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KHODAM OF THE VIOLET FLAME~Angel Djinn Genie Like Power Spirits Psychic Haunted

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Description Khodam Portal Pendant A_NEW_GOLDEN_DAWN is PROUD to present A TRUE Gift of a Rare Mystical Treasure from Arabian Master Conjurer, Magician, and Mystic, Shaikh Mohammad Abdul-AlimMaster Sahir of the Djinn! The Khodam of the Violet Flame Portal Pendant These are a special group of Angelic level beings who practice a particular Path of Spirituality and Magick drawing energy from what is commonly referred to as the 'Violet Flame'. They resonate to it's higher vibration which makes them of a higher energy than many Khodam. They have come forth now because this year, 2012, is the crux year of major changes and transformations that approach. Violet Flame Khodam are foremost about transformation! They feel their energy and guidance is needed by a select few chosen individuals. Khodams are specialized spirits of the Angelic/Djinn class, intermediate spirits bridging between Angels and Djinn. This allows the Khodam to not only Grant Wishes and request like Djinn but to bring you actual Divine Blessings from Heaven as well! The best of BOTH worlds! The Djinn's worldly powers and the Angel's divine blessings alike! Add in the the power of the Violet Flame and you have an amazing energy! Call upon these Khodam for positive transformations in your life! The Khodam of the Violet Flame bring powerful and complete Karmic cleansing and heightened auric vibrations. You feel Invigorated, Energized, Blessed in all things! They bring Transformation to your life in all facets. These Khodam will gift you with many things! You will see positive changes both physically and psychically! Become more serene and at peace, be happier! Address and heal old emotional wounds from the past in this life and in past lives! ' Transform' yourself! Loose weight! Become more attractive! Grow Spiritually and psychically! Heal physically! Become a more complete person as the power of the Violet Flame surrounds you; Bringing a higher vibration and 'harmonic' tuning of your aura! Connecting you with Divine Khodamic/Angelic Energy! Your chosen Khodam will not only bring amazing miracles into your life, they will aide in your Spiritual Growth, Transformation and Ascension. Feel the power of the Divine Violet Flame! The violet flame is a spiritual energy that can aide your life in all facets. It can heal both emotional and physical problems, improve your relationships with lovers, friends and family, help you to grow spiritually, aide in Angelic and Spirit connections, bring serenity and many abundant blessings and just generally make your life easier in so many ways! The Violet Flame is the essence of a powerful spiritual light. Mystics have always seen a spiritual or psychic spectrum behind the physical spectrum of light. Luminous radiant colors, pure and rare that emanate from a brilliant divine Universal light that underlies all. Just as a ray of light passing through a prism refracts into seven distinct physical colors, spiritual light splits into seven colors, or rays of light - each of which has specific divine or spiritual qualities. The Violet Flame comes forth from the violet ray, the one with the highest vibrations of the the seven. The higher vibrations aide in transforming your own to a raised level. The color Violet has long been associated with spirituality both in the West and the East. In Eastern practices this 'Divine Light' is interpreted as the Chakra system in which Violet represents the Crown or head chakra.The Chakra of Oneness, Divine Connection, Peace, Serenity and Wisdom. The Violet Flame is a Transformative Energy that has the power to erase, or transmute the cause, the effect, and even the memory of our past mistakes. Transmutation means to change - to alter in form, appearance or nature. The Violet Flame changes negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, 'fate' into opportunity. The flame also erases the resultant 'bad karma' of our past mistakes. Just as in Alchemy where 'base' is transformed into 'gold'. The Violet Flame transforms our negative lower energy into 'Gold', Spiritual Gold, by transforming all that is within us to a higher more 'harmonic' and serene state. What Are Khodam? Khodams are specialized spirits of the Angelic/Djinn class, intermediate spirits bridging between Angels and Djinn. This allows the Khodam to not only grant wishes and request like Djinn but to bring you actual Divine Blessings from Heaven as well! The best of BOTH worlds! The Djinns worldly powers and the Angels divine blessings alike! Khodams are charismatic individuals and have