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white & black magic spells , amulets, djinns
wealth amulet

ILLUMINATI CASH AMULET DRAW TO YOU MILLIONS OF DOLLARS UNLIMITED WEALTH EASE COMFORTS YOU HAVE ONLY EVER DREAMED OF UP TO THIS POINT IN TIME Unseen Wealth Will Come To You !!! Guaranteed !!! A VESSEL GIVEN TO US IN TRUST BY OUR GREAT TEACHER LEADER "Daria" WHOM RESIDES IN ROMANIA Madam Daria whom lives in solitude in the hills still to this day in her country,her home land Romania !! THEY HAVE ARRIVED !! ((( THERE WILL ONLY BE 2 OF THESE AVAILABLE UNTIL MID 2013)) (( LAST BATCH MADE THIS YEAR ANYWHERE )) Hiding behind the powerful veil of her magical powers using only Aveda as her only family member the covens High Priestess to distribute her amazing, powerful vessels to this world ..... GIVEN TO US TO PROTECT HER MAGIC BE SURE THESE VESSELS FALL INTO THE RIGHT HANDS, GIVEN TO US IS GREAT POWER HONOR , GIVEN TO US THIS THIS VESSEL CASTED BY UNDER THE GUIDE LINES OF THE ILLUMINATI, POWERFUL , LIFE CHANGING WEALTH VESSEL, GUARANTEED TO CHANGE THE BEHOLDERS,LIFE THEIR FAMILIES LIVES... PLEASE NOTE THIS RING WAS BLESSED UPON BY MADAM HER SELF ONLY BECOME AVAILABLE EVERY FEW WEEKS We offer this amulet of stainless steel (a metal very accepting of magic) bound with EVERY single WEALTH casting known to this planet ...For YOU the chosen one, you are not here by chance, you are here BECAUSE during the casting of the powerful vessel you were called upon, you are now at your TURNING POINT, you were brought here by magic to CHANGE YOUR LIFE as you have asked the universe to bring you this is YOUR CALLING YOUR CHANCE is here NOW ! **Do not be fooled by its simplicity this is one very potent power personal Amulet that will serve you well for all of your life time ....If you feel drawn to this we urge you now to dismiss your calling ... the fear of being penniless will leave your life if you follow your calling .. the choice is yours today is the day to make the "right"choice" for you your loved ones to become wealthier than you have ever dreamed of becoming before ... This powerful AMULET amaze us "The Sacred Coven Of Light " members every single day , we of course own one each can not tell you how universal powers have lined up to align us to magical powerful WEALTHY experiences that simply bless our lives each every single day , around every corner it seems there is another blessing ready for us .... our families are richer , we are luckier than ever before, bills are less than most families around us , we have no monetary worries weigh us down within our coven Aveda has spoken with Daria about this vessel as we were forbidden to list the vessel until we were to understand FULLY the magical powers how they will unfold , Daria giggled simply saying this has been a long time coming for the world of poverty , we do not have to watch the world suffer any longer Aveda this is my mission before my old body is laid to rest . How powerful is that ? Absolutely amazing words for a powerful intensely talented witch .... PLEASE NOTE : after purchase if for some reason Aveda feels your energy can not handle this amulet, she will refuse to complete the sale , we have been bound by a promise not to allow these vessels to go to "bad " or "wrong doing " individuals", now we know all our magical family members out there are ALL wonderful loving people deserving of this power in their lives , but we must warn the sinister , the one whom thinks they can trick the magic to be used for anything other then your highest good the good of others WHAT WILL THIS AMAZING amulet DO FOR YOU UPON OWNERSHIP ...ALL YOU DREAM OF WILL COME TO THE REALITY.... YOU WILL BE DRAWN IN LIKE A MAGNET TO ITS POWERS, YOU MAY FIND IT HARD TO PUT IT DOWN , FEEL "NAKED" WITHOUT IT , THIS WILL BE THE AMULETS force CALLING YOU , YOU WILL most definitely FEEL A WARMTH OR VIBRATION FROM IT , do not be afraid , THIS IS SIMPLY THE MAGIC ENERGY BUZZING AROUND YOU YOUR VESSEL , Day by day the universe will EFFORTLESSLY align you to WEALTH , not just a couple of bux here there, REAL AMOUNTS of wealth will come to you , around every corner just as WE EXPERIENCE money will be there waiting for you ...This could be by any number of ways: new jobs, winning, gifts, payouts, debts disappearing, debt owed to you PAID , offers of opportunities never before offered ..... Don't try to guess the ways , just ALLOW the magic to bring you ALL THE MONEY POSSIBLE , ALLOW WEALTH TO RUSH TO YOU be a money magnet ! ABOUT THE AMULET Polished GOLD TONE stainless steel Titanium powerful pendant Comes to you with a FREE recharging BAG to keep SAFE in over night when your not using your power amulet ... Can be worn or simply carried with you ,each will attract the same powerful results .. Already journeyed to Aveda from Romania, very striking to the eye full of power that cannot be mistaken as simply holding the Amulet will give you a magical buzz up your arm . The World Is Changing , we are coming to a NEW dawn a new generation of magical followers will be blessed with ALL that is possible for us to imagine ! This is our calling :::: Follow be blessed ! IF YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL RECEIVE ANY PROBLEMS AT ALL, JUST CONTACT AVEDA SHE WILL WORK WITH YOU UNTIL YOUR 100% HAPPY !! GUARANTEED !! Avedas Magical Spell's are genuine magic workers casters "SACRED COVEN OF LIGHT" A coven united for 100โ€s of years still strong We accepted Pay Pal No Refunds Given Payment is required within 48hours We ship worldwide every day of the week to ensure speedy delivery of your magicalโ€™s For shipping discounts please pay for items all at one time Shipping cost is for "ECONONMY โ€ shipping , if you need a tracking number from us PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOUR ITEM IS SHIPPED to arrange this Australia's tracking numbers are additional cost both locally internationally Please allow 3 weeks for international deliveries to get to you, if your items are lost in this process contact us we will arrange alternatives immediately Aveda will need your name dob if you feel comfortable We must by law state: Paranormal objects are for entertainment purposes only. We cannot take responsibility for activity that may or may not occur in association with this item. Paranormal itemsare not dangerous but please handle with care and respect.

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Many Here Would be the answer

What I mean by many here would be the answer is because it's to much for just one small piece to work on it's own.
ILLUMINATI WEALTH AMULET TALISMAN Draw UNSEEN UNLIMITED wealth to you guaranteed. I do believe they will give money but maybe not a lone. Maybe unless you buy one for around $1,000.00 may be the real deal and the guarantee then would be happening and real. The smaller ones will work and guarantee money but I do think you will need more then one Amulet. There are lower priced ones to higher priced ones out there and Aveda has both. bear7

Purchased Avedasmagicalspells Wealth Amulets on Bonanza
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Cant wait. I felt so drawn to this listing.

Purchased Avedasmagicalspells Wealth Amulets on Bonanza
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I realy like the products beacuse it is good quality iten and i like the service too thank you again

Purchased Avedasmagicalspells Wealth Amulets on Bonanza
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very good and Authentic

This is a very powerful amulet not for the faint of heart lots of power and it is for real let me tell you what I have noticed increased energy mental and physical what Aveda puts in the description of any item she sells she is not kidding and if you have any question she gets back relatively quickly highly recommend this store and the products are wonderful but make sure you are ready for the vessel you get this is real magical items

Purchased Avedasmagicalspells Wealth Amulets on Bonanza

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