a life of opulence just to prove a point! ALSO CAST UPON THIS PIECE BY Madam Crawley herself is her phenomenal Spell HIT THE JACKPOT! The reason this Double Casting of spells is a common occurrence with our vessels is because the vessel is already proven to be a superior container for Magick, and in every case has a huge prior history of success. It is better to cast important spells on an already proven, tried and tested piece. Plus, you receive the added benefit of additional Magick at no expense to you! SPELL: HIT THE JACKPOT! ULTIMATE SPELL FOR WINNING BIG!!!! (Luck in life for me bestow, as Goddess great doth watch and know, Power without Power within bring unto me the GREATEST WIN. ) This spell is exactly what you need as far as hitting the JACKPOT. Whatever it is you consider as HITTING THE JACKPOT will be the focus of this magnificent and intricate spell. Yes you could use it literally and win HUGELY at the tables or the slot machines. But if your idea of HITTING THE JACKPOT is getting a script accepted at a publishers, or coming 1st in the National Karaoke Contest :) then this is exactly what will happen for you! Thatโ€™s why this is such a wonderful, powerful, thoughtful and intuitive spell. HIT THE JACKPOT. The emails have been rolling in: A lady from Australia bought this spell from us last year. She wrote to thank Madam Crawley and to say that she'd won 97,000.00 on the Australian Lotto. What a wonderful thing! This lady has bought many of our vessels, in fact she had three Hit The Jackpot Spells. I am thrilled and excited for her, and knowing what a wonderful person she is I'm convinced she will do GREAT THINGS with her win. This spell works with your own energies, and is very exciting!! It will make your ULTIMATE DREAM COME TRUE. Cast by Madam Elizabether Crawley herself. Good Luck and Blessings Madam Crawley.

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I am always satisfied with the itims I purchase from this seller. They are genuine and work for me :-)

Purchased Kikiandpops Spell on Bonanza
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4 U! WEALTH & SUCCESS$$ LOW PRICE 4 CHOSEN ONE $$$ *~Spells By Madam Elizabeth~*

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Thanks...patiently awaiting to work its magic on me!

Purchased Kikiandpops Spell on Bonanza
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Thanks Anna!!

One of my favorite pieces hands down!! Wonderful energy!! Thanks again Anna, please thank Madame Crawley for me!!

Purchased Kikiandpops Spell on Bonanza
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banish b gone ring

i love every item of this sellers.she is the real deal.felt the rings power straight away.

Purchased Kikiandpops Spell on Bonanza

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