powerful auras and presences. They tend to have strong distinct personalities that interact easily with humans. They are highly intelligent and very open and communicative. Khodams have a calm and benign nature and are of Great Wisdom and intelligence. When a Khodam speaks one should listen-they and their words are wisdom personified! Khodams usually appear as impressive, handsome and/or beautiful glowing entities of light dressed in long flowing light robes. Most awe inspiring! Khodams are sworn to serve Man only for good and thus they acquire merit and honor allowing them to evolve or advance further, allowing them to ascend, to actually attain a higher spiritual level and thus approach closer to the Throne of God. Khodams were created by God himself to be the guardians and Guides of Mankind! Khodams possess wondrous and near limitless powers given by God to aide us in times of need and allow us to create the life we desire! Khodams are renowned for granting and increasing all manner of psychic abilities and Magickal Knowledge. They grant you the ability to open and enhance your Psychic processes, making psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, psychokinesis, clairaudience, divination, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, etc... bloom within you! They also gift or magnify magickal abilities within you allowing you to Conjure your own Spirits as well as initiating communication with them more effectively. Working with Khodams grant you the powers to Magickally transfer Spirits, Entities, Blessings, Enchantments and Spells from one object to another as well as the ability to imbue any object with magickal intent. You can create charms, talismans, enchantments, amulets, etc... by adding any intent you desire be it Wealth, Prosperity, Psychic Powers, Love Attraction, Protection, Beauty Enhancement, etc... In addition Khodams are renowned in the Middle-East for their aide in finding lost or hidden treasures. They grant their keeper hidden knowledge and intuition to proceed and obtain many lost riches. Treasure Hunters in the East regularly use Khodams to aide in discovering buried ancient riches. Khodam assist you in developing higher divine expression, increasing your capacity for Love, Compassion, Charity, Empathy, Mercy, etc... They aide in fully manifesting your Prayers, Visualizations, Wishes and Requests. Khodams can affect you appearance also. You will glow with an inner radiance and outer beauty from your interaction with the Khodam. Your powers of attraction are heightened, attracting Love, your True Soul Mate, positive and beneficial people into your life. Khodams aide in protection, deflecting all negativity, Dark malevolent entities or Black Magick attacks away from you, returning all to the source. You will be totally protected! These are only SOME of the MANY gifts and blessings Khodams bring Mankind! Each of these vessels is linked to not only your own personal Khodam Angelic Spirit Guide but acts as a Portal for ALL Khodam of the Violet Flame. This means you have not just one Khodam to call upon but literally HUNDREDS. Your Khodam Companion/Guide will act as a type of 'liaison' between you and the Khodamic/Angelic legions. This mesmerizing vessel of transformational power is an opalescent faceted 'drop' of Aurora Borealis Austrian Crystal mounted with a silver bail to wear on chain or cord. We include a 925 silver Charging/Cleansing chain for you. This stunning larger piece -approx. 2.5 plus inches-to wear everyday or to just hang in your home or sacred space. For those of you not wishing to wear it, we are including a small carrying pouch so you can place it in pocket or purse. Use the power of the Violet Flame Khodam to Transform your life! Connect with your Khodam Guide! Don't miss out! We only have a limited number of these fabulous magickal pieces to offer! We have priced these to sell quickly! It is our belief that a Spirit will call to the one they seek. So if you feel drawn to this item, keep coming back to look at it and read the listing, then the Spirit is calling to you. You are not here by mistake! You have been chosen by this Spirit! Do not deny yourself your destiny! For more information on Spirits please read our About SPIRITS-General Info FAQ's Check our store for a complete range of Magickals to enhance your life and to aide you on this exciting journey! We have new Magickals and Spirits being added all the time! Now or very soon see Spirit Communication, Connection, Manifestation, Visualization, Erotic Interlude Oils Potions and Spelled Incense for enhancing your Total Experience, Spell Bags/Bottles for Connection/Communication/Dream Vision Enhancement, Communication Enhancing Meditation