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Magic the Gathering MTG Red & White Token (60) Card Custom Starter Deck * 02


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Category: Magic the Gathering For sale is a (60) card constructed red white Token deck (plus two checklist cards) for the game Magic The Gathering, built by yours truly. It features a mixture of played and brand new / never-been-played cards (sorry, I couldn't tell you which is which, though assume older cards have almost certainly been played). This deck is, obviously, built around getting token creatures out but reusing spells. So for example Charmbreaker Devils allows you to return an Instant or Sorcery spell each of your upkeeps (letting you consistently cast token spells) plus gets 4/0 when you cast one of those types of spells. Extricator of Sin lets you sacrifice creatures (such as those 1/1 tokens) and replace them with 3/2 Eldrazi tokens, with the added bonus of giving all Eldrazi vigilance. And whle you're sacrificing those creatures to replace with stronger ones Unruly Mob will grow in 1/1 counters each time. In addition to all of this there are creatures and cards that give boosts to all of your creatures, essentially making your small 1/1 army of tokens into a surprise horde that can instantly win you the game. This deck is full of uncommons and comes with two rares. This deck comes with the following cards [Please note that (C) stands for Common, (U) for Uncommon, (R) for Rare, and (MR) for Mythic Rare]: (5) SORCERIES: *(1) Grenzo's Rebuttal (R) *(1) Hordeling Outburst (U) *(1) Servo Exhibition (U) *(2) Dragon Fodder (C) (1) ENCHANTMENTS: *(1) Goblinslide (U) (11) INSTANTS: *(2) War Flare (C) *(1) Encircling Fissure (U) *(3) Raise the Alarm (C) *(1) Shattering Blow (C) *(2) Titan's Strength (C) *(2) Furious Resistance (C) (23) CREATURES: *(1) Charmbreaker Devils (R) *(1) Emrakul's Hatcher (C) *(1) Strongarm Monk (U) *(1) Skyknight Legionnaire (C) *(1) Seller of Songbirds (C) *(1) Weaver of Lightning (U) *(2) Roc Egg (U) *(2) Extricator of Sin (U) *(1) Sunhome Guildmade (U) *(3) Unruly Mob (C) *(1) Akroan Hoplite (U) *(2) Reckless Fireweaver (C) *(2) Cliffside Lookout (C) *(1) Thraben Standard Bearer (C) *(2) Lavastep Raider (C) *(1) Priest of Iroas (C) (20) LANDS: *(10) Basic Plains *(10) Basic Mountains This also comes with two checklist cards for the Extricator of Sin double-sided cards. Card conditions range from fair to 'like new', but most are in great shape. Please note this deck features cards from before Modern format. NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: I do combine on shipping, though I've had trouble with Bonanza's 'combined shipping' system. If you buy more than one item and it charges you twice for shipping, I will refund any unused portion. If you would like to know shipping cost ahead of time, please let me know the items and your zip code and I can provide that. I do NOT ship internationally. I apologize for this, but due to my work schedule and the post office's hours it's difficult for me to get there to mail international packages. I have made exceptions based on the amount spent and if I have days off, so you are welcome to ask! I just can't promise anything, unfortunately.

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