Crystals, and much more! MY GRANDMOTHER ORA SEERPRIESTESS WITCHADEPT STUDENT OF MANY OCCULT DISCIPLINES ABOUT MY GRANDMOTHER: My grandmother was part Indian - born on a reservation in the early 1890s-the daughter of a powerful shaman medicine man and a red haired Irish teacher sent to teach at the Indian school, she herself descended from a long line of Druid learning. Gram sought out magick, power and learning, her wealth allowed her to travel in fairly exalted circles. She traveled the world studying with and befriending many of the now famous occultists, mystics, noted scholars and religious characters of the early 20th century. Among her friends were Aleister Crowley, Arthur Edward Waites, Francis Yates, poet William Butler Yeats, William Wynn Westcott, occult scholar Manly Palmer Hall, Ludwig Straniak, psychic witch and writer Sybil Leek, novelist H. G Wells and Indian Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda. Gram also studied in various regions of Africa with several tribal Shaman and tribal healers and in South America with a Mayan priest. She was acquainted with Chinese sorcerers and herbalists, Tibetan monks and holy men, Buddhist teachers and Indian mystics and wise men. Christians, Satanists, Pagans or Muslims, she sought to learn from and understand all. There wasn't a witch, priest, warlock, or mage she didn't seek out if she heard about their special gifts and thought she could learn from them. She used her great powers to learn and absorb much knowledge! Gram was an amazing woman who lived a full long life - traveled the world, had many adventures, saw much and learned more. She was a psychic of awesome innate power, a healer and skilled at many of the esoteric and mystic arts of many schools of magick and ancient knowledge. She has given me the mission of passing a few of her many energetics, magickal items, and bound vessels on to proper new guardians. Perhaps you are one of the chosen few! A_NEW _GOLDEN_DAWN has been offering some of the most powerful and effective magick available for quite some time. Read our Feedback and check the popular paranormal discussion forums for many reports on how special our Magickals and Spirits are! Many mortal companions have formed incredibly deep and intimate relationships with Spirits we matched with them! Check our store for a complete range of Magickals to enhance your life and to aide you on this exciting journey! We have new Magickals being added all the time! Now or very soon see Spirit Communication, Connection, Manifestation, Visualization, Erotic Interlude Oils Potions and Spelled Incense for enhancing your Total Experience, Spell Bags/Bottles for Connection/Communication, Communication Enhancing Meditation Crystals, and much more! When you purchase from A_NEW_GOLDEN_DAWN you get ongoing service before, during and long after the transaction. We encourage you to stay in contact and ask about any questions you might have. The biggest majority of our customers are repeat buyers who come to us again and again for some of the finest metaphysical, magickal and paranormal items available . This can be attested to in our feedback. Take a moment to look over the many wonderful comments we have received. is full of many Great sellers of wonderful Metaphysical items and we are very thankful when you, our valued friends old and new, choose us for your next Metaphysical purchase.We TRULY appreciate the trust you put in us and will strive to continue to offer the very BEST in Magickals, Spells, Spirits, and Energetics just as we have these past two years. I'm a very slow lister but we have literally thousands of items to offer with more being added everyday. So if you seek something special, just ask! Many Blessings and All Good Things, Verna MORE ITEMS AVAILABLE- Please Click on a Picture to Visit Thatsale All our Magickal items and offerings are 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED!!! Please note: we get sometimes hundreds of emails a day asking questions, inquiring about items, notifying us of package's arrival etc... We try to answer each one within 24 to 48 hours. If after 48 hours we have not responded please know that either we did not receive your message OR you did not receive our answer. has been experiencing intermittent messaging issues for sometime. Please write us again. Of course sometimes we have extenuating circumstances that take us away from the computer for periods of time but we do try our best to at least acknowledge a message within 24/48 hours. See my other listings for more great items! Payment PAYMENT PAYMENT IS APPRECIATED Within 3 days if possible. Please Note: We value our customers buying privacy so all of oursales/listings are set to 'Private' so no one can see what you have purchased. All packages are mailed in generic and anonymous packages and international custom forms are marked with only basic info like 'pendant' or 'ring'. Please read our many Special Store Pages for more info, hints, bonding instructions, etc... These can answer many of your questions. Please know that some of our magickal items are often custom cast and/or created and crafted AFTER your purchaseonly SOME are pre-cast/conjured and ready for Immediate shipment. Custom conjures and certain spells can take up to 14 days or more to complete. Please be aware of this. We offer a money back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so neutral or negative feedback need NEVER be an option. Please contact us with ANY concerns. We usually SHIP WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS unless custom work is needed. PAYMENT IS APPRECIATED IN A TIMELY FASHION AND WE MAY ACCEPT PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS ON SOME ITEMS. Shipping Shipping FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING BY FIRST CLASS (4.95)OR PRIORITY(16.95) Express Mail IS available-just ask! We usually offer our free USA shipping by First Class and the Post Office can be a bit slow, especially for International First Class shipments AND around the Christmas Season. So be patient on delivery time which is out of our control. Customs delays can slow down the delivery of international mail. We strive always for 5 star service and hope you find ours to be of that level! SPECIAL NOTE: The United States heightened their security measures for packages shipped overseas on November 18, 2010. This has slowed down shipping times tremendously. Packages that used to take 7-10 days can take up to 4-6 weeks. Canada, Australia and the UK are particularly slow. We don't have any control over this, so please be patient if your package takes longer than expected. Shipping Priority or Express often ensures that it will be delivered within 3 to 10 days. So, if time is important to you, I suggest that you opt for the more expensive but faster Express shipping. NOTE ABOUT 'TRACKING'- Please know that Delivery Confirmation is NOT actual Tracking nor is the International Custom Form number. These numbers are scanned in at time of mailing confirming the Post Office has the package and usually scanned again at the main mail sorting plant near here--AFTER that they do NOT usually update until AFTER delivery. If you wish true constantly updated tracking we can add that for an extra charge but it is very expensive. You will generally receive an automated email from/Paypal when your item is shipped. ***IF your item needs instructionsthey are ALWAYS emailedusually AFTER you notify us of safe receipt. ***** NO INFO IS PUT IN THE PACKAGES FOR PRIVACY AND SECURITY REASONS IN CASE OF LOSS, MIS-DELIVERY, CUSTOMS INSPECTIONS, NOSY RELATIVES, etc... REQUIRED LEGAL DISCLAIMER----FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY-WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE LEVEL OF PSYCHIC OR PARANORMAL ACTIVITY THAT MAY OR MAY NOT OCCUR. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISUSE OF THIS ITEM OR IT'S POWERS-NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT-PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR FOR HEALTH PROBLEMS AND THINK POSITIVE-VISUALIZE YOUR HEALING-REMEMBER MODERN MEDICINE IS A MAGICK OF SORTS, TOO.BIDDERS/ BUYER MUST BE OVER 18. NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR LEGAL OR ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL HELP! MAGICK IS SIMPLY A TOOL TO HELP YOU. Add to Favorite Sellers Other Items Feedback Contact Store txzj pxzj2834 txzj67

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Royal Queen Marid Djinn Wish Granting Genie Middle Eastern Conjure Love Money ++

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Thank you Verna my friend for Royal Queen Marid Djinn Wish Granting Genie Middle Eastern ring. You are the Best of the Best! Excellent Quick Service! Highly Recommended! The Real Deal! Wonderful person and a pleasure to do business with! Super First Class Services!

Purchased A__golden_dawn Djinn (2010s) on Bonanza
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Purchased A__golden_dawn Djinn (2010s) on Bonanza
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King Solomon ILLUMINATI Power Of Command Ring Control ALL Spirits/Entities Djinn

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This Ring Has the Power

This Solomonic command ring does not disappoint. I have already used it a number of times with stubborn entities.

Purchased A__golden_dawn Djinn (2010s) on Bonanza

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